Chapter 449 – Noontime Alcohol Drinking, POV

I am the oni maid Azuki.

I am village chief’s servant.

Today, I’m the person responsible for village chief.

I will do my best to be at village chief’s side.

Village chief went out of the mansion even if it’s cold.

He is already wearing thick clothes but let’s bring something that he can wear just in case.


Village chief is looking at the sky.

Ah, an eagle is flying.

Isn’t that the phoenix chick Aegis riding on the back of that eagle?

Aegis, the eagle might be spoiling you but you should not get used to it.

You’ll become a flightless bird.

Oh, don’t do that.

Where’s village chief…..reservoir?

The person I asked was one of the high elves who were watching over village chief. She told me that by pointing her finger.

While it is cold, thank you for your hard work.

Village chief was talking to the pond turtle.

Even though it’s a turtle, its gestures are stunning.

Really impressive.

According to its gestures, it looks like it’s saying that it is about to hibernate.

Apparently, it is saying it will temporarily say goodbye until spring.

Village chief looks a little lonely.

 When village chief returned to the mansion, Red Armor and White Armor greeted him.

I would like to say that even if there are a lot of beings that can break through this village, there are not a lot of beings that can break through these very reliable gatekeepers.

Village chief did not go to his own room but to the guest receiving room.

He is lamenting that his own children won’t come near his room….

All mothers are telling their children to not approach village chief’s room.

Because of that, the children will not approach village chief’s room unless it is village chief himself invites them.

Why shouldn’t they approach?

Because they are children.

It is still too early for them to be interested in that kind of stuff.

Village chief put his legs in the kotatsu in the guest receiving room.

I prepared tea in a hurry.

Then, the inferno wolves Kuro-san and Yuki-san came.

Naturally, they went to village chief’s side.


I already knew this would happen.

When village chief went out, Kuro-san and Yuki-san were watching village chief from the window on the third floor of the mansion.

When they were looking at him from the window, they looked very lonely.

Without pretense, Kuro-san and Yuki-san went to the left and right of village chief.


However, I don’t want to smile more than necessary.

While pretending to be expressionless, I served tea and mochi to village chief.

Yes, mochi that was pounded a little while ago.

Girar-sama was enthusiastic to show Guraru-sama his good points.

Yeah, he broke a number of mortars and pestles……

That time, Guraru-sama blamed Girar-sama for those.

What would have happened if village chief did not intercede?

Oh, Kuro-san.

That mochi is for village chief.

You must not want it.

One of your pups….I don’t know if it was you’re grandpups or great grandpups but it ate one mochi and it got stuck on its throat.

In panic, the other inferno wolves urged it to spew fire. It became known as the throat mochi mochi incident.

Don’t forget that.

It seems like village chief did not forget about it too.


Okaki, right?


I remember when I first made it. Dors-sama ate everything I made one after another and ended up being glared at by Raimeiren-sama.

There are salty, soy sauce, and sesame seed flavored okaki, which do you prefer?

You’ll leave it to me?


Then, I’ll make soy sauce flavored.

I prepared a portable griller and grill okaki in a place where I can see village chief in the kotatsu.

Yup, it smells great.

Kuro-san, please don’t stare at me too much.

I won’t secretly eat it.

When I put the grilled okaki on a tray and served it to village chief, he gave it a try first before spoiling Kuro-san and Yuki-san.

They asked village chief to feed them?

I’m envious.

Oh, I mean, no.


I shouldn’t make my emotions show.

After a while, the chief of the angels, Malbit-sama arrived.

She warms herself in the kotatsu as if it’s the most natural thing to do.


I know she’s only acting like that in front of village chief.

One night, when village chief had already taken a rest, I saw her talking with Dors-sama, Youko-sama, ancestor-san, and the demon king’s group with a serious face.

Given the atmosphere she gives off, she deserves to be the chief of the angels.

She, as a mother, was also consulting Loo-sama and Tier-sama about Kierbit-san’s marriage.

You won’t believe that she’s the same person who went to the kotatsu and demanded alcohol.


I’ll bring one immediately.

Those okakis are not enough for you.

I’ll grill more.

However, please think about dinner.

Ah, for wine slime too.


When I was taking care of village chief, Malbit-sama, and the wine slime, the kitchen became a little noisy.

When I looked at what happened, a cat jumped out of the kitchen.

That pattern.

It’s Miel.

And the kitchen becomes quiet because of Ann-sama’s anger.

Before Ann-sama are fishes.

They are being defrosted for dinner.

They only have one or two bites on the best part, the stomach.

No matter how you think about it, the criminal is Miel.

It seems like Ann-sama also thought so and asked me about Miel’s whereabouts.

I look behind in a hurry but Miel is no longer there.

The speed of her escape is really fast.

However, Miel is not the type that escapes to a faraway place.

She’s the type that prefers to escape to a nearby safe zone.


That is, at village chief’s side.

Village chief is sweet not only sweet to Miel but to all cats.

I told Ann-sama the place.

It seems like Ann-sama thought a little and decided to leave the decision to village chief.

What will happen?


Oohh, village chief presented Miel to Ann-sama.

Miel is very surprised.

I am also surprised.

 Village chief also scolded her for stealing.

Miel seems to have given up.

As expected, she can no longer escape.

If she runs away again, Ann-sama’s anger will reach its peak and she will no longer get food.

Miel knows that too.

Since that is the case, why did she even steal in the first place…..was she not able to control her appetite?

I see off the stupid Miel.

When I came back to my senses, village chief was already grilling okaki in the griller I prepared earlier.

It seems like he’s going to bring it to Red Armor and White Armor who are the gatekeepers at the entrance.

Village chief personally cooked okaki.

I’m envious.

Oh, I’ll help.

When Ruincia-sama came, Malbit-sama tried to hide in the kotatsu but she was pushed out by Kuro-san and Yuki-san.

Looking at that scene, I unintentionally laughed.

Excuse me.

Village chief invited Malbit-sama and me to grill okaki with him.

Collaboration works.


A little later, Alfred-sama and Tiselle-sama came and saw the grilled okaki.

They look like they want some but they did not ask for it.

Loo-sama and Tier-sama taught Alfred-sama and Tiselle-sama that they are the children of village chief. They can’t be careless and shouldn’t annoy the residents of the village.

Though it might be a bit hard for their childhood, it is necessary education.

Until they are invited, they can only wait.

In reality, showing that they want something that way will not work.

However, Ursa-sama doesn’t hesitate at all.

She immediately begged village chief for okaki.


Hakuren-sama should have educated her the same way.

Hearing Ursa-sama’s words, Alfred-sama, Tiselle-sama, and the other children also said they wanted okaki.

You will be scolded by your mothers later.

Opposite to what I’m thinking, Village chief agreed with a smile.

Ah, if we really grill this much, dinner will be….

However, it can’t be helped.

Let me play the antagonist here.

「Think about dinner, give them only a little.」

I will do the best to eat what will remain.

Or, I can always call Dors-sama.


Dors-sama is already in the kotatsu waiting.

He did not hesitate to gesture to bring it to him.


Thank you in advance.

Village chief was in a good mood because he was able to interact with the children.

By the way, Red Armor and White Armor, which were presented with okaki, were showing an inspiring dance to village chief.

On the other hand, the other spiderlings were envious….

Yeah, after dinner, we’ll grill okaki for the spiderlings.

Village chief and me.

It was a hard but fulfilling day.


The fairy queen was eating okaki.

「That’s not sweet, are you okay with it?」

「No. However, if I eat a not sweet sweets, the sweets I’ll eat will even be more delicious…oh, this okaki is good. Don’t take them out, they’re good.」

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