Chapter 40 – Chuarenier Boss-san

-Big Spider, Boss-san’s POV-

I’m currently looking at a little golem putting a board on a wooden frame.

A strange scene.

Golems are weapons made by humans.

It was made as a countermeasure against monsters and demon beasts.

Given its charming size and the fact that it was only created earlier, I can say that this is a kind of golem that I’ve never seen before.

Maa, even the magics that his lordship uses are something I’ve never seen before.

In the presence of his lordship’s magical power, I can feel my lost power gradually returning.

It is the power I continued using to protect my companions.

However, I still continued to lose a lot of my companions.

If I can’t maintain that power, my body, along with my children, can only powerlessly approach extinction.

But now, that power is gradually returning.

Warm magical power envelops my injured body.

It is the magical power of his lordship and it’s very pleasant.

By the way, how many golems can his lordship create at the same time?

Even those who were accepted as the best mages can only make three at best.

Although tiny, I can feel inexhaustible power from his lordship’s golems.

Moreover, I feel ego in the golem that his lordship created which should be impossible.

Golem is an entity that can only move by executing the command of its creator.

It is something that’s not alive.

How can I feel ego in something that’s not alive….?

I have my doubts but the golems in front of me…..

After putting the boards on the wooden frame, they high five….I think they’re happy.

As for the others.

One is scrapping a board using a mithril knife but it’s not doing well.

Seeing that, the other golems helped.

And that said golem bowed….perhaps thanking them? I wonder.

The first is joy and the next is gratitude.

Those behaviors are impossible if we are talking about golems that are supposed to have no life.

The power of his lordship is too vast for me to understand.


I introduced him to swasowa, a monster that makes thread as his lordship requested.

I never thought that he would attack his lordship.

However, his poison did not affect his lordship in any way.

Swasowa’s poison is extremely poisonous.

It won’t work on me but that doesn’t mean that it won’t work on a person.

It’s a nasty poison that can even pass through barriers.

Well, in front of his lordship’s monstrous and unbreakable barrier, that deadly poison doesn’t mean anything.

Speaking of which, I thought I would die the moment the swasowa attacked since I thought his lordship’s barrier will definitely counterattack.

It’s a good thing that it didn’t attack swasowa back.

If it counterattacked, not only swasowa but even me would be a collateral damage under the barrier’s counterattack.

It has that much power.

An attack on the barrier actually occurred one night.

The next thing that happened is the barrier counterattacked with a light in the night sky.

Although that light was an offensive attack, I can’t help but admire its beauty when I saw it.

And that’s something I don’t want to accept myself….

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  1. Banngg

    Wait so it attacked the king? or did I forgot something

    1. It have had rebounded the attack, while doubling the power of the hex, and the end result was the crack of the magic stone that the king is using as the founding stone of the hex.

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