Chapter 413 – Beastboy’s School Life, Before Rigune Goes to the Village

The dungeon designation of the ruins where Rigune-san was was canceled.

This is because there is an indigenous person there which is Rigune-san.

After submitting a number of evidence, it was recognized.

After that, Rigune-san transferred the ownership of the ruins to the demon king’s kingdom.

The ruins now have become a property managed by the demon king’s kingdom.

As for Rigune-san, she will continue what she’s doing as the manager of the ruins assigned by the demon king’s kingdom.

It’s a bit complicated but it will be a safer place now rather than the previously poorly maintained private place it is.

I think that’s the right decision especially considering her safety.

Before Rigune-san goes to Big Tree Village, I have to do one thing.

Find a place to sell the moss that Rigune-san was cultivating.

In the past, there was a merchant who comes to buy in the north forest but for some reason, that person did not show up last summer.

Maa, it’s not like we have a lot of places to go to if we want to search for a buyer.

First of all, let’s bring it to Goroun Company.

If they refuse, I’ll have Uncle Beezel or Uncle Demon King introduce us to a merchant.

When I was thinking of those, Goroun Company said they’ll take it all.

I’ll just need to talk about details for Rigune-san and my work will end there.

After that, I went back to school and proceeded with club activities as usual.

But we have nothing else to do.

Since it’s winter, we can neither farm nor hunt.

The area around the school doesn’t snow as much as the village but it does get cold enough to not want to go outside. However, it can still be concluded that the temperature is not suitable for carpentry.

Should we just cook and eat?

When I was thinking about that, I was already taken by Kokusu to a bar before I knew it.

It’s a pity that the dungeon exploration failed.

The atmosphere is not dark though.

That is because the country paid them a moderate amount of money.

Depending on their exploration results….or not. They were paid depending on how many and how long have they registered.

Some people had just registered but they all know that going to a place like that is similar to gambling. They don’t know if they’ll be able to find anything.

They accepted what happened.

I also got paid because I registered too.

I’m happy since it is better to have money than nothing at all.

「Eh? You’re leaving tomorrow?」

「Yeah. The dungeon exploration failed so we took a job of escorting a caravan going to Shashaato City.」

「I’ll miss you.」

「Hahaha. We’ll be back before summer. Until then, we’ll leave protecting the royal capital to you.」

「Don’t talk like that to a school teacher. If anything happens to the guild, I’ll do what I can to help….but I’ll do that secretly.」

「That’s fine. Please, do so. Alright, drink drink!」

「If possible, buy alcohol with higher quality.」

「Your tongue is fat. Are you a young master?」

「I’m just a school teacher. When you arrive at Shashaato City, you can go to a store called Marla to eat delicious food.」

「Oi oi, we already know about it. It has been famous for some time. It’s a store in Big Roof Shashaato, right?」

「Is that so? So it’s famous.」

「That’s right. The rumors came from all the nobles that have gone there.」


「Just “heh”. Your reaction is too weak. Ah, right, you’re a noble too.」

「From a certain point of view, I’m just a normal villager.」

「That joke, how long are you going to keep it?」

「No, it’s true.」

「I got it, got it. Then, let’s buy something for the villager at that famous Marla.」

「Eh? Don’t.」

「I’ll make you pay for it.」

「Hahaha. Of course. Then, I’ll write a letter so you can get a discount.」

「Letter? Do you know someone there?」

「Marla’s manager.」

「Which normal villager have that kind of connection?」

「I think I was able to have that connection because I’m a normal villager…..」

The banquet was lively.

I returned to school and as expected, every day is cooking class day.

I feel like the number of people who came to eat has increased drastically.

Also, is it okay to do military training on school premises?

I was told to not mind it so I won’t mind it.

About ten days later, Rigune-san came to school.

I heard that she will go to the village with Uncle Beezel after meeting me.

I’ll write a letter so could you please.

「Umu, I’ll deliver it. Also, the Goroun Company that you introduced me to….」

「Is there a problem?」

「The transaction value of moss is strange.」

「Strange? Did they buy it cheaply?」

「It’s the opposite. They gave me a hundred times higher than the merchant before.」

「A hundred times higher?」

「Umu. I wonder if you had threatened them or something….it doesn’t look like it.」

「I won’t do that.」

Maybe the previous merchant did not buy from her at the right market value.

「Fumu. Maa, I didn’t expect to get this much money. I’ll pay you an information fee and a nuisance fee.」

「The information fee is for Ria-oneechan and the village but what about the nuisance fee?」

「I caught and threatened you.」

「I thought that was settled already.」

「It’s about my feelings. If you won’t take this money, I’ll be troubled. Take it.」

「…..Alright, thank you.」

I took the coin purse offered by Rigune-san.


Ah, the contents are all gold coins.

I wonder how much the transaction was.

「And if you can, will you help me find a job that I could do using this?」

Rigune-san hands over another gold coin.

「Job? Here? Don’t you want to live with Ria-oneechan in Big Tree Village?」

「I’m the manager of the ruins. I can’t leave it too unattended. In addition, I don’t have an elder there so I can’t really stay there. Also, my daughter might hate me.」

「Ahahaha. So that’s how it is. Then, how about becoming a school teacher?」

「I’m not a teacher material.」

「Then… about military instructor of that army there?」

「It’s not bad but I don’t belong to the army.」

「That’s where I’ll lend you a hand.」

「Can you?」

「Yup. Leave it to me.」

It’s not that strange.

We’ll hire Rigune-san and leave anyone who wants to train to her.

That’s it.

That includes us. I feel my lack of strength these days so it will be helpful to have someone close to me that can train me.

「…..I understand. That’s fine. Please take care of me from now on.」

「Of course. I’ll go through the procedure. Where do you live?」

「I have money now so I plan to rent an inn in the royal capital.」

「Okay. Please let me know when you’ve got a place to stay.」


Since there’s still time before she leaves for Big Tree Village, I treat her to lunch.

「I’m going to live here so here’s for the house.」

She gave me five gold coins.

The remainder seems to be my share.

I wonder if I have to stay at home until spring.

But let’s take care of the procedure.

But, wouldn’t it be easier to enroll Rigune-san and make her a student?


Not a bad idea.

Let’s do it.

Rigune-san will be a student of this school this spring.

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