Chapter 434 – CM and Common Section

Large white sheets were laid around the stage of the martial arts tournament.

An image is projected on the sheets.

「The famous store of Shashaato City, Big Roof Shashaato! Its core, Marla’s Four Kings!」

Along with sound effects, the footage proceeds from Big Roof Shashaato to Marla’s counter.

「First of all! The curry king, Marcos, who made Marla invincible!」

Marcos shyly offers curry in the video.

「As he silently grills his skewers, his popularity with women soars! The yakitori king, August!」

In the video, August cooly gives a skewer to a woman who’s screaming “kyaa”.

August, who’s nearby, is glared at by his wife as he screams “eek” with a pitiful face.

「Popularizing putting ingredients one by one! The pot au feu king, Bruno!」

That pot au feu is a little weird hot pot.

It seems to be popular even in summer.

「And the last one! Mincing meat so that it will be easy to eat, hamburger king, Shyfull!」


….he’s a son of a former noble or something but he became an apprentice in Marla.

「He’s not a former noble. He’s still a noble and a legitimate heir. He wants to be disinherited but the current head of the family is resisting.」

One of the nearby civil servant girls told me so.

「Won’t that cause a problem?」

「It won’t. It seems like the current head of the family directly went to Marla but at that time, demon king-sama was there.」

「The demon king?」

「Demon king-sama visits Marla every time he plays baseball.」

「I see. Also, even though it is just a joke, is it okay to call yourself “king” even though there’s the demon king?」

Curry king or hamburger king.

「I don’t know in other countries but it is alright in the demon king’s kingdom. There are quite a lot of people who call themselves kings.」

Is that so?

No, I feel like I’ve already heard it before.

The video ends with the four kings standing side by side saying “We are waiting for you in Marla”.

The camera is blurry and the composition is too sweet but it is a proper commercial.

It was the broadcasting department that made this CM.

After using the recording device given by Raimeiren several times, it was brought to Ifrus School where Loo is.

That is to check if it can be reproduced.

The people of Ifrus School themselves made that proposal and I’m not worried about the cost. The technical difficulty is too high though.

However, the people of Ifrus School did not give up.

「The recording function is amazing.」

「If there’s a close call at the baseball match, it can be reviewed correctly.」

「That famous scene again.」

Recklessly chasing your dream.

Loo is someone who’s reckless if it is about something she loves.

It seems like she compressed her already busy research time about the teleportation gate in order to study the recording device.

「In terms of position, Loo has the highest authority, right?」

「When a research starts, that doesn’t matter anymore.」

When Loo came back with the broadcasting department, she’s pretty exhausted.

She still looks fatigued while sitting.

Maa, I guess this is the result of working too hard.

That thing not only has a recording function but also has an editing function.

Even though it is just a CM, the crowd cheered.

Please be healthy soon.

The martial arts tournament’s battle.

This year, the common section and warrior section have become tournament systems but the headband rule has not changed.

If you manage to take away the opponent’s headband, you win….

Ursa, do you really have to beat up your opponent until she fainted just to rob her headband?

Her opponent is one of the impure dragons who failed at the qualifier so she didn’t hold back.

By the way, the three impure dragons who failed at the qualifier joined the common section as special participants.

They don’t want to but Girar forced them to.

Ah….the other two also lost their first match.

I thought they could do a little more but…..

There is another special participant in the common section.

Holy knight Schneider, Chelsea.

She changed her armor to a woman’s after she lost at the qualifier and participated as a female knight.

She also uses her name, Chelsea.

And she’s strong.

She’s not that strong when she was defeated in the qualifier.

Was her full plate armor for men too heavy?

The lizardman hatchling who beat her during the qualifier is now fighting her in the semis.

The lizardman hatchling is…alert.

Oh, did it recognize her as a different person from Schneider?

Chelsea, who took off her armor, went to the stage in light clothing.

The armor was too heavy after all?

At first, they were having a sword match but the hatchling threw its sword and tackled her.

It’s aiming for a grappling battle.

It looks like Chelsea guessed its intention and threw her sword too and grappled with it.

After rolling around on the stage together, the hatchling strangled Chelsea’s arm.

And the battle ended.

On Chelsea’s other hand was the hatchling’s headband.

「Winner, Chelsea!」

When the crowd heard referee Hakuren’s voice, they cheered.

That was a good match.

The finals.

Ursa vs Chelsea


Is she addicted to beating her opponent to unconsciousness and robbing her headband?

The crowd did not cheer, but they were saying lots of things like “uwaa”.

Maa, some kids, including Alfred, are happy and clap their hands.


I’m wrong.

Let me rephrase.

「Common section, congratulations on being the champion. Well done. 」

Ursa raises both of her hands to the crowd.

A big cheer blew up.

Fushu, how’s Chelsea?



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