Chapter 33 – Rock Doll….Scary.Scary.

I would like to refrain from waking up to a phenomena beyond my imagination.

When I woke up, a wooden board was moving by itself.

Someone should praise me for not screaming.


Looking at it closely, it is not only one piece but many boards are moving on their own.

The pile of boards is also lower compared to yesterday.

If there’s a curse…shouldn’t there be ghosts too?

Eh, seriously?

No ghost, please!

 I want to sleep again but that’s already impossible.

I tried to get up against my will.


「….rock doll」

It was not a ghost.

That’s good.

But what is this mysterious scene before me?

The boards are not moving on their own. They are being carried by dolls made of rock.

Yeah, the same doll I made last night.

Since I can freely manipulate rock, I tried making one in humanoid form.

Its height is about 60cm.

I was satisfied with how good I made the first one so I tried making another until I completed 10.

I thought it was funny so I made it like a youkai with 1 eye.

And that part emits pale light.

I don’t really mind them moving but why do their eyes have to glow?

It’s surreal.

Now, nine of them are lifting boards and arranging them for flooring.

Ah, they’ve done well. There’s no gap in between and they are fast.

Koa and the others seem to have been awake all this time and were observing the rock dolls.

When they noticed that I was awake, everyone’s eyes fell on me.

I gently divert my gaze. I don’t know what’s happening!

Meanwhile, the flooring of the room is silently being fitted by the rock dolls.

Eh, how can you move?

I picked up the one that’s not moving.

This is certainly something I made yesterday.

I was able to make one according to my imagination so I made another one.

That time, I remember an old picture book.

It is about a shoe store that a fairy secretly helps in making shoes in the middle of the night….

I thought I wanted the fairy in the picture book when I recalled it like that.

However, it looks like a fairy would have a hard time helping me with the flooring.

I thought back then that a robot helper would be great too.

I created the 9 others while thinking like that.

Ah, it would be great if the flooring would be completed while I was sleeping….

After saying that, I went to bed….right.

Did they start moving because of that?….seriously?

The reason why the first one is not moving is because I did not imagine it helping me when I was making it.

Or rather, did I really imagine the dolls moving when I was making them?

….well, I can’t think of any other reason.

「… stop, gather」

No way, they really gather.

Nine of them are lined up side by side.

This is surreal but….charming too.

The non-moving doll in my hand.

I imagined a robot and said, “move”.

When I put it down on the floor, it stands up and lines up beside the other nine.

…. It moved….it moved?

….well, I can’t think of any other reason.

「Thank you for your hard work.」


How many of them are fairies and how many of them are helper robots?

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