Chapter 414 – Spring of the 15th Year

It’s spring!

I went outside with a slightly higher tension.

Yeah, it’s chilly.

But it is indeed spring.

Let’s greet Zabuton who had just woken up.

Zabuton is also very excited.

What’s wrong? Your steps are lighter than usual.


I know.

In response to Zabuton’s request, I had her measure my body.

I wish I didn’t get fat during winter.

It looks okay.

Ah, you’ve already expected that to happen.

Zabuton’s tension is high because of the spring parade.

I wanted to cut it out last year once and for all but I failed to do so.

Some people already started preparing for the next one just after the parade ended.

The first one is Zabuton.

Not only my clothes but she’s also working on the costumes of almost all the villagers.

That’s a whole lot of people.

She completed them all last fall.

Now, she’s working with the spiderlings for the final adjustments of the costume size.


Try it on tonight?


As for the others, the mountain elves are hiding while making stages.

I also know that Village One, Village Two, Village Three, and Village Four are regularly practicing marching.

Therefore, I won’t resist anymore.

The spring parade is an annual event.

I’ve accepted it as it is.

It made my mind more peaceful.

Also, I think the spring parade will make a good balance if I add the summer festival and the martial arts tournament.

Yes, that’s it.

Well then, let’s finish all the work we can do before the parade.

The mountain elves will be assembling the stages a little later.

If everyone can see it now, there will be no atmosphere of surprise.

The high elves are practicing music a little far away too.

Their reason is the same as the mountain elves.

The oni maids are trial cooking and I think it’s fine but don’t let the kids eat too much.

As for the dwarves, do you even need to taste test alcohol?

It’s still morning.

Yes, put up your mind to resist it.

Night, I tried it on.


As usual, gorgeous clothes that only nobles wear.

It is mainly white but it is decorated with red and gold.

It also has black mantle at the back.

That mantle has four sticks on it.

The four sticks will move if you bend them like this.

I didn’t get anything when I was looking at it but after wearing it, Zabuton bends a stick and I finally find out what it does.

Imagine these sticks are Zabuton’s leg.

Though if it is Zabuton, it will be eight but that will be supplemented by my four limbs.

That’s it.

Zabuton cosplay clothes?

The spiderlings are dancing happily.


And behind them, a chorus of voices of protest from the wolves led by Kuro was heard.

They seem to be telling Zabuton how about them.

Zabuton turns one of her legs to Kuro as if saying don’t panic.

She took off the mantle from my costume and added a furry part.

It was a helmet-like hat that looks like a head of an inferno wolf and it includes the horn.

I put it on and checked myself out using a mirror-polished iron plate.


I look like a werewolf in white clothes.

I think it’s cool but there’s one problem.

Isn’t my face in the way?

I think it is better to wear a mask or something instead of leaving this as a helmet….

Is there any problem? The kuros are wagging their tails with all their might.

Okay okay.

I’m still trying my costume now so I’ll pat you later.


What’s wrong Zabuton?

Do you want to change the pants too?

Next is this….ah, white cloths that are about five meters to the left and right.

There is a stick on it which makes it look like wings.

The famous singer from a singing program at the end of the year came to my mind.

People talk about that singer’s unusual costumes every time.

I feel like that person.

I transformed 7 times.

It seems like Zabuton stopped holding back because I’ve accepted the parade.

After a few days, the parade will finally be held the day after tomorrow.

However, participants from each village have already gathered, and this place already has the eve of the festival atmosphere.

Participants from the lamias of the south dungeon and the titans of the north dungeon have arrived a little earlier.

Considering the distance, it seems like they started traveling when winter was about to end.

I’m grateful for your enthusiasm but don’t overdo it.

Let’s put next year’s parade a little later.

This time, we’re in a hurry because Malbit and the others are participating.

I don’t really mind no matter how long they stay but Kierbit said that if Malbit and the others don’t go home soon, things will be scary.

Therefore, we hurried things up.

On the other hand, Rigune was taken advantage of.

When she says that she’ll leave after seeing the parade, Ria’s group are silent.

They did not move even a little.

It is probably because they know that the training will be tougher so they’re not happy.

They think that if they make even a slight movement, it will be severe.

「Then, given that you’re still here, it will be helpful if you can check out the elves in Village Five too.」

It was Youko, Village Five’s representative, that gave Ria’s group a helping hand.

Rigune was also acquainted with Youko.

Or should I say, they heard about each other before meeting in this village.

They quickly hit off so Rigune accepted Youko’s proposal and went to Village Five at the end of winter to train the elves.

I heard that Ria and others put a large amount of alcohol in Youko’s room.

Well, it’s not like they were freed since their training in Big Tree Village continued while others were taken along by Rigune as training instructors in Village Five.

「There are elves from the elf empire there, will everything be okay?」

I was worried that it would cause problem but I heard it won’t.

「They are not the elves who betrayed them. She’s not that insidious to take revenge on the children and grandchildren of those traitors.」

I see.

By the way, Gulf and Daga participated in Rigune’s training too but she’s not strict with them.

「You can’t mimic Ria and the others’ training. Their training was designed for high elves’ bodies. I’ll prepare another training routine that is matched to your bodies.」

It was well-received because it was theory-based and very easy to understand training routine.

Maa, I still won’t participate.

I already feel the strictness just by watching.

Though this is a different topic but, starting from next year, let’s hold the parade after the spring work is over.

This time, let’s go as planned.

Dors’ group and demon king’s group came too the night before the festival which made it more exciting.

It’s just a parade.

Since they’ve got this excited, I’m worried about the lack of entertainment in the village.

Let’s think about it for a moment.

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