Chapter 435 – Flame Dragon Ojess

The great me is Ojess.

Flame Dragon Ojess.

Ah, even though I talk like this, I’m a female.

Excuse me.

Marla, located in Shashaato City, has counters and tables for large demi-human races like centaurs and minotaurs.

It’s because the amount of food they need to eat is different.

Large demi-humans are famous for having food troubles but they are enviable since they eat more curry and hamburgers from Marla.

I can eat a lot too if I transform into a dragon but I won’t be able to enjoy the taste as much when I’m in my human form….it’s a problem.

Yeah, the great me likes sweet curry more than spicy curry.

I prefer apple juice over alcohol.



Why is my face on the floor?

What’s happening?

Ah, right.

I got hit and knocked out.

Martial arts tournament, common section.

I was disappointed when I lost at the qualifier but watching other matches, I realized my lack of power.

I have to train again.

And I will challenge this martial arts tournament again.

I decided so in my heart.

Even though I’ve already decided that, Girar-sama pushed me into the main tournament.

Thank you for this unwanted favor.

Unreasonable unreasonable unreasonable unreasonable.

I am already fully aware of my lack of power.

I apologize for being arrogant.

Therefore, someone, save me.

The wind dragon Haifrigta and the earth dragon Kihatroy are targeting the title of “Demonic Black Dragon” like me.

Until we met with Raimeiren-sama, we were fighting against each other but now, we’re best of friends.

「Let’s do our best!」

「We’re not going to die!」

「Everyone will survive!」

We talked with each other and participated in the main matches unwillingly.

First round.

The little girl opponent of mine knocked me out instantly.

I’m alright. I can still remember everything clearly.

I remember my name too.

This morning’s breakfast…..

I remember it was delicious.

I thought it would be bad to eat anything for lunch before the match started so I did not eat any.

The tents built around the venue have good smelling food so I want to eat.

I checked the place out while eating fried pasta on an iron plate.

At first, I was alone but my best friends, Haifrigta and Kihatroy, lined up with me.

Yeah, we worked hard.

Want some fried pasta?

It’s delicious.


What is that sweet-looking thing?

From what tent?

Crepe from the red tent?

Okay, let’s go later.

The common section, the little girl who defeated me became the champion.

That girl must be another creature in a little girl’s form.

The village chief praised the little girl but that village chief is not normal either.

He is Hakuren-sama and Rasuti-sama’s husband.

Until now, I have never heard of a human becoming a husband of an ancient dragon.

I’ve never heard of it but it actually happened….

To be honest, I couldn’t believe that he defeated Hakuren-sama and made her his wife.

Even if the village chief himself said so, I didn’t believe it.

However, it won’t be a lie because Dors-sama, Raimeiren-sama, and Doraim-sama said the same.

According to what I heard, the village chief has defeated the wyvern of the Iron Forest.

That wyvern is so strong that calling it a wyvern is a scam.

The only impure dragon that can beat it is…Dandaji-sama.

No, even if it is Dandaji-sama, he’ll have a hard time against that wyvern.

And the village chief defeated it.

If it was a joke, how good was it?

But now, I believe it from the bottom of my heart.

After all, the village chief made Girar-sama work on the field.

If I did not hang in there, I would have lost my mind.

The martial arts tournament went smoothly with the warrior section.

Every battle is wonderful.

And everyone is stronger than me.

I think that I’m glad that I’m in the common section.

The winner was a mountain elf.

She’s amazing.

Although they lost, the high elves and the dwarves are amazing too.

And the knight section started.

There are angels, demons, inferno wolves, and demon spiders.

A lizardman and a beastman lost but they showed a good fight.

I also want to fight like them.

The winner was the chief of the angels, Malbit.

She arrived at Big Tree Village Just before the start of the knight section.

She participated because one of the village chief’s wives is down due to fatigue.

She’s amazing.

The highlight is her very first match. A parent-child battle between Malbit and Kierbit.

The battle was so intense that no one would think that they are mother and daughter.

Especially the daughter Kierbit.

She’s using every power within her to her every attack.

Those are not the kinds of attacks one would shoot against their own mother.

But Malbit flirtingly avoids them and counter attacks annoyingly.

She also shows no mercy on her own daughter.

Angels….they are scary.

After the knight section comes the model matches called brave section.

It’s not a tournament but one on one battles.

The opponent will be chosen by draw lots.

The participants….

Yeah, right.

It’s the end of the world.

Dors-sama and Girar-sama fought against each other.

That demon spider is absolutely not a normal demon spider.

Is that the legendary nine-tailed fox Youko?

The demon king, he’s amazing.

Although he’s obviously inferior in terms of ability, he did his best.

He earned my respect.

Or rather, who’s that vampire that overwhelmed the demon king?


I’ve never heard of him but….I understand that there are a lot of people in the world who are stronger than me.

Doraim-sama….he’s panicking.

He joined the section but why is he shouting that this is a trap?

His opponent is Raimeiren-sama…

Good luck.

The battles continue even after the martial arts tournament is over.

This village is a terrible place.

I don’t care about the title ”Demonic Black Dragon” anymore.

For now, I was able to recognize my lack of power.

Let’s do our best.

I’m serious.

If I get stronger, I’ll take part and win the common section.

And I might be able to join the warrior section.

No, I’ll definitely join.

Until then, I’ll forget about the title “Demonic Black Dragon”.

Let’s inform Girar-sama tomorrow.

Yeah, that’s good.

「Oi, Ojess, Haifrigta, and Kihatroy. It’s your turn.」

Girar-sama calls us.

It’s our turn?

I don’t understand what he’s saying.

And why is Hakuren-sama warming up next to Girar-sama?


I don’t want to understand.

I don’t want to but I did.

Ah, the dragon’s intelligence level.

I should inform him now and not tomorrow.

I look at Haifrigta and Kihatroy beside me.

They nod.

「Please forgive us. We don’t want the title “Demonic Black Dragon” so please spare us.」

Girar-sama should have heard our apology but the match against Hakuren-sama still took place.

It’s a blessing to stay alive.

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