Chapter 436 – Martial Arts Tournament Ends

The martial arts tournament ended successfully.

In the free battle time of the night of the martial arts tournament, Hakuren fights against the three impure dragons.

She did not do it to bully them but to teach Ursa how to hold back.

No, rather than teaching her how to hold back, it looks like she’s teaching her how to make the battle spectacular.

After receiving the full power attack of the opponents, she repeatedly beat them.

Of course, when she’s hitting them, she’s doing her best to hold back.

Rather than beating, I think it is more appropriate to call it patting.

By the way, Hakuren.

Though Ursa looks like she’s enjoying your teaching, your three opponents are seriously crying….

Yeah, that will be bad for education so end it there.

When I said that and stopped the match, the three expressed their gratitude full of emotions.

No no, I apologize for both Hakuren and Ursa.

Your injuries will be cured in the tent over there.

Those three, for the time being, will not go for the title “Demonic Black Dragon” and train first.

I thought that they would settle in Big Tree Village but they will work in the demon king’s place since they wish it themselves.

「Because we think it is for the best.」

「We won’t trouble you.」

「Please take care of us from now on.」

I can’t say anything because Girar allowed it and the demon king accepted them.

Chelsea, also known as holy knight Schneider….took off her armor and completely acted like a woman.

According to ancestor-san, it seems like her complex has been resolved.

She is smiling so I guess it’s okay.

After that, she decided to work in Village Five with the recommendation of both Daga and Gulf.

She’ll be under the Village Five’s church and she will practice swordsmanship under Pirika.

I can’t say anything since ancestor-san permitted her and the person wished for it herself.

She was immediately introduced to the holy maiden Celes, the representative of the church.

「I’m Celes. Please take care of me from now on.」

「I am korin religion’s holy knight Sch….No, holy knight Chelsea. Please take care of me from now on too.」

Please get along.

On the stage, Doraim and Raimeiren are fighting.

Doraim’s eyes are teary.

That, Hakuren threw a wooden tag with his name written on it on the draw lots box.

She said I might know how strong Doraim is using this method….I’m sorry.

Let’s comfort him when the battle is over.

In a place near the stage, Malbit is drinking alcohol.

She participated in the knight section in Loo’s stead and even won the tournament.

She’s usually happy go lucky but she’s really something.

Watching Malbit’s battles, Rigune regretted not being able to participate.

She didn’t have to hold back earlier though.

Rigune also wanted to move her body so she also participated in the free matches.

Her opponent is Ruincia, who came with Malbit.

Ria’s mother, Rigune, and Tier’s mother, Ruincia.

I can’t predict who will win.

I can’t predict but….Ria.

Why are you and all the other high elves cheering Ruincia?

If she sees you, Rigune will be sad.

What do you mean you want to see her lose….

If you give in to a sudden burst of emotion, you might be sorry later.

Look, Rigune is smiling fearlessly when she sees all of you are cheering for Ruincia.

Rigune, you can’t just “accidentally” fire at the audience.

The battle between Doraim and Raimeiren ended with Raimeiren’s jumping knee kick.

I thought she was going to let Doraim show good times but in the middle of their match, Hiichirou cheered for her.

「When I was young, I’ve cried a lot of times because of that knee….」

「Me too, me too.」

「In your case, it is because you joined the dragon king(me) to go on a rampage.」

「In your case, it is every time you sweetly look at another woman.」

「How did you know?」

That’s a conversation between Girar and Dors.

They’ve been hitting each other until a while ago but they are good friends.

Ah, excuse me but, can you strengthen the barrier for the audience?

Rigune is using her bow.

I want to reduce unfortunate accidents.

Around the venue, many tents are built to serve food and alcohol as usual.

The oni maids are busy.

Among them, Gutt’s tent is popular with children.

But there’s no food there, only weapons.



「Easy to hold!」

The kids love them because they are holding kiddy size weapons.

「I only made them as prototypes. Hold on, thank you. Don’t take them yet. They are only for exhibits. After tomorrow….I’ll give them to you once I receive permission from village chief and Hakuren-san. Hahaha. I’m not a meanie. I’ll forge you weapons just for you but if you get hurt, I’ll get angry.」

The children boo to Gutt.

Weapons for children?


It’s still too early.

Be patient and use the wooden swords and wooden spears I made.

「And Gol, Sil, and Bron. Leave your sword. I’ll have them sharpen tomorrow. Ah, you guys have permission so you can take these with you.」

「Thank you, Uncle Gutt. Then, this and this and this.」

「You want a lot huh. Also, given their size, it shouldn’t be usable for you.」

「Their sizes are fine. How much reward medals are they? Is one enough?」

「Hnn? No need. Just take them.」

「I can’t do that.」

「?….. could it be」


「I understand. I will not give you a discount.」

After the beastboys left, I ask Gutt.

「What does that mean?」

「When a man buys something that isn’t for him, he only has one purpose.」


Ah, ahh, I see.

A gift for a woman.

I see I see.

That’s youth for you.

Wait a minute…..

Both Gol and Bron took one each.

As for Sil, three.


I wonder if his other half is a weapon maniac.

I hope so.

At a later date.

「I got a letter from the three who went with the demon king but….」

Girar came to ask me.

「Those three, they said they were entrusted with the third, fourth, and fifth but, what does it mean?」


I was a little worried about how to explain it.


At Village Five.

「Eh? Celes is the holy maiden?」

「To my regret, I’m only a person who’s in charge of the church.」

「Eh? Pirika is the sword saint?」

「To my regret, I’m only a person in charge of security in Village Five.」

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    For those confused, in baseball there are corresponding numbers associated with positions. 3, 4 and 5 are 1st baseman, 2nd baseman, and 3rd baseman respectively. It can also indicate their batting orders.

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