Chapter 453 – Baron and Cat Marriage Meeting

I consulted Beezel about the peerage return of Glueworld and Fuka.

I think it’s kind of selfish so I’m not sure if it can be done.

As for the conclusion, I managed to get what I want.

It seems like Rashaashi has already spoken with Beezel about it.

As expected of a civil servant girl.

Thank you.

However, I wanted to be the first one to ask.

According to Beezel, there won’t be any problem as long as I allow it.

I apologize for troubling you.

Yes yeas, you can continue playing with Fracia.


You like papa better than grandpa?

Hahaha, is that so?


Beezel, don’t glare at me.

Prioritize the feelings of my pure daughter.

Ah, wait, Beezel.

Don’t force me to continue talking about work.

Kuh, it’s about Fuka….it can’t be helped.

We left Fracia to Holy.

「So, what’s with Fuka?」

「It’s about Baron Polo’s territory. You know that it was a battlefield, right?」

「Yeah, I know.」

Beezel is completely in work mode.

「It was like that but we’ve recaptured it last year.」

「Is that so? Then, are you going to ask Fuka’s group if they want to go back?」

「I’ve already told this to Rashaashi. I think that’s the reason why she wants to return her baron peerage. Since she’s related to that territory, she might get in the way of reorganization.」


「Yeah. It has been a battlefield for many years….When a baron returns to his territory, he will not be able to revive it on his own. The country will reorganize the place for collective management.」

「Then, what will happen to her barony?」

「It has already disappeared. If she has outstanding achievement, she might be given with a new territory…」

Fuka has no outstanding achievements.

「Why are you telling me this?」

「It seems like Baron Polo wished to be a villager of Village Three rather than being one of the lords of the demon king’s kingdom. I apologize for the unfaithfulness of a noble of the demon king’s kingdom. And please, take care of Baron Polo.」

「Of course, Fuka is already a villager. However….」

We don’t really need to talk about it now, do we?

Did you hate Fracia choosing me over you that much?

It is I, who’s the father.

Me winning is natural.

Also, Beezel doesn’t even need to talk or apologize to me about it. If there’s someone who needs to do that, it should be that demon king who’s playing with cats over there.

Is it because the demon king can’t easily apologize so Beezel took his place?

The demon king apologizes to the cats though.


Where’s Beezel?

Why did he disappear?

Looking in the direction where Rashaashi is pointing, I saw Beezel trying to receive Fracia from Holy.


Rashaashi, I’m going to do what I can to get Fracia, what do you think?

「Count Chrome can only meet his granddaughter here, please give him a little more time.」

「When have you come to Beezel’s side?」

「This time, you’re asking him a bone-breaking task about Glueworld-san and Fuka-san. In addition, not only the barony but the territory around it no longer has noble lords. He’ll take care of it including the succession problems.」

When she told me that, I couldn’t help but give up a little.


Let’s give him time up to counting a dozen.

「Count at least a hundred.」

Rashaashi’s kind.

I’ll give her a job that would match her.

「I would like to donate for the reconstruction of the former battlefield. Arrange that for me.」

「As you wish.」

The demon king brought a kitten…to be exact, it is a potential partner for the anenekos Miel, Rael, Uel, and Gael.

It seems like this tomcat was very active in killing rats in a certain village.

For the time being, he brought one as a trial first.

If it works, he’ll bring a number of them.

The mini pool drained with water will be used as a marriage meeting venue. The tomcat was put in followed by an aneneko.

No no, wait wait.

Isn’t it still too early for the anenekos to have partners?

It’s not?

It’s true that they are as big as their mother Jewel but they are still young.

It’s still early for them to have a partner.

Let’s get the anenekos out of the pool.

What if my anenekos are bullied?

No, on the contrary, domestic violen….

Ah, I don’t want to think about it!

「Village chief, you don’t need to worry about that」

I was called out by the oni maid who helped prepare the marriage meeting venue…

The tomcat is lying on its back on complete surrender.

He’s being surrounded by the anenekos.


Is this a good place for yankee extortion?

I can hear the pitiful meow of the tomcat.

The marriage meeting of the anenekos was a failure.

The tomcat was returned to its original village.

I hope it’s not traumatized.

No, the anenekos are….behaving normally so it is probably doing the same.

And you guys.

Why are you listening more to the demon king more than me?

I’m your owner.

He hasn’t even taken care of you that much.


Cat….Raigiel, the anenekos’ father.

Only you.

Even if the demon king is here, you’re always with me.

Good good.

When I was stroking Raigiel, the anenekos dashed and tried to get in between my hand and Raigiel.

Yes yes, rather than Raigiel, I’ll pat you…but after this, you’re just going to return to the demon king again!


Raigiel, your daughters are hard to educate.

I was healed by the gentle reply of Raigiel.

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