Chapter 454 – Extra: Tomcat

I’m a cat.

I have no name.

I’m living a serious life.

I’m also working properly so I won’t get in the way of the villagers.

I will never forget their affection.

Even so, I won’t let you touch me.

Why are the villagers trying to touch my belly?

I won’t let you.

Yeah, give up.

I’ll only allow you to stroke my back.

The base of my tail is forbidden!

One day, I was captured by the villagers.

At that time, I was standing majestically since I was certain that it is the day they’ll wash my body like usual.

The only reason my legs are shaking is because it’s cold.

I was never afraid of being washed.

However, it looks like I was wrong.

I was handed over by the villagers to an important-looking person.

That important-looking person is looking at me with a full smile.

No way….am I going to be eaten?

I fell asleep while imagining that.

I didn’t faint.

I only fell asleep.

I wasn’t eaten.

I was handed over from the important looking person to a more important looking person to a more important looking person.

What is happening?

What’s going to happen to me?

Along the way, after being washed and fed, I was finally brought to a room with cats who looked as old as me.

I was a little relieved seeing creatures of the same race but it quickly changed to anxiety.

There are only tomcats.

I don’t mind fighting but it’s troublesome to get entangled in one.

And then, a tomcat suddenly picks a fight with me…ah, a city cat.

I can tell by the atmosphere.

So I kicked it.

Compared to country rats, city cats are no match to me.

If a mollycat saw me, she would have been noisy.


I’m now at the center of the room.

No one’s trying to pick a fight with me anymore.

After that, when I think I ate about 10 times.

I was held by an extremely important-looking person.

It looks like he’s trying to take me somewhere.

I saw hell.

Those are not cats.

Demon beast.

Well, mating may be possible.

But it is impossible for me to do it.


Those demon beasts are overwhelmingly stronger than the strongest guard dog of the village.

I never fought them but I’m sure.

There are four of them.

It seems like they are sisters.

It seems like these demon beast sisters are looking for grooms. I’m glad they didn’t like me.

I’m really glad.

No, they were certainly beautiful.

But beneath that beauty is certain death.

Being alive is a wonderful thing.

After that, I’ve been living in the house of that extremely important-looking person.

I’m dissatisfied with wearing a collar but it seems like I can’t move freely around the house without it.

There are a lot of people in this house and there are mice too but they are so big.

The mice here are probably demon beasts too.

When I met one, I was prepared to die.

But I’m still fine.

Compared to those four demon beast sisters, it is not strong at all.

The demon beast mouse did not think that I would actually attack it so I caught it off guard.

I was lucky.

When I showed it to the extremely important-looking person, I was praised.

That made me happy.

And so, I hunted more demon beast mice.

I was not only praised by the extremely important-looking person but others too.


I’m happy.

However, I hunted too much.

Recently, I can’t find any demon beast mouse anymore.

I failed.

If I hunt too many mice, I will be kicked out.

I know about it.

I was worried, but I was never kicked out.

I was even given a special room by that extremely important-looking person.

I’m as happy as the sunshine.

The food here is delicious too.

But there’s only one problem.

Occasionally, the extremely important-looking person smells like those four demon beast sisters.

No, not just those four sisters.

There’s another smell….

Until you no longer stink, don’t hold me.

I’ll permit you to stroke my back.

The base of my tail is forbidden.

I’m a cat.

I was named by an extremely important-looking person.


As for the subordinates of the extremely important-looking person, they call me the knight of the pantry.

Guard: That cat, no matter who thinks about it, there’s no way that’s a normal cat, right?

Minister: Obviously. It’s the cat that wiped out the troublesome gauss rats of the castle. The kitchen workers are even saying to never let that cat leave.

Scholar: However, biologically speaking, it’s just a normal cat.

General: That’s the strength of someone who overcame death has. Feeling both love and sadness.

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        Anenekos are not steoger then kuros, Tom dont talk about kuros, he’s saying about village, he came from, guars dogs. Not BTV “dogs”

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