Chapter 403 – Beastboy’s School Life, Magic Tool and Training


The five students that went to the north forest were severely scolded.

On top of that, they are suspended from attending classes for one year.

However, given how the school works, not being able to attend classes in one year will only make you unable to get proof of graduations for one year. In short, their punishment is a simple extended for a year graduation.

There is also tuition fee issue but that’s fairly loose for them.

Were they not harshly punished because they experienced something dangerous?

Or so I thought but that wasn’t the case.

The five of them had a total of seven magic tools.

They were all confiscated by the school.

It seems like the students had brought out those magic tools from their houses without permission. If this matter is reported to their houses, they will be punished severely.

In some cases, they might even be kicked out of their family.

Thinking about that, they might have been severely punished.

I’m still not convinced but when I heard the prices of the magic tools, I say no more.


The seven magic tools.

They are lined up on the table of our house’s living room.

「Why are they here?」

The one who answered is a person who suddenly came before I knew it, Uncle Glatts.

「There is a talk that the “mixture” from before might be related to one of these magic tools.」

「Then, why did you arrange these potentially dangerous things in our house?」

「Don’t say that. Formally, the school is lending them to you, teachers, to examine them.」

「? Why did you arrange it like that? If you want to investigate, shouldn’t they be borrowed in Uncle Glatts’ name?」

「I am the head of our house. Even though it is my job, weird rumors will come out if I borrow confiscated items of other nobles.」

「Will it be okay if it is us? As far as I know, we are currently holding a title similar to a baron family’s head.」

「But you are teachers. I’m sorry for putting you in trouble.」

Uncle Glatts apologizes to Bron and not me.

Did Bron notice something?

「Then, who are we supposed to have them examine? Is it Uncle Glatts?」

「I’m interested but I’m not an expert. There’s someone in your village that can though. I’ll leave it to you.」

「There’s an expert there?」

「Village chief’s wife.」

「There’s a lot of them.」

「Right. It is Lulushi-san. She’s a celebrity in the world of magic tools.」


「Don’t say heh….she’s the best expert out there. I’ve contacted her but they told me to wait because she’s still resting after giving birth.」

「Birth? She gave birth?」

「It’s a girl. Lulushi-san’s daughter’s name is Lupumirina. And Tier-san’s daughter’s name is Aurora.」

「What about Ronana-san?」

「Hahaha. Don’t make fun of adults. If you’re a good boy, I’ll invite you to the ceremony.」

「Have you advanced that far?」

「It’s a little bit further than that. Or that’s what I’m trying to.」

「Good luck then.」

「Umu. Now, let’s get back to our topic. Hand her those during the martial arts tournament. Until then, keep them.」

「Rather than keeping it here, shouldn’t it be better to let the school keep them?」

「Rejected. Bron, tell him how many procedures were taken in order to borrow these.」

When I looked at Bron, it was written all over his face how troublesome to borrow these things again.

So that’s how it is.

「I now understand the situation but, aren’t these dangerous?」

If a “mixture” comes out, we’ll all be in trouble.

「It’s okay. If these magic tools are really the cause, there should be a lot more “mixtures” out there. It is only suspected….or rather, there are a certain number of people who argued that “mixtures” are created by magic tools so I’m only investigating to convince them.」

Being a high official seems to be hard.

「Aside from the magic tool theory, there is also a theory that suggests that a “mixture” is the true end of a hero. There is also a theory that monsters were born from “mixture”. There is also a theory suggesting that it is an immortal monster created by ancient mages.」

「Though there is a ban about it, there are a lot of theories.」

「The ban only started when it appeared in the demon king’s kingdom 400 years ago. Those who have personally witness it are still working at the royal castle to look for countermeasures.」

「But isn’t the oral ban pointless? The adventurers knew about it too.」

「The purpose of the oral ban is to not make those who don’t have power to escape uneasy. There’s no problem if you say it indirectly like saying that you went in the north forest.」

「Affirmative. Ehto, can we use them?」

「Don’t break them. Have you heard about their prices?」

….Let’s put them in a safe place.


Before returning to the village for the martial arts tournament, we tried imitating the martial arts tournament at school.

We became keenly aware of our lack of power when we went to the north forest.

We invited applicants and started a simple tournament.

But why did the soldiers join too?

Well, it doesn’t matter since there are a few participants.

The five students from the north forest participated too.

This is not a class so there’s no problem with that.

They are strangely enthusiastic….do they want to show off to someone?



First of all, the students of our school.

They are a bunch of weaklings.

Their weapons are great but they don’t have the ability to use them.

The five students from the north forest have done their best too but they still lack in terms of ability.

Irene and Lovia’s abilities are one level higher than every other student.

It looks like these two have their own reputation. If they are matched with other students, the student will forfeit.


Next, the soldiers.

As expected, they are skillful.

Even with their poor weapons, they overwhelmed most of the students.

This is the difference between equipment and experience.

Among the students, only Irene and Lovia can fight against them.

Should I praise Irene and Lovia?

Well, it was the soldiers who won.


Why did the soldiers lose to us?

It’s because….they don’t predict our future actions.

Or maybe they don’t want to. They don’t fight back.

Are they cutting corners because this is just training?

No, why would they do that?

I don’t understand their intentions.

Surely, you can predict someone’s action…right?

According to Uncle Gulf and Uncle Daga, predicting someone’s action is the basic foundation of combat.

Maybe they’re not careful because we’re at school….they are probably overwhelmed by the students.


I’m not stupid.

I have been in this school for over half a year.

And I’ve noticed it in the north forest last time too.

I’ve even noticed it before that.

I look at Gol and Bron.

Yeah, the two of them are convinced too.

The soldiers of the demon king’s kingdom are very weak.


It would have been good if you care more about us.

「Oi, let’s start a group battle next. Ten students including you three against thirty of my men. 」

As I won the tournament, Uncle Glatts started dividing the participants.

「Eh, putting their number aside, isn’t it to unbalance? They are adults.」

「It’s okay, you are with the daughter of Viscount Troy and the daughter of Viscount Reaves. This is…not good. They are here in addition to the three of you so….we need 20 more participants from the barracks. Someone, go to the barracks! 」

Viscount Troy’s daughter is Irene and Viscount Reaves’ daughter is Lovia.

「Ah, call the general! He’s on vacation? It’s okay. If you tell him there’s a fight here, he’ll gladly come. Call him, call him! For our victory!」


Is the demon king kingdom going to be alright?

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