Chapter 430 – House Visit

Village One’s villager, August.

He sometimes goes to Marla in Shashaato City to replace Marcos and Paula.

His specialty is yakitori.

His technique of slowly roasting over charcoal fire and making two kinds of improved sauce is really popular. Whenever he goes to Marla, it will become a yakitori day.

「Two kinds of sauce?」

「A sweet one based on soy sauce and a salt sauce. Also, we have several kinds of salt for every customer’s taste so they can just salt it up themselves.」

「I see. Is there a problem?」

「There is a shortage of skewers. Currently, I’m the one making them when I’m in Village One but I also have to research sauce….」

「Can’t you just asked the nyunyu-daphnes?」

「The nyunyu-daphnes are already helping us with lots of things like making curry powder. As for the harpies….they are clumsy with their hands.」

Of course.

Harpies’ hands are wings.

「Though the harpies can make them using their talons, we can’t since it is related to food….」

「That’s right. Even if you do, I’ll stop you.」

I’m glad that the concept of hygiene has taken root.

However, skewer shortage….

It seems to have been assigned previously as a children’s job….

But Village One’s children are still small.

「By the way, the chief of the lamias was asking if we can give jobs to the lamia children. If you don’t mind them, I’ll have them come here.」

「Thank you very much.」

「No worries. Any other problems?」

「That is….the price of yakitori.」


「Yeah. The purchase price of chicken has become expensive so….Also, since we purchase per piece, there is a difference in consumption depending on the part which also affects the price.」

Currently, it seems that the price of skewers ranges from five to twenty medium copper coins.

Because of that, the accounting of skewers is relatively difficult.

「I see. Then, let’s standardize the price of skewers.」


「Change the size of the skewer depending on the part. Of course, make sure that it would fit the grill. 」

「Oh, I see.」

Since it will be split into parts, the number of skewers needed will increase but the lamia children can take care of that.

「In addition, you can put things between skewers to adjust the size.」

「Put something in between?」

「As of now, how many chicken parts do you pierce on one skewer? Eight? Make it five and put green onions between them.」

Yakitori negima.

「With that, we can reduce the meat consumption and standardize the price.」

「I-indeed! Got it. It will definitely adjust the price.」

「If you need to increase the production of green onion, I’ll take care of it.」

「Thank you in advance.」

「Now, let’s get back to our first topic….」

「Are you talking about me being a hero? You’re making fun of me again. hahahahahahaha」

He’s not listening at all.

Among the residents of Village One, there are several heroes.

It has already been confirmed.

I would like to notify them here but I decided to go for house visits since it will make much more difference to tell them in their houses than calling them for it.

However, there were a lot of oppositions.

「Eh? Did they have remarkable achievements to make village chief himself go there?」

No no, isn’t this just a visit?

「Won’t the people that village chief won’t visit get depressed….?」

After the persuasion, it was rescheduled.

It will be like a roll call.

I’ll visit every house in every village one by one.

Why did this happen?

I have increased my work myself.

Should I really go with this?

Well, let’s just think of this activity as some sort of camouflage on informing them as heroes.

Some people might want to hide that they are heroes.

From the time I announced that I’ll visit each house in each village, each village started cleaning their houses.

…..I’m sorry.

Everyone’s work has also increased.

It’s hot this summer so be careful of heatstroke.

My house visit started that way.

Big Tree Village’s turn will be delayed and I’ll start from Village One.

As to not forget my purpose, I’ll start by informing them that they are heroes….

「Is it useful for raising a child? Not sure? If that is the case, I don’t need it.」

「I could already shoot lightning before I knew it. However, the rabbits in the forest can easily dodge it. Can this even be called the power of a hero….」

「Presently, there is a conflict between the sweet faction and spicy faction. With the entrance of the super-spicy faction, things have been complicated…. This is the plan to increase the production of curry powder. Would you please take care of this for me? Hero? Will my wife join the sweet faction if I become one? No, she’s solid spicy. But I think super-spicy can’t even be considered as food….」

「The spicy spice is done. By applying this, both karaage and yakitori will be spicy too. Of course, curry’s included. Fufufufufu. Ah, this is a dangerous thing if it gets into your eyes.」

「Hero? Me? …..please, I beg you. Don’t drive me out of the village. This is the place I stay. Don’t kick me out of the village, pleaseeeeeeee」

「My husband and I will be heroes for village chief. If village chief wants us to defeat the demon king, we’ll strive to do so. If village chief wants to conceal our identities as heroes, we’ll conceal it for the rest of our lives. Now, give us an order! …………. We would be glad if you could give us your order….. Yes, I will continue to cooperate with acting village chief Jack and strive to develop Village One.」

The hero notification, there’s no result.

Most of them are unaware of their only one magic.

Maa, if you want to say something to me, feel free to do so without any hesitation.


For the time being, let’s visit other houses.

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