Chapter 459 – Village Five’s Sole Ninja, Nana Foguma (I)


My name is Nana.

Nana Foguma.

I’m a mercury created for managing the Sun Castle.

Presently, I’m assigned to Village Five under the direction of the village chief of Big Tree Village. My task is collecting information under the direction of Youko, the acting village chief of Village Five.

I have no complaints in both my post and duty but I want a unified command chain.

However, I don’t think that’s possible. If the village chief and acting village chief ordered me at the same time, who should I follow?

「You should follow Youko, she’s your boss.」

「You should obey the one in the highest position, village chief.」


Can you two discuss it first?

When you come to a conclusion, please let me know.

No, my mission-desu.

You might not know this but I have an inconspicuous appearance.

Not too beautiful, not too ugly.

In short, a mediocre woman.

I’m using it to gather information by blending into the village or the city.

At first, I was doing it alone but given the size of Village Five, I’m cooperating with reliable locals.

Today, I was supposed to go around the stores on the south side of Village Five but Youko-sama stopped me.

It seems like the wives and children of village chief are evacuating to Village Five because of the severe weather condition in Big Tree Village.

If they want to get away from severe weather, I think it would be better for them to evacuate to Sun Castle, I mean Village Four, and not in Village Five. I still can’t accept that the Sun Castle is being called like that.

What a shame.

Let’s ask Bell to enhance my acceptance ability next time.

Anyway, if they are evacuating in Village Five…they will be staying at the mansion, right?

I understand.

How did this happen?

The children of Village Five had a dispute with village chief’s children.

I was forced to work hard to understand and control the situation.

My stomach hurts.

This trouble….what caused it?

I can only say bad timing.

Youko-sama planned a meeting between the wives of Village Chief and the influential people of Village Five.

Some may know them but some may not.

We don’t know how long they will evacuate so I think it’s not a bad thing to prevent trouble.

The meeting was held at Youko-sama’s mansion and it was held in the form of luncheon. Influential people from Village Five were contacted.

They were suddenly called in the morning and the luncheon is scheduled at noon but as influential people of Village Five, they won’t be able to refuse.

Those powerful people of Village Five are not people who merely follow orders.

They were chosen by Youko-sama and obtained the position as influential people of Village Five.

They are excellent people.

Therefore, those influential people of Village Five went to Youko-sama’s mansion with their children.

I think they want her to meet their children.

At that stage, the influential people of Village Five don’t know that the children of village chief are there too.

Also, they can’t suddenly bring their children to participate in the luncheon.

The number of people who’ll participate in the luncheon is fixed.

It can cope with a slight increase in the number of people but it will be disrespectful to suddenly bring children to the luncheon hosted by Youko-sama for the influential people of Village Five.

If they can’t have her meet their children at lunch, there’s still a possibility of meeting her when they go home.

That might be what they are thinking.

Even if the chances are low, it doesn’t mean that there’s no chance.

I think they are doing their best for their current position.

Most of the influential people brought their children.

Those children are all familiar with each other.

Some of them might not know some but I know all of them.

Those children gathered near the summit of Village Five.

They are loyal to Village Five and are expected to be responsible for Village Five in the future.

I expect them to be so too.

Those children were told by their parents to play together during the parents’ luncheon.

They don’t want them to run around after all.

The children, who were sitting around, nodded obediently.

Those children will not do anything on their own.

There’s no benefit in causing trouble near Youko-sama’s mansion.

Because of that, I took my eyes off them for a while.

I’m really sorry about that.

I judged that the influential people who are participating in the luncheon are more important.

Who would have thought that the moment I took my eyes off them, the village chief’s children who are playing near Youko-sama’s mansion….. Alfred-sama’s group will be troubled by them.

The content of their argument is simple….a misunderstanding.

「You, who permits you to play here? This is Youko-sama’s mansion. Name yourself.」

「Hello. I’m Alfred. We are playing here because our parents told us so. Youko-san knows about it too.」

「What Youko-san! It’s Youko-sama!」


It’s a misunderstanding because they don’t know the position of both sides. It is similar to a child of a vassal acting like a prince.

And Alfred-sama has even given his name. He is the son of village chief-desu.

If you don’t know about him, you wouldn’t know how to behave.

And not knowing him made things worse.

That is how the world works.

This is the reason why Youko-sama also planned to have the influential people of Village Five meet the wives of village chief….

Alfred-sama tried to make the place more comfortable but….he hasn’t studied enough.

When he bowed his head, there’s no way to salvage the situation.

Let me say it clearly.

It’s counterproductive.

I even got afraid of the eyes of the children behind Alfred-sama….especially Tiselle-sama.

In terms of position, I’m on Alfred-sama’s side.

However, considering the interests of Big Tree Village and Village Five, I’m with the children of Village Five.

Of course, only secretly.

For the time being, I’ll disguise myself as a maid.

「Young master, what are you doing?」

I interrupted their conversation.

「We have prepared food in the cafeteria of the village hall. Please go. Alfred-sama, Tiselle-sama, Ursa-sama, Ririus-sama, Riguru-sama, Ratte-sama, Torain-sama, and Nutt-sama, we have prepared food for you on the second floor. I will guide you there.」

I made the two groups go in different directions and gently pass information about Alfred-sama.

The children of Village Five are excellent.

I’m sure they can tell who they were dealing with given the difference in treatment.

The second floor of the mansion is Youko-sama’s private space.

Only Alfred-sama can freely get in and out of there.



Don’t tell me they didn’t?

They didn’t notice?

The Village Five’s children are heading towards the village hall as if nothing happened.


Eh? Did they really not notice?


Complete backfire!

Before parting, the Village Five’s children should have apologized.

With me supporting them, I would put this quarrel to an end….

Ah, their complexions are getting worse.

Did they notice?


They are sprinting towards us.

Wonderful judgment.

But they are a little too late.

Alfred-sama’s group, including me, have already entered the mansion.

Time has run out.

I’m sorry.

However, if they continued arguing earlier, the children of Village Five would have been executed. Let’s assume that I was able to save them from that fate.

It is commendable that the children of Village Five informed their parents properly without hiding anything.

The newly informed parents are holding their stomachs….

At least it is better than not being informed.

Youko-sama, who heard my report, is holding her head.

As expected.

If I’m in Youko-sama’s position, I’ll also hold my head.

The children of her subordinates quarreled with the children of her boss.

The easiest solution is to fire all the parents of the children.

However, those parents are influential people of Village Five.

There are many alternatives but it will take time for Youko-sama to raise another batch of limbs.

It would be regrettable to just cut them off.

Youko-sama is truly kind.

The measure the kind Youko-sama took is to quickly apologize to village chief.

Big Tree Village is blocked due to bad weather but that’s nothing to Youko-sama.

Please do your best.

That’s what I’d like to say but before she left, another report came….yeah, a bad report.

Other than Alfred-sama and Tiselle-sama, their group stormed into the hangout place of Village Five’s children.

It’s not a wrong move considering the face of noble’s society but it’s a strange thing for children who are about 10 years old to do.

What kind of education are they receiving in Big Tree Village?

No, I’m just wondering.

I don’t want to be a teacher for Big Tree Village’s children.

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