Chapter 450 – Oracle

Do you know that there are gods in the world?

There are.

And don’t tell me “I don’t know, I’ve never seen one.”.

There are.

It’s okay, just listen to my story first.

There are gods in this world.

Gods also have ranks, well, leaving the difficult topic aside, just think that there are greater gods, middle gods, and lesser gods.

Greater gods are amazing.

They are existence on the level that it is too scary to directly look at them.

Gods in gods.

Don’t even think of fighting them.

They are existence beyond your imagination.

That’s a greater god.


You’re troublesome.

Maa, the god of creation and the god of time are famous all over and when someone mentions greater gods, it is probably one of them.

In fact, there is still another terrible greater god but let’s not talk about it.

Because it is related to the realms of gods.

Middle gods are gods who follow the instructions of greater gods.

They sound like middle managers but it’s entirely different.

Compare them to the human world?

Ehto….they should be the king of the continent.

Yeah, that’s how they are.


You don’t get it?



If the greater god is the king, the middle gods are like ministers or generals.

Are you okay with that example?

Were you able to understand?


The lesser gods are gods who act as the hands and feet of the middle gods.

There’s mountain of them.

The ministers and generals have a lot of subordinates.

Same as that.

Some lower gods are doing well because they are worshipped and can gather faith.

Ah, I won’t give you a name since that would cause a lot of problems.

Now, let’s go to the main subject.

Beast god belongs to the lesser god category.

Ah, there’s no one called beast god but wolf god, fox god, and other gods of each species.

When a new race is born, a god will be born at the same time so there will be one in every species.

Be relieved, I’m sure your race also has one.

Let’s go back to the topic.


I’m a messenger of one of the lesser gods, the serpent god.

I take pride in that.

I got caught.


Wait, I’m a real deal.

I’m telling the truth.

I’m not lying.

It’s the truth.


No, is there even a person that can prove something like this?

Can I prove it myself?



Do you think I have something that those scammers use?

I might be suspicious for now but why are you suddenly taking me to prison?

No, the main gate was closed so I entered secretly.

I mean no harm.

As I was complaining in the prison, I was visited by someone.

It is a subordinate of the fox god.

She should be playing around given her carefree nature but what is she doing in a place like this?

You’re the one in charge here?

You’re lying, aren’t you?

I’m not rich.

Please donate a little.

I have a hard life.

Even if I’m a messenger of god, I’m not getting paid.

Gather believers and make money?

I hate that.

It stinks of trouble.

Ah, sorry.

My bad.

Please don’t abandon me.

Please get me out of here.


Thank you for saving me.

It’s good that I have a powerful friend.

You’re saying that I’m not your friend?


Why did I come here?

I am the serpent god’s oracle.

An important tree has grown so I was commanded to get there immediately….

It’s so cold.

However, it will be too late if I wait for the weather to be warmer.

Ah, the important tree is not here.

You may not believe this but it seems to be in the center of the forest of death.

When I complained about how on earth am I supposed to go to a dangerous place like that, I was commanded to go here.

Thus, I’m here.


By chance, can you send me there?

You can go to the forest of death, right?


Don’t glare.

I’m joking.


Is it just for a visit?


Of course not.

I’ll claim the ownership of the tree and make it a symbol of the serpent god!

Did the serpent god say that?


However, isn’t it a waste to go to such a dangerous place and just perform an offering dance in front of the tree?

There’s no rival after all.

What if there is?

Of course, I’ll beat it up.


Right right.

We’re talking about the forest of death.

There’s no way there’s a rival there.

But, how do we get to the forest of death from here?


Ano, your eyes are scaring me.

No no, of course, I know that.

Your glare is the most dangerous when you seem to be laughing.

I won’t pick a fight with you.


I will not act violently here for no reason.


You’re going to take me to the center of the forest of death?


Do you know anything about the tree?


Thank you.

And serpent god.

I wish to express my gratitude.


Where is, here?




There are two, which one?

Ah, the smaller one.

Thank you.

There is indeed a divine aura the closer you approach.

But, isn’t the messenger of the eagle god on the tree?

It has already come here.

Is that so?

As expected of the center of the forest of death.

Am I going to fight for the ownership of the tree?

N-no way.


I wouldn’t think of something like that.


If you let me perform an offering dance, I’ll leave soon.


I’ll disturb you for a while.

What is this place?


I know that the fox god’s subordinate has extraordinary power but I have a feeling that there are people here who can fight against her.

Or rather, there’s a dragon.

Moreover, it’s not an impure dragon.

It’s an ancient dragon that can even kill a god in a serious battle, the dark drraaggoooonnnnnn!

Why is he here?

Is this the dark dragon’s nest?

No, even the dragon king is here….but why?

I don’t know why but I know that this is a dangerous place.

Let’s dance immediately and leave.

Yeah, a good plan.


What happened, fox god’s subordinate?

You’ll accompany me?

No no, that’s unnecessary.

Take everyone seriously.

Don’t gather believers.

They all look stronger than me so I wouldn’t even dare.

Ah, if it’s the children, I think I can win.



That girl……..gyaaaaaaaaaaa!


She’s the brave that climbed to a realm where she can even kill gods even though she’s human.

I, a mere messenger of god, will be killed instantly.

Not hostile.

I’m not their enemy.

Calm your mind.

Yes, I will survive.

Thank you for gathering even if it is cold.

Although I’m still immature, I will perform an offering dance.

I started dancing while looking at the ground. I’m trying not to make eye contact with the people around me as much as possible.

Serpent god.

I hate you.



A black cat entered my sight as I was dancing while looking at the ground.





No, I’m okay.

No, I’m leaving.

No, I don’t need souvenirs.

It’s the tough winter season after all.

Thank you very much.

Yes, that’s all I came for.

No, I’m really sorry.

I’m very sorry for the inconvenience I caused.


Starting today, I’ll have a change of heart and live seriously.

So please forgive me.

Fox god’s subordinate, please throw me out of here!

My name is Niz.

I have lived as a messenger of the serpent god for many years but I have never felt death this close.

I’ll stay away from the forest of death.

I absolutely will.

With that vow, I made my way back to the place I live.

Serpent god.

If you are merciful, please give this oracle of yours a break for about a hundred years.


Fox god’s subordinate, please don’t look at me with that expression.

Yeah, I would probably have a similar expression if someone who said goodbye came back two days later.

Oracle, oracle.

It can’t be helped.

That is my reason for existence.

This time, it’s not for the forest of death.

But here.

This place is called Village Five, right?

Can I work here?


I apologize for troubling you again.

Please accept me.


I won’t say what I don’t need to say.

I am useful.

I can do a lot of things.

I can even receive an oracle.


My oracle is exclusive from the serpent god.

That’s normal, isn’t it?

The only person that can receive oracles from various gods is a holy maiden….

There’s a holy maiden here?


M-my reason for existenceeeeeee!

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    I specially theorized that Zabuton is one of the greater God in disguise to Guide Village Chief and simply guide him to gather those who relates to god in this Village to prevent wreck and havoc on the planet.
    Specially Urza, since she was ascended before, we can infer why she was sealed like that before coming to Big tree. We know how dangerous she was before versus the Evil God.


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    1. mento pont

      Messenger of gods doesn’t need to be humanoid, the eagle messenger is an big eagle monster, the serpent messenger is a oracle Yukio the fox messenger if you can noticed. I think Zabuton itself the messenger of the spider god or its Arako, because she can speaks “common” language too.And Zabuton was called a queen once by Arako.

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      1. Chris Sizemore

        VC’s blessings and AFT are directly from the Creation God. VC has never met any other god (other than Cat or other gods that came to the village).

        Zabuton has been a monster with a long active period that was hostile to the Demon Kingdom centuries ago (and destroyed at least a city). Zabuton is probably the highest evolution of the Demon Spider. If Zabuton was going to have a god, wouldn’t it be the Demon God? Or the Evil God? Demon Spiders aren’t like normal spiders.

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    Holy maiden is an oracle for all the gods.

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