Chapter 448 – Noontime Alcohol Drinking

Phoenix chick Aegis at the back of the flying eagle.


Did Aegis give up flying on its own?

Maa, they look like they are getting along so I guess it’s okay.

In the reservoir, the pond turtles are about to hibernate so this will be my last greeting to them this year.

Its water art during the harvest festival was amazing.

Let’s meet again in spring.

When I returned to my mansion, Red Armor and White Armor greeted me in front of the entrance.

Are you guys not going to hibernate?

Then please continue your gatekeeper work.

However, don’t overdo it.

If it is cold, go indoors.

I did not return to my room but dived into the kotatsu in the guest receiving room.

The kotatsu in the guest receiving room is big.

In addition, the children don’t come near me when I’m in my room.

It’s easy to enter my room so why?

While I was thinking about that, Kuro and Yuki came.

Kuro dives to my right side and Yuki to my left.

When I was stroking the back of Kuro and Yuki, an oni maid brought me tea.

It’s green tea.

I was also served with two grilled mochis seasoned with soy sauce.

This year’s mochi.

Girar worked hard and pounded it.

However, Girar has been coming here quite often, is that alright?


Currently, Raimeiren and Grafaloon often come here too.

Yeah, mochi is delicious.

Kuro wanted some too but I won’t give you this mochi.

This is sticky and soft so it will be dangerous if it gets stuck on your throat.

If you really want to eat mochi, we have to do something about it first.

I ask the oni maid to prepare the mochi.

Unlike the mochi given to me, these mochis were cut into small pieces and dried too.

They were grilled while being applied with soy sauce.

Basically, an okaki.

TN: A Japanese snack. It is a glutinous rice cracker.

I thought of keeping them as preserved foods but when it is freshly grilled, it is so delicious that it has always been eaten immediately.

Mainly by Dors.

Maa, I ate some too.

The okaki was served in a tray.

I ate one to check and gave it to Kuro and Yuki after confirming that it is safe for them to consume.


You want me to feed it to you by hand rather than eating it by yourselves on the tray?

You’re spoiled.

If the kids see this, they’ll be stunned, won’t they?

While thinking so, I feed the okaki to Kuro and Yuki one by one.


Though they are small, make sure you properly chew them.

Don’t just swallow them.

I ate grilled mochi while Kuro and Yuki ate okaki.

When I was relaxing like that, Malbit barged in and got into the kotatsu.

「….I think the angel’s villa has been completed?」

It should have been completed already.

Yet, why did she come to my mansion?

「For some reason, there are works that are needed to be done at the villa.」


Yeah, the angels are probably discussing which and how to use each room.

Maa, I guess she escaped in order to not work and came to my mansion.

「I want okaki.」

「Yes yes」

This tray is for Kuro and Yuki.

I asked the oni maid to grill new okakis for her.

Malbit gently asked an oni maid for alcohol when she came back with the okaki.

「Rice wine」

It’s better than wine.

There’s a cup placed in front of me too so I asked Malbit to pour some for me.

I only asked her to pour half full but it almost overflowed.

It would be a waste if you spill it.

I took a sip in a hurry.

When I took a sip, I noticed that the wine slime was already on the kotatsu before I knew it.

You really don’t miss a chance to drink.

It also properly brought a cup.

「Mablit, alcohol for the wine slime.」


Since the oni maid gives her alcohol during daytime, we didn’t notice how long have we been drinking.

Ugh, I drank too much.

Reflect, me.

However, even after a long time, I haven’t seen the children.

I was thinking of playing with the kids, that’s the reason why I came here.

「If you really want to see the children, you should have made something with the fairy queen.」


For some reason, the fairy queen is popular with children.

I’m a little jealous.

No, it looks like I’m really drunk.

If you think calmly, no children will approach this place because it reeks of alcohol.

Someone came noisily.

「Village chief, have you seen Miel?」

It’s the oni maid Ann.

「The aneneko Miel? Did it do something?」

「Yes. It stole and ate the fish for dinner. Moreover, she only eats the most delicious part, the stomach. She ate three.」


Before I knew it, I’m already presenting Miel, who was on my lap, to Ann.

Miel looked at me with a terrible expression as if she’s been betrayed.

No no, if you do something bad, you will be scolded.

Ann instructed Miel to follow her.

Miel followed Ann while meowing pitifully.

There’s no food for Miel tonight.

It is time for her to learn that the scariest thing you’ll ever do in this mansion is to anger Ann.

Next to Ann is Loo.

If you play with the magic tools and herbs that Loo is studying, she’ll explode with fury.

After her is Flora.

She shows no mercy to anyone who enters the fermentation hut without her permission.

I’ll ask Ann to forgive you tomorrow.

So show her that you’re reflecting.


To cure my intoxication, I grilled new okakis.

「If you eat more, you’ll be in trouble when it’s time for supper.」

I agree with Malbit.

This is not our okaki though.

I’ll take these to the gatekeepers, Red Armor and White Armor.

They are doing their job even in the cold.

Oh, of course, we have to grill for the kuros who are guarding the village.

When I was grilling okaki, Ruincia came over.

Malbit sneaks into the kotatsu to hide but she is pushed out by Kuro and Yuki.



My apologies but Malbit will be engaged with grilling okaki for now.

Let’s put her work at your place on hold.

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