Chapter 431 – Demonic Black Dragon

Before I visited each house in Village One, there were new visitors in Big Tree Village.

Three dragons.

「Flame dragon Ojess.」

「Wind dragon Haifrigta.」

「Earth dragon Kihatroy.」

The three of them…..they are in their human forms.

All of them are women.

Flame dragon, wind dragon, and earth dragons are impure dragons that others taught me before.

Their purpose is the dark dragon Girar.

IT seems like they want the title “Demonic Black Dragon(Demon Dragon)” from Girar.

Demonic black dragon sounds stronger than dark dragon but it’s not like I care.

I heard that it’s some sort of tradition.

This tradition has been gone for thousands of years but in recent years, it was sought by impure dragons as proof of being the strongest.

「Is demonic black dragon the title of the strongest?」

「The answer is yes if we’re talking about impure dragons.」

Raimeiren was the one who answered my question.

She led the three.

At first, these three did not know about that title and just coincidentally asked Raimeiren to judge who’s the strongest.

Raimeiren, who knew about the title, passes them to Girar since she can’t decide who’ll be the title holder without his permission.

Because of that, Girar has no choice but to reluctantly interview the three.

He will be the one who’ll choose the one who’ll bear the title.

「I get it now but, why do you have to interview them in Big Tree Village?」

「Because it is necessary to get over the trial to obtain the title.」

There’s a trial in the village?

Anyway, I don’t need to receive those three so I’ll leave them to Girar.

I still have to visit each house in Village One.

That time, the three ladies were triumphantly waiting for the trial given by Girar.

After visiting each family in Village One, Village Two, Village Three, and Village Four, I came back to Big Tree Village and saw the depressed three on their knees.

After visiting several families in Village Five and returning to Big Three Village, those three are muttering something towards the wall.

After visiting each family in Big Tree Village, those three….were having a life consultation with the phoenix chick Aegis.

Aegis pats their shoulders while they cry.

What happened?

When they first came to this village, they were ignoring me but now they’re even bowing.

「What happened?」

「Nothing. Given their current abilities, none of them can bear the title.」

「Is that so? Or are you just being too tough?」

「Not really. I’ve even made a simple trial.」

Girar, with his title of Dark Dragon, gives trial to one impure dragon and if that impure dragon manages to clear it, it will be given the title “Demonic Black Dragon”.

The trial shouldn’t be difficult.

It seems to have only contained something ceremonial.

However, this time, it was necessary to select only one of the three.

Therefore, the trial seems to be a little competitive.

The trial that Girar gave.

He prepared a log with 1 meter diameter and a length of 5 meters.

He threw it in the forest and will give the title to the one who’ll manage to bring it back.

All three chased the log in their dragon form.

Immediately after, they were caught by Zabuton’s web and were incapacitated.

At that time, they seem to have been beaten by Rasuti who was nearby when they were rampaging.

「Rananon is sleeping! Stop making noise!」

Girar’s trial, part two.

He asked for the cooperation of the kuros. He’ll give the title to the one who’ll be able to bring back the log that the kuros are protecting.

At first, there were 30 kuros.

However, when fighting against the 30 of them, the three ladies were not able to do anything so the number was reduced little by little and eventually only one left but the three still weren’t able to bring back the log.

The last one was Uno.

「Were the three of them in their human forms?」

「No, they were in their dragon forms.」

He managed to defend against three dragons?


Good, I’ll pat your head later.

「But if the three of them can’t even win against Uno….won’t they be killed in the forest if a rabbit shows up?」

「That won’t happen….I think. I’m doubtful too. However, I think that inferno wolf is history’s strongest.」


You are praised as the strongest.


Kuro, Kuroichi, Kuroni, and Kuroyon, don’t be disheartened.

You are his father and brothers in law.

Get along, get along okay.

I’ll pat you too.

Girar’s trial, part three.

He asked Ria, Daga, and Gulf to cooperate and fight them one-on-one one by one.

The title will be given to the one who’ll win the most.

For the battle’s fairness, it was decided that the opponent will be chosen via draw lots and all three matches will happen at the same time.

After that, they’ll change opponents and fight again.

When changing opponents, they will be healed by healing magic….

All three lost.

「The martial arts tournament is close so we are all battle-ready.」

「I wish they were a little tougher…」

「Using breath is cheating. The tip of my tail got burnt a little.」

Ria, Daga, and Gulf continue their training while mutually giving reflection points to each other.

It seems like the heart of those three was broken seeing them like that.

「Since there is already a doubt that they can kill a rabbit, isn’t having them fight those who can participate in knight section an overkill?」

「You’re right. Let’s lower the level of their opponent to common section participants….」

If their heart is broken, there’s no way they can win.

In the end, we asked the villagers of Village One but they were instantly taken down by lightning magic.


「Areh? Even rabbits can avoid that, right?」

「Yes. I was surprised to see that they were directly hit. I thought they would be able to easily evade it. I’ve done something wrong.」

「But, aren’t they too weak?」

「I think so too. But now, how are we supposed to choose one?」


We can’t choose one if they are so weak.

「However, the trial will continue endlessly if we don’t choose anyone. This is so troublesome.」

「Can’t we just say no one’s qualified?」

「Even so, they are carrying the face of each of their races. If one of them was chosen, no one would say anything….but if none, these three will never be able to return to their race.」

「Really?….then how about giving it to the three of them?」

「What do you mean?」

「The three of them will bear the title “Demonic Black Dragon”.」

「Hahaha. The demonic black dragon can only be one….no, there’s no rule like that. Right. No, I can’t decide this on my own. I’ll talk to Dors and Raimeiren.」

It will be the martial arts tournament soon.

Dors will come soon.

Those three will spend a little more time in the village.

「By the way, how are you? It’s been a long time since the last one, how about a drink?」

「I’d love to but I still have some houses to visit.」

「Didn’t you already visit all the houses in the residential area? How come you still have some houses to visit?」

「Ah, I still have to go to those important places.」

The place I’ve pointed at is the dog area where the kuros are currently lining up.

Are you ready now?

I’ll be there in a bit.

You don’t have to line up neatly too.

「And over there too」

The big tree is being decorated by spiderlings.

One of the spiderlings noticed my gaze and I gestured to wait a little longer.

Seeing that, Girar laughed.

「Those are certainly important places.」

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