Chapter 21 – Morning….Unexpected!

Fluffy is the strongest.

I was prepared to sleep on a hard rock but I got on Koa’s stomach.

Ever since I came into this world, this is my first taste of happiness.


Yesterday, I ate meat, only meat.

The meat tasted good probably because I succeeded in dismantling it.

To be honest, I’m surprised.

It was cursed.

It was reassuring that I’m still safe after everything.

….I want salt but for now, I can’t demand something luxurious.

I’ve secured shelter, water, and food.

It is a bit of a problem that the toilet is the whole outside world.

Though this place is clean…I want a room with a toilet.

Hnn, I’ll gradually have one.

For now, let’s think about what is necessary to improve the comfort of my home.

There is no immediate problem for now.

But there’s a lump of curses underground.

I can’t be relieved until I confirm what it is.

Let’s look around the 3rd floor of the rocky mountain for the time being.

This rock is strange. It is emitting light by itself.

Although it is not very bright, it is bright enough to be seen.

I didn’t notice anything yesterday but when I had to go to the toilet in the middle of the night, I found that that whole room was glowing.

It was too scary and dangerous so…let’s forget about it.

The effect of the barrier seems to be still effective and there’s been no change since yesterday.

Will this magic continue forever?

This is a wait and see until the barrier breaks.

There is no problem in the 3rd, 2nd, and 1st floor.

The ceiling on the 1st floor was the highest.

I don’t know the exact height but I know just by looking. It should be twice as high as the others.

Now, in the basement.

The ceiling is higher than the 1st floor for some reason.

Is there a need for it to be like this?

There was something huge in the 1st basement.

There’s only that big space on the 1st basement and there’s something I’m a little anxious about so let’s check it out later.

On the 2nd basement lies the problem.

Wide area of this space is covered with a lump of black.


「Eww, purification!」

The lump of black was divided into two and one of them attacked.

I already expected it to attack back but I never expected it to split into two.

I instinctively put my hand in front and purify it but I know I’ll fail.

I’m not imagining anything after all.

When I hurriedly looked at the lump of black, the white light of purification overflowed.


I heard from my little sister that magic is all about imagination but is it not necessary?

Ah, I have no time for that now.

The lump of black disappeared….there’s nothing.

That’s unexpected.

I never expected that there’s nothing there.

…eh, that’s it?

Isn’t that a fingernail size spider?

And there are about 20 of them…..really?

That’s it?


From the remaining black lump, there is a 500 yen size boss spider.

And five fingernail size spiders.

The boss spider has wings and it is something I have never seen on earth.

Its wings are slightly smaller compared to its body but they are flapping.

The spiderlings gathered around the boss.

What are they doing? It seems like they are observing me.

By the way, are these enemies?

Spiders are said to be beneficial bugs if they are not venomous.

Are they beneficial bugs?

I purified the curse on the wall.

Well, I wonder if these spiders can be my companions too.

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