Chapter 402 – Adventurer Kokusu


My name is Kokusu.

Although I’m a demon, I am quite unfortunate for being not blessed with magical power. I’m an adventurer who mainly fights using sword.

The team I belong to is called “Miagard’s Ax”.

Our team has twelve members but there are five to eight of us who are not here. They are either doing other jobs or they are injured.

In the royal capital of the demon king’s kingdom, I take pride of being a member of this leading adventurer team.

Maa, it is only our own self-confidence.

In fact, we are already going down from the top.

As evidence, when a warbear came out in the north forest, our team did not receive a subjugation request.

To be honest, I’m frustrated.

I have something in me saying that I shouldn’t be affected because it is a warbear but I still want to be one of the top adventurers again.

My other team members are also thinking the same.

We talked about how to deal with a warbear.

Maa, if we are not requested to subjugate the warbear, this will all be a waste.


We receive a request from a conceited party.

This conceited party seems to be students from the noble’s school and they did not even try to hide it.

We’re going to be bullied.

While worrying about that, they introduced themselves and said the details of their request.

「We will exterminate the demon beast that has come out in the north forest. I want you to protect us.」

「Are you a bunch of idiots?」

In the middle of their talk, our youngest member said that.

I had no time to stop him.

You’re the idiot.

Though I’m thinking the same as him, there’s no benefit in telling that to the client.

「W-wh-who’s the idiot!」

The conceited guys got angry.

Of course, they would.

They are students of the noble’s school.

Their pride is expected to be high.

But we shouldn’t get in trouble with them because of simple nonsense.

「Wah, I apologize for this guy’s harsh words. However, if you have the ability to get rid of that demon beast, you won’t need someone to protect you, right?」

I apologize and proceed with the talk.

We have to determine the basis of this request.

If these young nobles have the ability, do they want guards to look good?

Or do they want to hire us in the name of guards and have us exterminate the demon beast?

We haven’t just received requests like this once or twice. It’s a pain to deal with noble’s face.

I think this is the leader’s job but for some reason, I often do it.

「We have a plan.」

The conceited guys showed us a long box.

「Is a sword inside it?」

「It’s a magic tool. Using this, you can defeat any demon beast. Of course, this is not all. We also prepared other magic tools.」

When one of the conceited guys said so, the other guys showed some tools on their hands.

「We can defeat any demon beast however, aren’t demon beasts good at surprise attack? I don’t want to be attacked before I use this magic tool. For that reason, I want to employ expert adventurers. Is there anything wrong? 」

「…..No, I know now that you are cautious. 」

So that’s how it is.

A magic tool.

If the effect of that magic tool is as effective as he claims, he certainly has what it takes to enter the forest.

「If we take on this escort mission, can you show us the effect of this magic tool before entering the forest? 」

「Of course. This is not a poor magic tool that will be worn out by using once or twice. 」

We decided to accept the request.

At this very moment, these conceited guys are our employers.


We departed immediately but there’s no problem with that.

We are adventurers.

We can move at any time.

「Kokusu, they are students of the school. You should contact the school in the afternoon. 」

An acquaintance adventurer tells me so.

Ah, that reminds me of that.

I have no intention of going against the sword god.

「Thank you. Tell me what he was like when you met him. 」

「If you come back alive. 」

「Okay then. 」

We departed.


By the way, why did he tell me?

Our team leader is just next to me….

He didn’t think I’m the leader, did he?


Our employer’s magic tool is certainly amazing.

But it is delicate too.

We might not even have to participate in the extermination of the demon beast.

I thought of the adventurers who received the subjugation request. The possibility of them exterminating the demon beast first is low.

….that will be the best thing that will happen.

With that in mind, we entered the forest.

A little past noon.

We encountered the demon beast.


It gives off an amazing pressure.

We are not frightened but I think our employers are finding it hard to deal with it.

「Let’s show what we can do too. 」

By the time we entered the forest, I heard the purpose of our employers.

They said they want the person they like to look at them.

All of them blushed.

I don’t hate their purpose.

I will do my best to support you.

I thought like that.

Until there are two warbears.

Oi oi, there’s more than one….cover them.


We escaped while protecting our employers.

I don’t know how many of us managed to escape.

I have successfully escaped from the warbears.

However, my arm is injured and I got separated from my friends and employers.

Although it can’t be helped since I was the one at the rear.

Our employer has a magic tool that can completely hide them.

It will be impossible to communicate with them unless you have this special bell.

If they are using it, it might be hard for me to find them.

No, I’m sure they are using it.

It was I who shouted at them to use it in order to hide when I ran away.

That’s why I don’t regret running.

I send a signal using the special bell.

….they don’t seem to be nearby.

That’s expected though.


Now, how about me?

My arm injury is….terrible.

Let’s do something to it for now.

Once I got out of the forest, I’ll have it treated with magic.

But, should I leave the forest now?

What about our employers?

My friends?

Is it the right move to leave the forest and call for help?

Can I leave the forest alone?

There are other demon beasts beside the warbear.

If one of them finds me in my current state……!

I hid myself at once.

Is it a warbear?

No, the footstep is light.

But it is definitely something strong.

It noticed that I was hiding.

Alone….no, there are two others above?

I’m surrounded.

Are they….of the same business?

Alright, I’m saved.

When I thought so, what I found was a beastkin boy.

「W-why is a boy….? 」

It’s not help, damn it.


I went through the forest.

It was safe thanks to those children. They defeated all the monsters and demon beasts along the way.

As soon as I got out of the forest, I fell under the protection of the military.

They weren’t here when we entered the forest but now, there’s an army of troops here.

Aren’t they exaggerating too much?

No, there are two warbears.

This much is necessary.

I told the army all the information I had.

「Bring someone that can use healing magic here. Treat my arm. I’ll take you to the place. 」

「No need to hurry and just wait for your treatment. We don’t need you to guide anyone too because the boys already entered the forest. 」

「Boys….are you talking about beastkin boys? 」

「Yes. Do you know them? 」

「No. I just met them in the forest. 」

Gol, Sil, and Bron.

The swordgod Gulf came to the capital a while ago and made a request to the adventurers guild.

「If the students of the school tried to do something in the guild, please contact those three in the school. If those three tried to do something in the guild, please contact the royal castle. 」

He only wants the guild to make contacts.

For that simple request, the swordgod invested a lot of money.

The adventurers guild agreed and used the money to improve the guild facilities.

Adventurers who are registered to the guild were forced to accept the request of the swordgod.

His requests.

The first one is to build a collaborative relationship between the adventurers guild and those three.

At the same time, the guild will watch over the three.

Who are those three boys and why did the swordgod make such a request for them?

I felt extraordinary strength from them.

Perhaps, they are illegitimate children of the swordgod?

I hope he’s just being overprotective.

Let’s ask the three when they return.


After receiving treatment, I decided to wait near the forest.

Both my employers and friends are still in the forest.

I can’t bring myself back to the capital.

However, I have no intention of returning to the forest alone.

Especially when there are two warbears on the loose. In addition, the army informed us that there might be lovers beasts there too.

Two hours later, my friends and employers came out of the forest.

They were escorted by soldiers.

How luxurious.

Everyone seems to be fine….but one employer is missing.

Decoy….I see.

I acknowledge his guts but I won’t praise him.

Let’s put our hope in his magic tool.


After that, other adventurers came back from the forest.

They are the adventurers who accepted the demon beast subjugation request.

Did you come back because it will be night soon?

Some of them are more injured than expected.

They are famous but they are missing members too.

Just like me, it seems like their friends are still in the forest.

After receiving treatment, they stayed near the forest.

Though I don’t have much information myself, let’s greet them and exchange information.

As I approach, their leader sends me a hand signal.

That’s a unique hand signal that only adventurers use.

Top secret.

Is there even a point in keeping it a secret now?

I already heard about the lovers beasts.

I still brought my ears closer.

「A “mixture” appeared. 」

「….are you certain? 」

「Yeah. Our team’s scout saw it. Now, he’s running towards the adventurers guild. 」

「How about the army? 」

「Not yet. It is pointless to inform them too. Nothing will change even if we tell the army. 」

「But if a “mixture” is there, we’ll have to evacuate. 」

There’s a decent amount of soldiers here.

Just thinking that the “mixture” will come here makes me horrified.

We should tell the army.

「I’m with you in that aspect but let’s wait for the judgment of the adventurers guild. To be honest, we can’t talk anything top secret to the army. If the news were to spread, the royal capital would panic. The duty of talking with the army falls to the adventurers guild. 」

「You might be right…. 」

This time, rather than my employer, I’m thinking of the three beastkin boys.

Please don’t do anything stupid and escape.


When our last employer came out of the forest, the sun was about to set.

He is carried by a soldier. He looks quite pathetic but at least he looks safe.

You worked hard.

I want to run to him but it seems like he will be treated first.

After that, he was surrounded by school officials so I won’t be able to get close to him.


Then, the three finally came out of the forest.

Oh, they’re safe.

But they look pretty tired.

Maa, that’s normal.

They are still children.

The army general greets them….what is their true identity?


「Five warbears and three lovers beasts have been subjugated. Remain vigilant for the time being but we declare that the threat is already gone. 」

I was stunned by the army’s announcement.

There were five warbears?

No, what happened to the “mixture”?

Is the army still unaware of the “mixture”?

Or are they hiding it?

Is it because the royal capital is near?

What should I do?


「I will say it again. The army declares that the threat is gone. We thank all the adventurers who gathered here to cooperate. Also, the forest guardian, I mean….let’s thank the dragons. 」


The soldier who announced that is smiling.

The last line says “let’s thank the dragons”…..has the “mixture” been subdued?

Who defeated it?

Everyone knows that it is not a dragon.

No way, those three?

You’re kidding, right?

The possibility is….none.

But they might know something.

I want to speak with them.


They helped me too.

「Excuse me. Can I leave a message for those three beastkin boys?」

I screamed so.


That night.

「So it was Foo-sama. Hahaha, I see. As expected of the protector of the north. Hnn? Are spiders being subjugated in the forest? No no. They are strong and nimble and in addition to that, they can only be found in the depths of the forest. If you’re going to ask if we can beat them….impossible. Upon seeing one, rather than beating it, the best way to fight it is to escape. There are no adventurers who will voluntarily attack them. More than that, I want to complain about how slow the guild’s response is. How long did I suffer alone in that horrifying place?」

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