Chapter 429 – Ancient Rightful Traditional

Ancestor-san came while holding a square box using both of his hands.

Inside the box is a small bell.

The small bell is installed in the square box so you’ll probably use it there.

Before I managed to ask what’s with the box, ancestor-san turned the box to me.



Nothing happened.

Ancestor-san smiles with peace of mind.

Something happened when used it to the villagers from Village One who’s supposed to bring seasonings to Big Roof Shashaato.

The small bell in the box rang.

It’s noisy.

Perhaps ancestor-san found it noisy too so he threw the box on the ground and broke it.

Is that okay?

No, he looks refreshed so I guess everything’s fine.

He apologized to a demon maid for making a mess.

What was that?

I tried asking Raimeiren, who was next to me, about what happened.

She had a square box similar to what ancestor-san was holding earlier.

She used it on me but it did not react.

However, when she used it on Village One’s villagers, it began to ting.


Like ancestor-san, Raimeiren threw the box on the ground and broke it.

After that, she looks at ancestor-san and shakes hands with him.

What was that?

I’m not sure what’s happening but I ask the oni maid to clean up the mess Raimeiren made.

「I have something bad to report.」

Ancestor-san, who’s sitting on a chair in the guest receiving room, said that.

Aside from me, Raimeiren and Girar are there too.

「A hero appeared.」


Is that the same hero we talked about a while ago?

Until now, they were able to revive even if they died but they’re no longer active since they could no longer revive.

Are you saying that they can revive again?

Or did that hero resume his activities even if he can no longer get revived?

「No, that’s not it. The heroes who can revive until a while ago…I’ll reluctantly call them church heroes. Those church heroes are in a completely weakened state and have not resumed activity.」

「So, what about that hero?」

「It’s a completely new hero. No, it is a different kind of hero. The hero that showed up is the ancient rightful traditional hero.」

To follow up to ancestor-san’s words, Girar said that with a sigh.

「Do you mean that a real hero has come out?」

「That’s right. The ancient rightful traditional hero recorded in the old records. Presently, we officially confirmed two of such existence.」

Before I tilted my head, ancestor-san continued his explanation.

「The ancient rightful traditional hero….to put it simply, can only use a only one magic.」

Only one?」

「Yeah. For some reason, he can only learn that magic and won’t be able to use any other magic of different form.」

Girar follows up ancestor-san’s explanation again.

「That ancient rightful….that’s troublesome to say. That hero is the real hero and the church heroes are fake heroes. As for the magic that can be used by the old hero, it seems like one was able to manipulate weather, a magic to create a castle, and there’s also the magic that can divide the sea.」

Raimeiren followed up too.

「The most famous one is resurrection magic.」


「Yeah. If a person dies, they’ll be able to live again. Resurrection magic gives life to the dead.」


「Though there seem to be various conditions…」

Raimeiren turned her face to ancestor-san and urged him to continue.

「Those magic are miracles. And the heroes were supposed to play an active role as human guardians…. However, 6000 years ago, heroes stopped appearing. On the other hand, church heroes come out.」

「Fake heroes」

Girar corrected.

「Okay. When I thought that fake heroes were finally gone, I was relieved but wouldn’t that mean that the ancient rightful…..real hero from the old documents came out again?」

I understand what ancestor-san is trying to say.

However, there is one thing I don’t understand.

「When that real hero comes out, will it be a problem?」

「Rather than the hero, the only one magic is the trouble.」

If someone who did not learn magic properly was suddenly able to use powerful magic, would that person use it with caution?

It is indeed disturbing if someone uses powerful magic excessively.

I think that’s what he’s trying to say.

「For example, a child suddenly learned a powerful explosion magic. The probability of that child causing an accident is high.」


If the weather manipulation magic is used excessively, it would be a huge problem.

「With that, though the existence of hero is valuable….it is troublesome too.」

And then, ancestor-san talks about the myth of the birth of the hero.

「No, it’s more of a story than a myth. Once upon a time, when this world was full of magical power, there were those who were able to adapt and those who were not able to adapt. Those who were able to adapt were called demi-humans. To put it simply, they are no longer humans.」

「Then, what happened to the humans that were not able to adapt?」

「The humans that were not able to adapt had harder lives compared to demi-humans because they can’t use magic. The farming god, who was watching the situation, pitied and gave the hero to the humans. 」

「Pity…, so a hero was a gift from the farming god? 」

「That’s right. A hero will be born as a human child. About one in a million people. 」

「And that made the life of the humans easier. 」

「It was so at first but the characters of people born as heroes don’t necessarily mean that they’ll be pure and rightful. 」

「R-right 」

「Among them, there are also those who invade demi-human territories to expand the human realm for survival…. In the end, it was recognized that heroes are people that defeat demi-humans. 」

「Then…. 」

「This time, there’s a high possibility that the hero that appeared will also do something like that. 」

「The demon king, he was so happy when the heroes are gone….he’ll be disappointed.」

「That’s right but….maa, that’s the fate of the demon king.」


「It’s because the demon god, who saw that the lives of the demi-humans are being threatened by the hero, the demon king was born among demons as an anti-hero measure.」

「Is that so?」

「Yes. Therefore, it can be said that the hero and the demon king are destined to fight.」

Ancestor-san said so.

「However, that’s just bad. There are many heroes but one demon king. It’s unfair for the demon king to be the only one who’ll fight against the heroes, right?」

「Maa, certainly.」

「And so, the demon king is destined to have four powerful subordinates.」

「Four subordinates…..they are..」

「The four heavenly kings. Nowadays, they are treated as senior vassals but in the past, the four of the most talented demi-humans are fighting against the heroes as subordinates of the demon king. Since heroes appeared, it is not strange for the four heavenly kings to appear too.」


The story is the opposite of what I know.

Usually, the demon king will appear first and then, the hero will appear next.

Maa, what about the details?

「By the way, what was the square box you had when you came here?」


Ancestor-san and Raimeiren diverted their gaze.

Suddenly, the demon king barged in with a square box.

「This box? This is a hero detector handed down to generations of demon kings. Well, this junk has never reacted to anyone. We found it when the castle was being cleaned. I showed it to village chief’s wife in Shashaato City and she asked me to leave it here.」


I see.

It was one of the Village One residents, who are already traveling to Village Five to deliver seasonings.

Ancestor-san, Girar, and Raimeiren looked at each other and nodded.

No no, please don’t go to the “crushing” plan.

Let’s just keep it in a secret place before the Village One villagers return.

I also hate troublesome things.

However, it will be troublesome if he suddenly releases a strange magic.

Let’s teach him properly and let him decide what to do after that.

This will also keep the outside world from finding it out.

There shouldn’t be a sudden awakening of the mentality of killing demi-humans once he woke up as the hero, right?


Let’s talk about how to tell the person who had a reaction….think about a little more?

By the way, who’s the hero?


It reacted to eight people?


No way.

Didn’t you say one in a million?

Are you sure it’s eight?

You mean there will be eight weird magics?

Are you kidding me?

Please tell me it’s a joke.


You’re not joking.


I apologize for stopping you earlier. So, how do we crush this box?

I think it was me who awoke evil thoughts.

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