Chapter 460 – Village Five’s Sole Ninja, Nana Foguma (II)

The children of Big Tree Village are quick to act.

They stormed the hangout place of the children of Village Five and they were unstoppable.

Alfred and Tiselle are not with the attack force of Big Tree Village but the children of Village Five already know who they are.

In addition, the children of Village Five who troubled them are composed of 8 to 12-year-old children.

It is impossible for them to make a decent counterattack.

I mean, it was the attacker, the Big Tree Village’s children, who are strange.

Anyway, no violence is happening.

It looks like they are only intimidating them.

The purpose of the children of Big Tree Village is to show them who’s the boss, who’s higher and who’s lower, in order for misunderstanding to no longer occur.

That would have been great.

However, the world doesn’t want to cooperate.

There was another group of children of Village Five nearby.

Those children are between 12 to 15 years old. They are not treated as adults yet but also no longer treated as children.

To describe them in simple words, they are the older brothers and sisters of the first group of children of Village Five.

From their point of view, their younger brothers and sisters are being intimidated by a group of strangers.

They can’t stay silent given that situation.

For the time being, they started moving closer to them.

And some of them have weapons.

That’s unfortunate.

One of them pulled out his sword and went into the middle of the place.

「Wait wait wait! Both sides….」

He could only speak until there.

It was because he was beaten away by Ursa-sama.

From Ursa-sama’s point of view, he’s just an intruder who came with a sword.

Eliminating him is the normal course of action.

However, that’s not the case with the older brother and sisters’ group.

They judge them as adversaries so they pull their weapons out.

And the trampling drama begins.

Ah, it was the older brother and sister’s group who were trampled.

Even if they have weapons, they can’t beat the children of Big Tree Village.

This whole situation could have been avoided if they can see through the ability of their opponent but unfortunately….

I called for someone who could use healing magic.

All of them were knocked down. They are currently being treated.

When they heard the explanation of the circumstances of their little brothers and sisters, the older brothers and sisters became blue.

They made the same mistake as their little brothers and sisters.

Ursa-sama tried to talk about how to settle the situation but the place where their conversation is happening is not a good place.

The hangout place of the children of Village Five is in front of the warehouse owned by the Goroun Company near the summit of the mountain where Village Five is located.

Though it can’t be called a busy place, it doesn’t mean that there is no one else there.

I’ll say it clearly.

They are in a public place.

Someone already called the guard so it is a bad idea to continue talking in that place.

Is it because of the environment of the place they’ve grown at?

The children of Big Tree Village seem to be indifferent to the gaze of others.

It would be nice if they can study in that area a little more.

Ah, let’s forget about that talk.

I’m sorry for diverting the topic.

When I was reporting to Youko-sama, the older brothers and sisters who caused the problem reported to their parents too.

The complexion of the influential people of Village Five is getting worse. They are experiencing full-scale stomach pain.

The way they look while apologizing to Youko-sama while enduring that suffering and full of tears is kind of pitiful.

But the sin of the child is the sin of the parent.

It can’t be overlooked.

Hang in there.

And Youko-sama too.

Yes, we are doing our best to prevent this matter from spreading.

It is possible to muzzle the mouth of people.

Those people who live at the summit of Village Five are cooperative people.

The guards who rushed in are those who I’m familiar with so it’s okay.

However, I think it is necessary to prepare an alibi that will make the two sides’ statements consistent.

For example, the children are just enjoying a new game….nano desu.

Fortunately, it seems like the children, who just fought earlier, are getting along now. Are they really getting along?

Yeah, let’s arrange it like that.


Excuse me.

I received a new report from one of my collaborators in Village Five.

It looks like there’s an emergency….emergency?

What happened?

The report was concise but I don’t understand what it means.

Why are Ursa-sama’s group leading the children of Village Five to fight against the guards?

Is this some sort of misinformation?



That’s truly regrettable.

I bowed to Youko-sama and headed to the scene.

The guards of Village Five are a group of fighters made up by Pirika-san, who is known as the sword saint in human countries, and her fellow disciples.

Even against rough adventurers, every single one of them can suppress them without difficulty.

Their only weakness is they are only strong individually. They are useless in group battles.

In addition, they are not good at fighting against monsters and demon beasts.

However, they improved at that aspect after training for the past few years.

It is rumored that after a few more years, they will become one of the most elite troops of the demon king’s kingdom.

Those said guards are at the mercy of a group of children.

I can’t believe my eyes.

The guards were beautifully caught with the children’s feints.

To put it simply….the guards are focusing too much on a group of children only to be pierced by a spear on their side.

It became a melee battle.

Wouldn’t they have fared better if they fought individually and not been forced into a group battle?

And what is Pirika-san doing?

She’s supposed to be the commander….fighting someone huh.

She’s having a one on one battle against Ursa-sama.

I see. She thought that once she defeated the leader of the children, the situation would be controlled.

That’s not a bad plan….only if you win.

Pirika-san can’t get the upper hand against Ursa-sama even with her full-scale attack.

All of them were cut off.

On top of that, Ursa-sama is only receiving her attacks.

Ursa-sama, are you planning on breaking Pirika-san’s heart?

Ah, Pirika-san is super serious.

She used a mysterious technique against Ursa-sama.

What a great sword pressure desu.

Using something like that against a child is….

After lightly evading the technique, Ursa-sama performed the same technique.


Pirika-san fell down.

Is she alive?

Ah, she’s alive.


It looks like Ursa-sama held back.

Ah, so that’s how it is.

The way the children are fighting is not to destroy the guards but to put them in a stalemate.

Their goal is to earn time.

In other words, Ursa-sama is not even trying to defeat Pirika-san, she’s only buying time.

I’m worried about Pirika-san’s heart.

Pirika-san performed another technique but it was imitated and returned to her again.


Isn’t this just teaching Ursa-sama techniques?

N-no way, right?


Oh god.

This is a sign that an uncontrollable monster was born.

Let’s stop this.

「Guards! I’m Nana, Youko-sama’s secretary! This is an emergency so I will take command on Pirika-sama’s stead! Please follow…no, obey me!」

If the purpose of the children is just to stop the guards, this will be easy to deal with.

「Everyone, stop fighting back and step five steps back! The children will not go after you. Don’t worry, step back!….alright, regroup! Not yet! Don’t move on your own! Leave the timing to me….」

Three arrows flew towards my thigh.

The source of those arrows are….Ririus-sama, Riguru-sama, and Ratte-sama.

Even though there’s no arrowhead, their accuracy is scary.

However, it is impossible for them to defeat me using this kind of arrows.

Even with them shooting at me, I can still fight fairly well.

I even catch those three arrows with my bare hands.


What’s with this crazy rapid fire!

Impossible, impossible.


The source of the smokescreen is…Torain-sama.

Children, don’t be merciless!

I did my best.

I think I did my best.

There’s no way I could tell why they have been doing this. One of the children of Village Five….a girl, confessed to a guard. Yeah, all of this is happening so she could confess.


When one of the guards was captured, I was freaking out about what’s going to happen.

The guard who was confessed to….did not reply immediately.

The guards around boo at him.

I also boo desu.

The corps where the guard is assigned will be going into the forest to train so they’ll only be back after 20 days.

He said that he’ll think about it first.

Since he’s going to seriously think about it, I guess it’s fine.

However, once he came back after 20 days, I think there’s no need for you to stop them again like you did today….

Is 20 days long?


I’m getting old.

For the time being, let me take over this place.

So, I declare.

「Today’s special exercise will be concluded with this. I thank the children for their cooperation!」

That made everyone applaud.

Yeah, I feel like I managed to cover it up.

「Guards, today’s departure for training is postponed until tomorrow. There will be an evaluation meeting later. Everyone, to the barracks!」

It was hard for them to be at the children’s mercy.

Let’s have them reflect.

Ah, don’t forget to get Pirika-san.

She’s sitting on the ground while hugging her knees.

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