Chapter 4.9 – Communication with Spirits

After completing the explanation to Sylvia, he checked the current level of the tower on the management screen. The tower is LV5.

It has been a while since it leveled up from LV4 but it was not gaining any experience points since Kousuke doesn’t know what are the conditions to level up.

When he checked what was added when the tower leveled up to LV5, he found some big changes.

First of them are several summoning circles.

Intermediate class monsters can now be summoned using intermediate magic circles.

Even though it is intermediate level, it is only at the lower class intermediate level but it is still quite more efficient in earning pt compared to lesser magic circles.

Here is an example.

Name: Nero Rabbit Summoning Circle

Rank: Monster Rank C

Installation Cost: 2500pt(Divine Power) or holy power + magic power 700000pt

Description: Randomly summons up to 500 Nero Rabbit. The pt that can be obtained by subjugating 500 nero rabbits is about 5000 divine power pt.

The resulting pt is higher than that of lesser monsters.

It is necessary to verify it and it is very unlikely to summon lower than 250 units so it would be better to install as much as possible.

However, it would be a waste of time if Kousuke had Kouhi and Mitsuki subjugate them.

For that reason, he’d like to install it on the floors of the wolves and foxes who have grown enough that the naturally occurring monsters around their territory are no longer enough.

Though if he does that, there might be some sacrifices but it can’t be helped.

For the time being, he temporarily postponed the verification and checked other items that can be installed.

For new items that can be installed, there are things that generate divine power similar to the world tree and Vamilinear Castle.

They are unlikely to generate as much divine power as the two but their installation cost is also cheaper.

It is only between 100000pt to 200000pt.

Since the installation cost is reasonable, it is not possible to just install them one after another. However, they generate pt so it would be better to install them sooner or later.

The next major change is the ability to set the season of each floor.

This allows snow to fall on each floor or just set a floor to wet and dry season.

According to the note displayed at the setting, the current season of each floor is the same as the season around the tower.

It is now possible to configure each floor independently.

Since there are 100 floors, he would like to make various changes but it requires a large amount of pt so he will not change anything for now.

Finally, the pt that can be stored at the holy power crystal and magic power crystal increased to 1000000pt.

Can he save up to the maximum value in a day like usual? That still needs to be verified.

While checking the management menu, Shrine came into the management room with Nana and Wanli.

「You were here.」

「….yeah? What’s the matter?」

「Umu. Nana and Wanli are saying that they want to have more companions.」


「I can somewhat understand them to some extent. They are asking if you can summon more wolves and foxes.」

「No no, wait a minute. Shri, are you telling me that you can talk to them!?」

「Yeah. It is impossible to have a normal conversation but we can communicate to some extent.」

After a brief affirmation, Kousuke was stunned.


「Right? Maa, I only noticed a little while ago. It seems like they can communicate with spirits. I was able to communicate with them with the help of spirits.」

「spirits….?….I see.」

Kousuke can’t talk to spirits.

Shrine can communicate with spirits so she can use them to communicate with the two.

「…..Hnn? Does that mean that elves can communicate with them too?」

「I don’t know if all elves can communicate with spirits but maybe they can?」

In response to Shrine’s reply, Kousuke went to Collete.

Collete had just returned from the 73rd floor with Kouhi.

Perhaps it is because she saw the world tree in the tower, she now looks sooty. It looks like she’s recovering while grumbling(?) to Sylvia.

Upon seeing Kousuke entering the living room, Collete panicked.

「…Hnn? What’s wrong?」

「N-n-no-nothing. What’s the matter?」

Kousuke came straight to her that made her panic for some reason.

Kouhi, Mitsuki, and Sylvia, who were also there, had some kind of sly expression.

Kousuke can only shake his head seeing that scene. He wanted to hear about the spirit more than anything else so he just overlooks it.

「Can Collete talk to spirits?」

「….what are you asking suddenly? Well, I’m an elf so I should be able to, right?」

「Then, can you talk with Nana and Wanli?」

「….ha? What are you talking about? That’s impossible.」

Seeing the stunned Collete, Shrine sent her a rescue boat.

「These two animals can communicate with spirits, is it still impossible for you to communicate with them?」

「Eh……..!? That’s a lie!? Wait a minute」

Collete tried to verify Shrine’s words in a hurry.

「…..ehto….wow, it’s really….eh? yeah, right, exactly.」

Looking at Nana and Wanli talking to Collete, Shrine was impressed.

「As expected of an elf. It seems like she can talk to them more clearly than me.」

「Is that so?」


The conversation between Collete and Nana and Wanli seemed to be lively. The two are particularly happy.

It is obvious just by looking at Nana’s wagging tail.

The situation continued for a while but eventually calmed down.

Kousuke called out Collete saying it’s about time.

「… was it?」

「These children are amazing. They explained to me the hierarchy of their companions and how they were summoned. At first, I don’t get it that much but when they explained it, I understood it properly.」

「That’s….great, isn’t it?」

「Yeah. I have never heard of monsters that can do that.」

Collete shakes her head to the left and right as if she can’t believe it.

Kousuke can only smile wryly and ask the two animals a question.

There shouldn’t be any problem because they have <Language Comprehension>.

「I heard from Shrine that you want to increase the number of your companions?」


When he looks at Collete, she nods.

「How much should I increase your number?」

「…for now, it’s okay to double their number. The wolves should be increased that much too.」

「I see….this is pretty convenient.」

It is more efficient than grasping their feelings.

He thought that it might be good to leave the management to Nana and Wanli while watching the situation.

「Ah, right. Can you ask them for me if it’s okay to place intermediate class monsters in their territories?」

「Intermediate? I think that’s unreasonable. What kind of monster are you talking about?」

「For now, just nero rabbits.」

「……they said they don’t know until they try hunting them.」

「Maa, is that so? Then, for the time being, I’ll only install one and it should be in a place a little far from their base to see how they would fare.」

「…..they said affirmative.」

Both Nana and Wanli are happy being able to converse with Kousuke.

Kousuke responds by patting the two of them.

「And they said that they want to return and stay at their bases for a while.」

「Hnn? Why?」

「They want to see if they can properly deal with those intermediate monsters.」

「I see. I understand. Then, let’s go now.」

When Kousuke said that, even before Collete was able to say anything, the two bark at Kousuke.

Upon seeing that, Kousuke immediately returned to the management room and set up one <Nero Rabbit Summoning Circle> on the 7th and 8th floors. And as the two requested earlier, he doubled the number of wolves and foxes. After installing all of those circles, he decided to check the two floors.

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