Chapter 428 – Summer Moments

The construction of the village cafeteria started with me cutting trees using the AFT, processing them using the AFT, and have the high elves assemble them.

It was completed in no time.

Normally, if you process the newly cut trees without drying them, it will break in a matter of time but if I were to cut trees using AFT, that problem will not happen.

It’s as convenient as ever.

「There are still things that need to be done on the interior.」

The civil servant girls reported that to me while checking the time table.

Zabuton worked hard so there are already tablecloths, curtains, and other fabric things but we still haven’t made chairs and tables.

Windows, cupboards, tableware, etc. are needed too.

I usually worked hard until the end but this time, I have to stop.

「There’s no point in making all of them immediately since the chef apprentices haven’t come yet. Let’s just order furniture and tableware from Village Five’s craftsmen.」

That’s what happened.

It seems like spending money is also part of the plan.

I agree. We shouldn’t do everything ourselves.

Besides, what I made is only amateur’s level no matter how hard I work.

It can’t be compared to professionally made goods.

At this point, it is better for me to study by checking out professionally made goods.

That’s what I think. I want to make something at that level too.


「There’s the matter of money but why aren’t we letting village chief make furniture and tableware?」

「Village chief’s works can only be obtained by trading reward medals. It would be bad if he mass produce it and even use it in a public place.」

「As for your true intention?」

「Even when making simple tables, he carves the god of creation’s image in an unexpected place…..」

「I see. So that’s why ancestor-san has been flipping and disassembling new tables recently….」

For a change of pace, I head to the pool.

It’s summer.

The children are there too.

Yeah, it’s lively.

The cats are there too.

They are at a well-shaded place by the pool.

The jewel cat looked at me and meowed so I waved back to greet her.

Eh, that’s not it?

Ah, your drinking water on the bowl is empty.

I’ll pour water in it.

An oni maid in a swimsuit tried to go instead but I stopped her.

I asked her to watch over the children.

I replenished the cats’ drinking water and went to a place near the swimming pool.

I used the AFT and made the ground sandy.

The area is about 50 meters square.

「Village chief, what’s that?」

I was asked by the high elf Ria who’s been watching me so I replied.

「A stage for a little game.」

I prepared it for beach flag.

You might have been informed that you should do it on a beach but this place is fine too.

Beach flag.

A flag will be erected on the sand. The participants will lie face down with feet facing the flag a little further away from the flag.

Once the signal is heard, all participants must get up and take the flag.

I expected it to be a fair game but that didn’t happen.


When you’re running, please don’t attack other participants.


Don’t use magic too.

「Then, this….」

Flying is prohibited too.

Can you just run on the sand?

At first, it was the children that were enjoying it but when the lizardmen, high elves, mountain elves, beastkins, and angels saw them, they joined.

They’re putting great effort and it’s also exciting but….this is a bit different from what I wanted.

「Are the dwarves not going to participate?」

「We’re not confident with our leg strength. Besides, it’s not bad watching them while drinking alcohol by the pool like this.」

The rough clothed dwarves are sitting on beach chairs while enjoying alcohol.

Most of the dwarves are wearing shorts, Hawaiian shirt like jackets, and round hats. If they were wearing sunglasses, I would have mistaken them for mafia on vacation.

Ursa wins the beach flag for children.

Among the adults, the lamias, who came to enjoy the pool, are strong.

It seems like the lamias can move easily even in sandy areas.

The kuros and spiderlings also participated and the game is still ongoing.

The children are waiting for their turn so I called them out.

And take out the watermelon I prepared.

If one puts a watermelon on the sand, it only means it’s time for watermelon splitting.

If you put a watermelon on sand, it will be covered with sand when the watermelon breaks so I put a cloth under it.

And one of the kids will….Guraru will be first?

I gave Guraru the stick and blindfolded her.

And then, I spin her round and round.

The spectating children seem to understand what will happen next.

They gave Guraru instructions to guide her to where the watermelon is.

「Forward, forward」

「A little more, gooooooo」

Yeah, these are the instructions I want to hear.

「Two small steps to the right, twelve steps forward….no, thirteen. Right, good going!」

That was Girar, Guraru’s father, who gave accurate instructions.

How long have you been there?

He’s in a swimming outfit too.

「Just now. Raimeiren asked me.」


「Yeah. There seems to be some trouble so she asked to meet with me for consultation. We’re supposed to meet here but Raimeiren hasn’t come yet.」

「Is she alright?」

「She should be. If it is a serious problem that she can’t control, she won’t even inform me much less consult.」

Is that something to be proud of?

Girar didn’t seem to care at all and went to eat the watermelon that Guraru broke.

「This is unusual for village chief.」

One of the oni maids who’s watching over the children said that.

「Didn’t you hate treating food that way?」

「That’s right but….maa, watermelon splitting is special.」


Because it is watermelon splitting.

In fact, I have no experience with watermelon splitting.

I only see it on TV and manga.

For that reason, I may have treated it as something special.

But of course, if someone does that to a watermelon in the field, I’ll get angry.

The only place where you can do watermelon splitting is here, on the sand.

And the only watermelons one can break are the watermelons I prepared.

「Father, we’ve already eaten all of that watermelon.」

When Ursa said that, she also looked at the watermelons behind me.


Who’s turn is it?

Ah, yeah, Girar.


I know that you want to show off to Guraru but let the children have their turn first.

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