Chapter 457 – A Little Dispute in Village Five

The village’s facilities were not damaged by the blizzard so I once again praised the construction techniques of the elves.


Don’t be shy don’t be shy.

During the blizzard, the mansion didn’t even move an inch.

What surprised me are the big tree and the world tree.


Snow piled up everywhere but the amount of snow on those trees is visibly lesser compared to normal trees.

Even the snow surrounding them….

Or is it just my imagination?


Let’s not think about it.

Snow also piled up in the reservoir.

Unlike other places, it is only about 10cm.

Perhaps the reservoir freezes too because of the snow.

However, at the center part, water is flowing.

The ice over it is probably thin.

I’m glad the children are not here.

Once they see the reservoir is frozen, they will be dashing on it happily.

While I was thinking about that, one of the kuros jumps out on the reservoir and runs around.


Before I managed to stop it, I already heard the sound of ice cracking.

Whoa whoa whoa!

That was dangerous.

I’m glad that Kierbit happened to pass by after her patrolling duty.

After wiping the kuro’s body, I checked if it was okay. It fell in the reservoir after all.

Are you still alive?



You were just surprised and it was cold.

Don’t let your guard down just because you saw it frozen.

Tell that to the other kuros too.


By the way, Kierbit, who jumped into the reservoir to help the kuro, is taking a bath.

When she gets out of the bath, I’ll thank her again.

We continued removing the snow.

I left the snow on the roof to Dors while I worked on the snow on the ground.

I’m making full use of the AFT to remove the snow.

It would have been easier if I could evaporate them using magic like Loo…..

I have no magic talent so I have no choice but to remove them the old ways.

We prioritized the path that people take.

I carry snow to the snow dump.

Of course, I’m not doing that alone.

All villagers who have nothing else to do are with me.

It’s nice that we have a sense of unity.

The snow removal has not been completed yet but the group that evacuated to Village Five has returned.

Loo, my apologies but, can you evaporate the snow in the snow dump?

If you don’t have enough fire power to do so, can you at least melt the snow?

I know.

It’s about the children.

I’ll surely allocate time.



What about Hakuren?

Where’s Hiichirou and Guraru?

The group that evacuated has returned but there’s no sign of Hakuren, Hiichirou, and Guraru.

Interview at the mansion.

First of all, Hakuren, Hiichirou, and Guraru went to Doraim’s nest from Village Five.

The reason is to help Doraim.

Due to bad weather, monsters and demon beasts are trying to get out of the forest of death and are rushing to Doraim’s nest.

Doraim can handle it himself but ask Hakuren for help if she’s not doing anything else.

Hakuren was happy that her younger brother is relying on her so as the older sister, she agreed.

Since Hakuren will leave, she took the dangerous Hiichirou and Guraru with her to Doraim’s nest.

Hakuren was the supervisor of the children that evacuated to Village Five and since she left, Loo took over.

That’s the event of the first day of their evacuation in Village Five.

There’s no problem with what happened.

Before leaving, I also said that the mothers, Loo, Tier, Ria, Ann, Frau, Senna, Hakuren, and Rasuti, can move on their own.

Second day, morning.

If you have to describe the children, they are divided into the elderly group, which are allowed to do what they want, and the younger group, which are prohibited to do something alone.

Loo left the older group, Alfred, Tiselle, Ursa, and Nutt, to supervise the younger group.

However, since they are all children, there’s a limit to what they can do.

They decided that they can only move around a certain range in Village Five.

The range is only inside and in the vicinity of Youko’s mansion.

Alfred and the other played according to those rules.

When they went out, even if Village Five is not as cold as the village, they are wearing winter clothes properly.


When they were playing around Youko’s mansion, they got entangled with the children of Village Five.

That time, Youko submitted a report summarizing what she heard from the parents of the children of Village Five.

The children of Village Five noticed that unknown strangers were wandering around Youko’s mansion so they warned them.

At that time, Alfred explained the situation but the children of Village Five got angry at his remark.

What kind of remark would Alfred say that would make them angry?

「He said “Youko-san”.」

I wondered which part of it is anger-inducing.

「What do you mean by Youko-san! It’s Youko-sama!」

I see.

Honorific title.

M-maa, I don’t understand….

The children of Village Five are at the same age as Alfred, right?

Why are they suddenly angry with a mere honorific title….

Is that common sense?

It makes me think for a moment.

Going back to the topic.

At that time, Alfred was the one talking to them.

The problem is that Alfred apologized.

It seems like Ursa, Tiselle, and Nutt are quiet at that time.

That is according to Torain who’s with them.

After parting with the Village Five’s children, Tiselle quarantines Alfred.

Ursa and Nut decided to attack the children of Village Five.

「Are you fine with Big Tree Village being mocked?」

Ririus, Riguru, Ratte, and Torain also participated because of Ursa’s manifesto.

Around noon, they managed to get 200 Village Five children underling.

Ah, yeah, I already told you they are their friendship group and not underlings.

It’s for my mind’s stability.

However, after that… fulfill the bond with their friendship group, they clashed with the guards of Village Five.



It’s because of one of the girls from their friendship group.

That girl seems to be in love with one of the guards.

In order to arrange a place to confess, they stopped one of the guard’s groups who’s about to depart.

What happened to Ursa and Pirika?

It’s because Pirika ascertains that Ursa is the group leader so she wants to capture her?

Is that so?

So, who won?

Don’t tell me it’s Ursa?

It’s Ursa.


Pirika is the former sword saint, right?

Does this mean that she’s only strong in interpersonal relationships?

It looks like Ursa knows her movement and moves accordingly.


Ah, I shouldn’t praise her.

The sword saint swordsmanship is based on the technique used by the Brave Queen?

What’s wrong, Loo?

That information is unnecessary at the moment, right?

Ma-maa, let’s go back to the topic.

A member of the friendship group so she should be around 10 years old, right?


Is that so?

So she confessed….


Is it normal?

If you don’t decide on your partner early, it will be your parents who’ll decide your partner without permission….

Is that so?

So, did that confession work?

It didn’t but the girl did not give up and kept pushing and pushing.

She’ll probably give up in a few more days.

That was also reported to Youko.


For now.

Children….all the older children will be grounded for three days.

You are not allowed to leave your room except for eating, going to the toilet, and taking a bath.

Do you know why you’re grounded?

The children looked at each other.

Yes, the representative Ursa.

「When we were fighting, we held back?」


Regarding the battle, the mothers said that they should be forgiven so I forgave them all.

It seems like the mothers are convinced of the reason they had to do it.

At the same time, the children of Village Five will not be punished.

Their parents will be responsible for them.

I also scolded my children so they basically have the same punishment.

The reason why I have a different punishment is because they went out of the range decided by Loo.

I’m sorry for Alfred but he is the appointed leader of the children.

Joint responsibility.

Be sure to study while you are grounded.

Also, Loo.

You have the responsibility of an overseer.

You are prohibited from researching for 10 days.


Would you stop resisting and learn from the children?

And call Gulf.

Ask him to take care of Pirika’s mental care.

I’m sure she’s depressed.

Alright, let’s end this meeting.

Those who are free should participate in snow removal work.

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