Chapter 399 – Beastboy’s School Life, North Forest


My name is Sil.

A teacher at Gullgald Noble Academy.

A big incident occurred today.


It all started this morning.

It was confirmed that there’s a dangerous demon beast in the forest north of the school. Because of that, a notice was sent that it is prohibited to enter that place for the time being.

I’ll obey of course.

I told Gol and Bron and we also convened the notice to the students.

We will accompany them on hunting and fishing so that they won’t mistakenly go north.

The incident occurred shortly after noon.

It was reported that some students have gone to the north forest.

And it was reported to me.

The one who reported it is an adventurer from the royal capital.

It seems like when Uncle Gulf came to the royal capital before, he asked him.

If a student from the school is about to do something dangerous, report it to the school.

Uncle Gulf, thank you.

It’s good that you reported it to me but isn’t it better if you stopped them?

Also, I’m very thankful that you told me that information but, did you sneak into the school?

The military guards are looking for someone at full force.

I’ll tell about you to the guards this time.

Let’s apologize together….but before that, let’s contact the school principal.


When we met the school principal, it was confirmed that five students hired adventurers and went to the north forest.

Their purpose is to defeat the dangerous demon beast and gain fame from it.

The military guards of the school blocked the road from the school to the forest but they didn’t block the road from the royal capital to the forest.

By the way, the students who headed to the north forest are students who are taking our classes.

It made me feel temporarily relieved.

「We are not foolish enough to step on a dragon’s tail.」

Translation: It’s not like we’ll die if we ignore the teachers’ instructions desu.


Teachers, what you meant are all other teachers at the school, right?

It’s not about us, right?

Are you saying that you are not scared of us?

Also, dragons won’t get angry with just stepping on their tails.

I have already stepped on Uncle Doraim’s tail when he was in his dragon form but he just laughed at me.


「By the way, are those five strong?」

A simple question.

If those five are strong, though it is still a problem, the risk is reduced.

Irene answered my question.

「Those five are weaker than me. Even if they gang up on me, I’ll win.」


That’s a big deal.

Irene is weaker than me.

Very weak.

And they are weaker than her…..why did they even go to a dangerous place!

No, they want to make a name for themselves….at least do that when you have the ability to defeat Irene!


Uncle Glatts is nearby so I reported it to him in a hurry.

Uncle Glatts immediately summoned his troops to the north forest.

Thank you very much.

And I went back to the school principal.

I told her that the students were weak and Uncle Glatts is already heading north.

The school principal is already aware of the situation even before receiving my report and had already formed a rescue squad of teachers.

She had also already requested help from the royal capital. It looks like even if we didn’t ask Uncle Glatts, she would have asked him herself.

As expected of the principal.


As expected…?

We know that students of the school are in danger and we have to rescue them.

We also don’t mind if we are included in the rescue squad.

But why are we the leaders?

「This is the best arrangement I can think of. I’ll listen to your complaints later. For now, move with haste. 」

She did not speak in noble’s language. She’s not her usual self.

At first, the principal said she’s going with the rescue squad too but everyone stopped her from doing so.

For the time being, the leader will be chosen from Gol, me, and Bron.



What happened to draw lots?

I-I understand.

We don’t have time for draw lots.

Leader, I’ll accept it.

Let’s move.


When we approached the north forest, there were a lot of large tents.

It’s Uncle Glatts’ troops.

「You’re slow. 」

After scolding us, he reports the current situation.

It seems like the five students have already been attacked by the demon beasts in the forest.

However, they have not been annihilated yet.

There were no fatalities.

They managed to get together and escaped into the forest.

This information was brought by the adventurers who are doing a demon beast extermination quest in the north forest.

「There are adventurers in the forest huh. 」

「A dangerous demon beast has appeared in the north forest, it is normal for excellent adventurers to be hired to exterminate it. 」

It looks like the adventurers hired by the five students are one level lower compared to these adventurers.

If they’ll have a fight, they’ll never win.

「Those adventurers that gave you that information, can’t they help those students? 」

「They were being attacked by a demon beast that time too so it is impossible for them to do so. 」

Uncle Glatts already formed a number of ten-man units to sweep the south side of the forest.

「Can’t they enter deeper? 」

「I already sent four units to the area from the information. The rest is impossible. We can’t fight in the forest. 」

「You can’t?」

「Unfortunately, yes. We’ve already contacted the royal capital so there will be reinforcements. Though I’m expecting from them but….I’m not sure if they can take care of those demon beasts.」


「The reported demon beast is a warbear but it seems like there are also lovers beasts there.」

Lovers beasts?

I have never heard of it.

「It is a four-legged beast that is about five meters long. Its back is covered with hard fur. It is highly poisonous and aggressive. It is said that 30 soldiers are needed to be sacrificed to defeat a warbear but it is said that to defeat a lovers beast, 100 soldiers are needed to be sacrificed.」

「In short, it is at least three times stronger than a warbear?」

「Yes. In addition, a lovers beasts always move in a group of two or more.」


「It is a monster that acts in pair.」

「I see….two or more?」

Two or more….male, female, female group?

「It may have children.」

「A, ahhhh, right.」

I imagined something strange.

Excuse me.


「Since there’s a possibility of a lovers beasts, I’ll only allow the three of you to enter the forest. I’ll stop all others.」


「Even the army wouldn’t want to fight in the forest where there are warbear and lovers beasts. If the teachers can win, it will be great.」

Monsters and demon beasts extermination in the forest are basically left out to adventurers.

「It’s because the soldiers are not good at the battles they are good at.」


「What’s wrong?」

「No, I just thought uncle is being strange.」

When we headed north, I thought that they had already entered the depths of the forest.

I never thought that he’s here managing the troops and only gathering information.

「I’m only doing the best I can. That’s it. You should be the same.」

「I understand what you are trying to say but….what do you mean that only the three of us can go into the forest?」

「It’s okay. Let me give you one good piece of information.」


「You guys were hunting rabbits in the village, right?」


「Even if there’s a flock of lovers beasts, it is still weaker than a rabbit.」


If that is the case, why are you even making a fuss?


A hundred soldiers, right?

Are the soldiers of the demon king’s kingdom that weak?

I’m now uneasy about the defensive capability of this kingdom.

Ah, don’t.

Let’s not think about anything else and enter the forest to help the students.

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