Chapter 427 – Big Tree Village’s Cafeteria and Good News

The civilian servant girls have been telling this for ages.

The civil servant girls are living in three large houses. They basically live in groups.

They take turns cooking food but when they are very busy, the food they eat is a bit miserable.

Examples of miserable foods are a plate of whole cabbage, a plate of two eggplants, a plate of whole radish, a plate with several mushrooms, a plate of….

Yes, I hear the cry of help deep in the souls of the civil servant girls.

「We just put the ingredients on the plate, how can you call that cooking!」

Yes, calm down.

「I’m sorry. I got a bit emotional….do you understand now? I even received pity from a spiderling one time when one of them gave me a steamed potato.」

「Got it.」

「Yeah. It also put butter. It was delicious.」


「Anyway, the amount of work we’re doing is not steady so there are times we can’t cook. We also lack in cooking skills.」

「I know, I understand. That’s why you want a place where you can be served with cooked food.」

「Yes. Though there’s a dining room at the inn and a dining room at village chief’s mansion, the dining room at the inn will not operate unless there are guests and even if there are, the guests will be prioritized. As for village chief’s mansion, the encounter rate with great people is quite high so it will be hard to go there just to eat.」

「You don’t need to hesitate though.」

「We are already used to demon king-sama and Count Chrome but Dors-sama, Raimeiren-sama, and Youko-sama…..that’s a bit.」

「They are not that scary but….I understand that you want to eat in peace.」

「Thank you. Therefore, we would like you to open a cafeteria dedicated to the residents.」

「I don’t mind. Ria’s group can build it but what about the cooks?」

「Rest assured. Doraim-sama’s butler, Gucci-sama, has asked me if we could accept some devils as chef apprentices.」

「That means the villager exclusive cafeteria will be the training place of those devil chef apprentices.」

「Yes. Of course, that will only happen if village chief permits the acceptance of those devil chef apprentices….」

「I’m not going to refuse that but…. Can’t you just bring someone from your house?」


「Ah, no, you civil servant girls are parts of houses in the demon king’s kingdom, right?」


「In your house, don’t you have servants?」

「We can’t count on them.」

「So, you can’t bring a servant to cook for you?」

「Village chief, village chief, a servant is not a slave.」

「What are you talking about? Even I know that much.」

「Really? A servant is a person who gets paid for working.」

「That’s right」

「If the job is too much compared to the wage, they can resign. Of course, there should be a negotiation before that person quits.」

「Of course.」

「In other words, a servant has the right to choose the job.」

「Umu. Ehto, in other words….is it hard to find someone to work in this village?」

「We will be turned down the moment they hear where they’ll work. Or rather, they’ll refuse.」

「I-is that so….」

「Yes. It would be a different story if we could tell them a little more about the details but we were told by demon king-sama to not spread anything related to this village. A loyal vassal may voluntarily come but if it is a loyal vassal, our parents will not let them go.」

「A loyal vassal?」

「Someone like Holy-sama, the housekeeping matron of Count Chrome’s family.」

「Did she voluntarily came as a loyal vassal?」

「She only came here because she wants to take care of Frau-sama’s daughter, Fraciabell, but she herself is not that motivated to go here in Big Tree Village. 」

「Umu. The name “Forest of Death” is infamous after all…. 」

「Not only that….maa, please remember that no sane person will come here on their own. 」

「Is that so?….hnn, wait wait. Some came here voluntarily. 」

「Those people, who overcame difficulties, have come here for a purpose(alcohol). Please don’t treat them as ordinary people. 」

After that, we had a few more meetings and finally decided to build a cafeteria for the village.

I wondered how it would be managed but it seems like it will be decided after consulting the devils who will come here as chef apprentices.

No matter how much we think about it, it is indeed better to hear the opinion of those who will actually run it.

「By the way, can you tell me one thing?」

I asked the civil servant girl who’s protecting the documents about the village cafeteria construction decision.

「What is it?」

「You also had a cooking duty, right?」

「Did you also do that a-plate-of series?」

「I-I-I may have.」

「What did you put?」



「They were really angry.」

「I guess so」

Let’s do our best to open the village cafeteria as early as possible.

Since Loo went to Shashaato City, Lupumirina was being taken care of by Tier.

It is not good to push everything to Tier so I also actively go to Tier’s room where Lupumirina is.

It was Gran Maria who’s holding Lupumirina in Tier’s room.

「Excuse me. Am I bothering you?」

「No no」

「Where’s Tier?」

「She’s sleeping with Aurora-sama in the next room.」

「I see. I have to be quiet then.」


I spread my arms and invited Lupumirina to come to me but Lupumirina did not leave Gran Maria.

「There’s a saying that women are liked easily.」

「It’s because I haven’t take care of her enough.」

But what will I do with my spread arms?

When I was thinking so, Gran Maria said something.

「Leave your arms as they are. Actually, I have to tell you something.」

「Hnn? What is it?」

「It looks like I’m pregnant.」



Not chasing me out but….


Someone’s pregnant.


No, that means….

When I looked at Gran Maria, she smiled shyly and jumped into my arms.

「Ah, I can’t hug you tightly because Lupumirina is here.」

「Isn’t it bad to hug a pregnant woman tightly?」

「I-is that so? No, well done. That’s not it. That’s great news….thank you. Yeah, thanks.」

Gran Maria’s pregnancy is indeed good news.

「I know that it’s good news but I don’t think it is a good idea to flirt in my room.」

An angry Tier, who just came back with Aurora after taking a nap, returned.

By the way, Tier already knows about Gran Maria’s pregnancy.

「Because she consulted me when she’s in doubt. Loo-san knows about it too.」

「I-is that so?」

I didn’t notice it at all.

「Please don’t scold them. I’m the one who asked them to not tell you.」

「Of course.」

「Also, I did not tell you immediately so don’t scold me too.」


I laughed.

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