Chapter 432 – Summer Harvest, Fall’s Arrival

Summer is over.

It’s getting cooler……or not.

It’s still hot.

Summer is still ongoing.

However, it can’t do anything to crops planted by the AFT.

The crops are waiting to be harvested.

Let’s do our best.

The spiderlings are very active in harvesting.

They are the ones harvesting eggplants, tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins, etc. and they are doing it in a cooperative manner.

What’s more, they select those that can already be harvested.

The AFT crops will grow well but they are not growing at the same rate so we need to sort out those that can be harvested first.

Even I would have a problem with that but the spiderling’s sorting is perfect.

They are very reliable.

The high elves, lizardmen, beastkins, dwarves, and mountain elves are also used to harvesting.

They are also reliable.

Girar and the three dragons will also help.

I’m thankful for that so I asked them to harvest cabbage.

I really want to ask them to harvest root crops like carrots and radishes but Doraim is already looking forward to it.

I left the guidance for harvesting cabbages to a beastgirl.

After a little harvesting work, I plowed the place where harvesting is over using the AFT to make it into a field again.

I use the AFT so I’m okay but the others should be careful since it is still hot.

Don’t forget to rehydrate and replenish salt.

After that, the disposal of the crops which have been damaged or crushed by some troubles.

It’s a waste to throw them away.

We can’t sell them outside but they can still be eaten.

The kuros will be the ones who’ll eat them.

There are a lot of kuros so they have their own likes and dislikes.

The lesser the crops we’ll dispose of, the better.

「Village chief, are we not going to harvest that field?」

One of the high elves points to a potato field.

「That’s a potato field for the spiderlings. The spiderlings will harvest them on their own….see?」

The spiderlings, who had finished harvesting other places, gathered in the field and began digging up potatoes.

They are digging carefully so as to not damage the potatoes.

Then, one of them raised its harvested potato up….it seems like it was worried about whether to eat it there and then or to take it home.

The scene of them tying a potato on their back with web is pleasing.

The number of harvested crops will be checked by the civil servant girls.

After securing the amount needed for each village, Doraim, Dors, demon king, ancestor-san, and Big Roof Shashaato’s share will be secured too.

The remaining crops will be transported to Village Five and sold to Goroun Company.

Unlike in the past, trading now has become easier thanks to the teleportation gate.

They will not pay with cash but with marine products.

「There are a lot of fishes that I’ve never seen before.」

The children’s eyes shine upon seeing the fish brought from Village Five.

My eyes shine too.

「This is….」

There are 80cm fishes there…..are they pacific sauries?

There are also 50cm fishes that look like salmon.

Big pacific saury and salmon.

The number is….two hundred pacific sauries and fifty salmon.

It seems like saury and salmon were caught(by hand) in the sea near Shashaato City.

Not by net.

How did they manage to catch this many?

Thanks anyway.

Pacific saury, salmon.

They are seasonal but it means it is already fall….

But this is not japan.

Yes, I know.

Let’s put some radish for the time being.

I am sure some sudachi trees have already grown.

Its fruit should make it in time.

I probably need to harvest some.

I also have soy sauce available thanks to Flora.

Let’s not forget to cook rice too.

Now, let’s practice grilling pacific saury.

It’s so big so it will be hard to grill but this is still the best!

Pacific saury.

It turns out that it is impossible to grill as it is given how big it is.

I cut it in half and grill it.

It was delicious but it was a bit frustrating.


I have no complaints about salmon.

It’s delicious.

This might be too selfish to say but I want this and rice to be my meal for a while.

They are popular with the villagers too.

However, the children seem to prefer salmon over saury.

「It’s too bony.」

That’s the opinion of Nutt, the children’s representative.

I already took the bones when I cut it in half but some will definitely remain.

Well, there are Ursa and Guraru who can eat it without worrying about bones….

If possible, I want you to at least take out the big bones.

Aegis, the phoenix chick, leaves the bones of the saury clean.

I really don’t care but do you really have to arrange the bones like that?

Does phoenix have this kind of habit?


You just feel like it?


Roasted salmon is popular with the village’s adults.

Especially the dwarves.

I know you like it but drink alcohol moderately.

Fish don’t last long so it is better to eat them early.

Both saury and salmon are too big for a family to consume but if it is left to the village, they will disappear in no time.


I should have hidden some for myself.

Let’s ask Michael-san then.


The pacific saury is divided into two factions, those who eat and those who don’t eat.

The children are all in the don’t eat faction.

This is hard.

But I won’t force them.

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