Chapter 401 – Beastboy’s School Life, Entrance of the Forest


When we walked out of the north forest, Uncle Glatts greeted us.

「Are you not injured?」

「Somehow. What’s with this terrible number of people?」

There are about a thousand armed soldiers on standby.

They are already divided into 100 people per unit and can charge into the forest at any moment.

「It’s not that I don’t believe in you. It’s my job to not take chances. The five students are safely rescued. The hired adventurers are fine too.」

That’s good.

「The five students are already sent to school. The adventurers are over there.」

In the place that Uncle Glatts pointed at, there are people with various equipments.

It looks like the adventurers have gathered too.

Ah, I can also see Kokusu, the person we met in the forest.

It looks like he was safe.

He noticed us and waves so I wave back.

「So, what happened to the warbears and lovers beasts? Did you kill them?」

「Ah, about that. There are five warbears and three lovers beasts. I saw them die.」

「….that’s a strange report.」

Uncle Glatts understands what I’m trying to say.

「Can you prepare a place where no one else can hear us?」

「Let’s go.」

Uncle Glatts went straight to a tent so we followed him.

The tent is made of pillars covered with thick cloth but the interior are cheap chairs and table that are directly placed on the ground.

「Are you disappointed that this is too poor?」

「No, this was built to respond to an emergency. I’ll be surprised if this is luxurious.」

In case of emergency, like monsters and demon beasts rushing out of the forest, this place will be abandoned so there is no point in making a luxurious one.

「That makes sense. This tent is covered with a barrier. No one will be able to hear whatever we will talk about. So, what happened?」


When we are leaving the forest, I’ve discussed with Gol and Bron on how much information we’ll say.

We will definitely report that black-haze-like monster.

The question is whether we should report about that spiderling.

Our conclusion, it is bad to lie.

Speak honestly.

However, we know that spiderlings are hated outside the village.

They can’t even go to Village Five because of the request from the demon king’s kingdom.

Because of that, I decided to tell Uncle Glatts everything and leave it all to him.

Yeah, I don’t think things will be bad.

We told him everything that happened as accurate as possible.


Uncle Glatts held his head.

「Are you okay?」

「Ah, yes, thank you. Etho…..please wait a minute.」

When I was thinking why Uncle Glatts had left the tent, he returned while holding a book.

「Is this the black haze like monster?」

Uncle Glatts opens the book and lets us see the image on it.

It certainly looks like that.

However, this book.

There are many pictures on other pages but on this page, there’s only this picture.

「The shape is a little different from the picture but I think the aura it gives is the same.」

Gol and Bron agreed with my opinion.

「Alright. You are forbidden to talk about this monster.」


「You don’t have to know why. You only need to obey. That’s what I want to say but….if I cover it this badly, you’ll probably investigate it yourself. I’ll explain it to you.」

Uncle Glatts explained while making a really troubled expression.

「This monster is called “mixture”. So far, four of them have been confirmed in existence. With what happened, it will be five. The first one first appeared 2000 years ago while the latest was 400 years ago.」


「”Mixture” absorbs any living creature and takes its power. If it absorbs someone that can use fire magic, it will have the ability to cast fire magic and if it absorbs someone with the ability to crush iron, it can crush iron. If it absorbs 10 people, it will have the power of 10 people. In other words, the longer it lives, the stronger it becomes.」

It certainly preyed on warbears and lovers beasts.

「The reason why I forbid you to speak about it is because there’s nothing in this kingdom that can be used against it.」

「You mean you can’t even fight it back?」

「Yes. The only thing we can do is run away.」


「The fourth that had appeared 400 years ago was in the demon king’s kingdom. At that time, 23 cities, towns, and villages were abandoned vast fields were lost.」

「Then, what happened?」

「A dragon burnt it.」


「The other three are the same. In other words, only a dragon can defeat a “mixture”. We can’t let the public know about that. It is the same for human countries. After sharing information about the existence of this monster with the human countries, an oral ban was enforced to prevent it from spreading. You understand why, right?」


「Maa, I have not been involved much to dragons. If you go back to the village and cry, they might even beat me up….」

「I think it will be fine as long as we tell village chief.」

「I hope so. But even so, it is forbidden to talk about it. Got it?」


「Now, the next problem.」

The existence of a spiderling that can easily defeat a “mixture” that is supposed to be a being that can only be defeated by a dragon was exposed.

「Are you sure it is a spiderling of Zabuton-dono?」

「There’s no doubt. It was last….or maybe five years ago? It is one of the spiderlings that left. Though it has grown bigger.」

「An individual that can instantly kill a “mixture” is residing near the royal capital….this, what should I do?」

「No, even if you ask us.」


Uncle Glatts held his head for quite some time.

While waiting for him, we look at the book.

Various monsters we’ve never seen before are there.

I study them.

Can’t these be found in the school?

「Ah, this.」

On the page that Bron pointed at, there was an image of a spiderling eating a “mixture”.

「Race, forest guardian. Personal name, Foo?」

Uncle Glatts responded to the words we muttered.

「Is this the spiderling you saw?」

「Yeah. It definitely has this pattern.」

The size written is also not very different.

However, what is written on this page is strange.

「The Miagard Region is around here, right? It says that it has lived for a thousand years but…」

As I said earlier, it is a spiderling who left five years ago.

Why is it saying that it was a thousand years ago?

We couldn’t ask questions.

Because Uncle Glatts’ face is too serious.

「What does it mean? Foo is the defender of the north that has existed ever since the foundation of the royal capital. Is it a substitute? No, wait. Rather than that, the current forest guardian is a spiderling of Zabuton-dono which means, the forest guardian is an evolution of a demon spider? EEEEEEHHHHHHH?」

Uncle Glatts stopped moving for about 5 minutes.

「Okay, let’s dissolve the troops now and leave only those who’ll guard this place. Pay rewards to the adventurers who cooperated.」

He went out of the tent and said those instructions.

The sun is about to set.


「I’m sorry, I’m late.」

When we were thinking of going back already, Uncle Glatts came back with his men.

The commander is among his subordinates.

「Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.」

Since Uncle Glatts asked for a handshake with a serious expression, we responded seriously too.

「Though you are school teachers, you have entered the forest under the command of I, Glatts, commander of the west army of the demon king’s kingdom. I hope you won’t forget that.」


What is he saying?

Does it have any other meaning?

When we were looking at each other, Uncle Glatts whispered to us.

「In this matter, I am responsible for whatever happened to you whether you got injured or died. It has nothing to do with either the school or the demon king’s kingdom….I’m too selfish but I wish you’ll forgive me. 」

「Ah, you are worried if village chief will get angry? 」

「Of course. When you report to village chief, please consider what I just said. 」

「I(watashi) understand but, does it have to be more serious than usual? 」

「Although you usually say “I”(ore).」

「I use “I”(watashi) at work. I’m a noble after all.」

I laughed a little.


「Once again, thank you for your cooperation. Since everything originated from the students of your school, I can’t give you military merit but I can give you my personal reward.」

「You don’t have to.」

「No no, it’s nothing big. My reward is food.」

「….no way, are you coming to eat?」

「Hahaha. I’ll bring it tomorrow. Show your face to the adventurers tonight.」


「I heard they wanted to treat you. They’ve sent you a message saying they’ll be waiting at a bar at the north of the capital.」

「We haven’t done anything to make them treat us. If they really want to treat someone, shouldn’t they be treating the soldiers?」

「You led the attack, the soldiers were on defense. That’s what everyone can see. You should accept their invitation.」

「I don’t understand. Also….we don’t know where that bar is.」

「I’ll have my men take you.」

It was the commander.

「Nice to meet you. Ah, before we go to the bar, we should report to the principal first.」

「Of course. If you forget to do that, the principal will be angry. Go and report to her. Also, the principal will say the same thing I said but tell her first come, first serve.」

She’ll take responsibility too?

Adults are troublesome.


At a later date.

We explore the depths of the north forest.

In a suitable place, I put potatoes harvested from Big Tree Village.

The spiderling showed up.

It was the spiderling that helped us that time.

It was watching our action.

And there are many fist-size spiders surrounding the spiderling.

Everyone raises one of their legs to greet us.

They greet us but I don’t recognize them.

Ah, your wife and kids.

I see.

It seems to be doing well.

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka TOC

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