Chapter 416 – Classics Loving Civil Servant Girl

I’m a demoness who’s a member of a group called civil servant girls.

I’m currently impressed, intensely.

It’s because of this local ceremony being held before me.

It is the story of the first king of the world that was led by a phoenix.

The sword given by the fairies is a symbol of power to rule the world while the shield symbolizes the power to protect the world.

It is said that while holding them in his hands while not drowning in power and even entrusting them to others, the god recognized him as a king.

According to the popular story, he entrusted the sword to a human warrior and the shield was given to a dragon shrine maiden.

However, I would prefer if the demon king receives the sword instead.

When I proposed that to village chief, he immediately agreed.

As expected of village chief.

He understands.

But why does demon king-sama look upset?

Please receive the sword with pride.

You’ve done well during the rehearsal.

I want the shield to be given to the dragon shrine maiden but I have no idea where I could find one.

When I was thinking about what I should do, Dors-sama took the place.

He’s a dragon himself so there’s no problem.

Yeah, there shouldn’t be a problem, right?

Thank you in advance.

Finally, the role of crowning…yeah, I’ll leave it to ancestor-san.

Yup, he knows what to do.

He planned this ceremony with us so he won’t say no.


You’re going to cleanse yourself before the ceremony?

It doesn’t matter but you shouldn’t be late.

The real thing is tomorrow.


What’s wrong, cat-chan?

Why are you meowing before me?

Incidentally, you have the same name as the god who passed the crown.

However, it is impossible for a cat to even hold a crown.

I’ll scratch your head so please forgive me.

I closed my eyes and saw the hardships I encountered one after another….

Ah, no no.

I shouldn’t waste my time with that.

I have to open my eyes and burn what’s happening in me.

While village chief climbs up the stage and changes his clothes, I prepare for the next one.

Demon king-sama, you know the timing when to ride, right?

What about the sword?

Do you need to have it with you during the parade?

It doesn’t really matter but please don’t lose it.

As for Dors-sama, he’ll also partake in the parade so he went to his designated place.

What about the shield?


I’ll take it into custody.


You want to keep this old shield too?


What’s with that shield?

To be honest, it looks simple compared to the shield made by Gutt-san….

This is the shield used during the old ceremony?

It has been passed down to generations of dragons?

Have you performed the same ceremony somewhere before?

8,000 years ago?

Wait wait, isn’t that the real ceremony?


The real one?

…..y-you’re joking, right?

Pillars of fire rose as Gran Maria’s group dive-bombing started.

Yeah yeah, it echoed in my body.

Originally, there should only be three fires to symbolize the founding of a country but we doubled it to six.

I don’t think it is good that we’ll only follow what was done a long time ago.

Sometimes reforms are needed.

No no, it is certainly not because the angels are arguing who’s going to throw them.

Yeah, I’m telling the truth.

Village chief’s costume has also changed smoothly to the spider king, the beast king, and the bird king.


It was worth consulting Zabuton-sama.

Finally, as a demoness myself, I feel complicated about this person but that person can’t be removed…it is the one who defeated the demon king several generations ago.

Come to think of it, something happened some time ago.

When village chief came back from the north dungeon, Loo-sama and Tier-sama researched about King Urbraza.

Why did they do that?

It was the time when Ursa-chan first came to the village.


Oooppss, no no no no.

It’s about time to have the parade participants change.

I have to tell them especially Flora-sama and Yuri-sama who agreed to participate in the second half.

If I fail to do so, I’ll be resented.

Of course, I won’t just concentrate on the two and make sure the others know what to do too.


Yuri-sama is going to take demon king-sama’s place?


Gol-kun, Sil-kun, and Bron-kun will also…when did they…

When did you come back?

You were brought back by force?

You’re going with Yuri-sama to carry the flag?

D-do your best then.


Please talk to Gol-kun’s group later.

It is about to restart.


Loo-sama, Tier-sama, Ria-sama, Ann-sama, Hakuren-sama, Frau-sama, Senna-sama, and Rasuti-sama.

You’ll stay on the stage?

You’re not going to change with Flora-sama and Ya-sama?

It doesn’t really matter but….will everything be okay?



Ah, it doesn’t matter who else is on the stage as long as village chief is there.

No one can substitute village chief.

You’ll have to work longer so do your best.

Zabuton-sama, please fix village chief’s costume.

It falls into disorder a little.

In the second half, Kuro-san and Yuki-san will also climb village chief’s stage?

Village chief is tired so please heal him.

However, if Kuro-san and Yuki-san are both gone…..ah, Uno-san will replace them.

He looks a little nervous…..

It looks like there’s nothing to worry about since Kurosan is there.

The parade included a number of my suggestions.

It made me happy.

Very happy.

If I have something to complain about, it is the phoenix chick Aegis.

Although it can’t be helped since it’s still a chick, can’t you grow a little more?

Yeah, you’re cute and all but you look too different from the phoenix I imagine.


Heart’s eye.

Yeah, looking at it using my heart’s eye makes it alright.

I can see the majestic phoenix.


Aegis, is male, right?


Could it be female?


Either is fine.

Speaking of which, fairy queen-san.

Is it okay to give Ursa-chan the role of handing the sword and shield to village chief?

She won’t embarrass you if she did, right?

Then….how about I give you the sword and shield that Gutt-san made?

It doesn’t matter?

What matters is the person they are given?

As proof, that time, you gave a wooden stick sword and a shield you just picked somewhere…


Fairy queen-san has a nostalgic expression when she looks at the shield that Dors-sama has kept.


I-I’m not going to ask why.

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