Chapter 25 – Rock…Magic Plus

The problem of not finding people, I decided to leave it behind.

I thought that since I’m stuck in the depths of the forest, I’ll do what I have to first.


Looking from the outside, this is just a rocky mountain.

Although it doesn’t look like a house, its inside is fully furnished.

I’m particularly satisfied with how I complete the ceiling.

I processed it by imagining it is concrete.

The color of the rock was a little dark gray which makes the interior cool.

When I built a room, the light-emitting rock became noticeable again.

There is no problem if it is only the ceiling that is emitting light but the whole room is glowing.

It’s just faintly glowing so I can overlook it even at night.

However, when I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet, I saw Shion being illuminated by the faint light….and I unintentionally screamed.

…..the faint light doubles the scariness.

The next day, I tried various things to extinguish the light emission.

The image of turning off the light bulb from earth was useful.

Though I thought of various things, I solved it easily.

The first thing I did was to turn off all the lights on the floor.

I then erased the walls leaving only the ceiling.

I can increase the luminous intensity of the light but it is difficult to fine tune so I left it for now.


The second basement up to the 4th floor has become a grand mansion(construction ongoing).


The cracks on the 2nd basement are processed so that Koa’s group can pass through.

I processed those two spaces, the big space and the space with core, into one.

I also tried to process a gold ore.

However, this ore is like a magic insulator so I can’t process it by teleportation.

Since I can’t cut it by teleportation, I tried cutting it little by little using magic.

However, it turns out that this ore is quite hard too.

Rock cutter magic can only leave a scratch to it.

When I was thinking about how to cut it, I remembered the diamond cutter I saw on TV.

I was anxious but when I tried, I was able to cut it cleanly.

The sharpness is really scary though….

Also, I found out that when it becomes smaller to a certain degree, it can now be teleported.

The gold ore is so strong against magic and it is probably the strongest of all the rocks and ores.

The first basement is a food storage floor.

Koa’s group has secured lots of prey.

I also improved my dismantling technique.

I didn’t see the internal organs directly but….there’s no problem with that.

I can also dismantle the skin off using a rock knife.

I feel like I’m an adventurer when I’m dismantling.

However, the rock knife I’m using is sharper than I imagined.

This kind of knife is kind of difficult to use but this has taken care of me ever since.

I’m glad that it hasn’t cut off my finger too.

However, I failed to process any skin yet.

As for those failed products, I incinerated them.

It’s a waste so I want to do something about it.


The first basement originally has four spaces.

I processed them all turning this place into one huge space.

I trial and error magic to make this place a storage room

I also got a new processing method there.

I only have to spread magic power to everything in this place.

After that, I can freely change its shape like clay.

However, when I did that, Koa and the others were threatened by the rocks for a moment.

They did not react after that and I still don’t know what happened.

….were they afraid when rocks suddenly started rising from the floor without any sign?

If so, I’m sorry.

By processing the whole place, I was able to sense magic power.

I think it was an amazing progress for a magic rookie.

However, I can’t work for a long time because it needs full concentration and it’s really tiring.

Even so, I did my best!

I completed 5 rooms.

The entrance is arch shaped and it is also big enough for Koa and the others to freely enter and exit.

It’s regrettable that I can’t make a door though.

It is impossible for now.

From the 1st floor to the 4th floor, only the ceiling, walls, and floors are processed.

Even without anyone else, I can live in this world!

Are there any animals that can talk?

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