Chapter 38 – Completion of the Flooring….The Forest is Wide

The flooring was completed in 3 days of hard work of the rock dolls.

They laid the boards without gaps in between.

Somehow, why do I feel like it is more beautiful than what I imagined?

Well, the rock dolls are more amazing than expected.

When they are lining the boards, they manage to arrange them in a way that there will be no gap even in the part of the pillars.

Before I could help, they already used rocks to reshape the boards.

Where did they learn that?

I gave them a knife made from silver ore for the time being.


Since the flooring was completed, I remodeled my residence a little.

I made a small room at the entrance of the 1st floor and the entrance of the 4th floor.

I also added cleaning magic on those places.

I take off my shoes there and enter my residence.

Let’s make this a Japanese house.

The rock dolls lined up along the wall when their work was done.

I processed the wall and made dedicated shelves where they can line up.

It was satisfying to see them lining up like that.

Since there’s flooring, I now want a bed.

I can sleep on the floor.

However, there’s something in me that’s longing for a proper place to sleep.

I also want a big bed for Koa and the others.

I process trees in the forest.

I’ve already got used to the process of making timber because of my experience in making wooden boards. My technique improved further.

Now, the surface is so beautiful that you would think that I used a file to polish it.

I had the rock dolls take the boards to the 4th floor.

I’ll turn them to beds.

「Bed creation」

It worked but not how I expected.

Does this mean that I don’t truly know a bed?

Do I only know how to make flooring?

Once again, I imagined the process of assembling a bed.


Making a bed is harder than I thought.


I arranged 60cm square timbers at equal intervals.

They have a uniform length of 200cm.

The total width is 160cm.

This should be the size of a queen-size bed.

I carved grooves on the square timbers…

And insert the board there.

That’s what my bed-making imagination looks like.

That should be the frame and the bed.

…but why am I anxious?

For the time being, let’s process the boards into square timbers and boards according to my imagined sizes.

It would be great if the rock dolls could think and adjust my command accordingly.

「Bed creation」

The rock doll began moving.

I see. It seems like they will start moving as soon as I think of something.

However, I’m worried whether they can build a bed with how I imagined it.

My bed is like the prototype.

If it goes well, I’ll make beds for Koa and the others.

Looking at the rock dolls, I feel a little lost.

….good luck.


I feel anxious so let’s escape and go to the forest….no, I’m not escaping, I’m only exploring.

It seems like there are more ingredients in the forest than I imagined.

Today, we’re exploring a new place.

I want to find something that I could use as thread.

For clothes….

The one leading the exploration today is boss-san.

It looks a level higher in terms of moving freely on the trees compared to other spiders.

Before we left, I told it that we were going to look for threads.

Where did it lead me…

This is a nest of giant worms….why did it take me here?

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