Chapter 461 – Village Five’s Sole Ninja, Nana Foguma (Finale)

Three days after the Big Tree Village’s children have returned.

Village chief came to Village Five.

It seems like he’ll work in Village Five because of the children’s issue.

Thank you for doing so.

I’m also truly grateful for your generous heart for forgiving and being tolerant of the issue.


I should have moved more regardless of being a spy.

I will not make the same failure.

Today, I will be village chief’s guide.

My best regards.

Though it was sudden, the influential people of Village Five have been gathered at the meeting room of the mansion.

They are there to apologize to village chief.

There are five substitutes but it can’t be helped since the people they are representing fell ill.

You don’t need to worry about them.


No, it is not.

Their stomach has just been very weak lately.

I won’t tell this to village chief but his visit probably made them worse.

I pray for their recovery.

So, what are you planning?

Yeah, the influential people of Village Five are already in the meeting room….are you going to meet them now?


Change clothes…do you want to?


Village chief did not come alone.

He has two companions.

Gulf-sama and Ruincia-sama.

He was stopped by Ruincia-sama.

「Village chief, it is rude to greet them in your everyday clothes, get dressed.」

Ruincia-sama’s opinion was accepted by village chief so he changed clothes.


I know that Gulf-sama is an escort but why is the vice chief of the angels accompanying him?

I’ve met her several times in Big Tree Village but….

I wonder what village chief is thinking….

Village chief, who changed his clothes, followed Youko-sama and met the influential people of Village Five.

His generous words relieve the influential people of Village Five.

Those who have come as representatives are even weeping.

It can’t be helped.

The influential people of Village Five are powerful because they are in Village Five.

They were accepted and entrusted with by Village Five.

Especially those who were given permission to sell alcohol and manufacture miso, soy sauce, and mayonnaise are very afraid of upsetting village chief.

The children incident was a great event that rocked Village Five.

Of course, there are also influential people of Village Five that were not involved in that incident.

There is no way for people who don’t have young children to get involved.

However, that doesn’t mean that they won’t attend this meeting.

Even if they are not related, they have come to appeal.

It seems that they were thinking that this is a chance to be remembered by village chief but….that won’t happen.

He just said hello to them and that’s it.

Today’s village chief is not very village chief-like.

The usual village chief likes to repeat his words in another phrase but today, he said very few words.

When he showed up, he just apologized.

And encourage them.

That’s it.

「This one’s children have troubled you.」

Normally, he would say a few more words but he didn’t.


What a kingly behavior!

It’s not a bad thing.

That change is very much welcome desu.

After greeting the influential people, Village chief moved to the village hall with Youko-sama, Ruincia-sama, and Gulf-sama.

The influential people came with them too.

A Village Five’s influential people, they also join the village council at the village hall most of the time.

Most village councilors are already waiting at the village hall.

They were informed beforehand that village chief will be coming.

The village council has always recognized village chief as someone above Youko-sama.

And Youko-sama also always says that she’s under village chief.

It seems like the council and Youko-sama have been cooperating in telling everyone that the lord is village chief and Youko-sama is only his minister.

It is publicized too but it is important to show that attitude.

There are some councilors and influential people of Village Five that think it is better to follow Youko-sama.

Looking at village chief sitting in the best seat in the village hall and Youko-sama sitting on the acting village chief chair next to him, they should change their attitude….eh?

A little girl walked up to village chief.

For a moment, I thought she was a suspicious person so I put my hand on the handle of my sword but I was wrong.

She is Youko-sama’s daughter, Hitoe-sama.

Hitoe requested village chief to hold her and village chief did.

While he is holding Hitoe, Youko-sama smiles.


T-this is intense.

This is an official occasion. It’s a breach of manner if you touch someone else’s children without permission from the parent.

Moreover, holding the child is over the top.

You can only do that to your own child.

In other words, though no one has heard about village chief and Youko-sama getting married, they will judge that they are after seeing this.

It is the same as saying that village chief and Youko-sama are united in both body and mind.

Ruincia-sama is at the place where Hitoe-sama came from.

Is this her plan?

Seeing village chief holding Hitoe, a part of the village hall became noisy.

The ones who are noisy are….those who hardly know about village chief.

They have investigated him several times.

I’ll share information about village chief with them later.

Since Youko-sama is single, some of them even planned to be her groom.

I wonder if they haven’t given up yet.

I hope this will make them give up.

I’ll check for the time being.

I have to find out if they have problematic behavior.

After that, village chief continued to act with Youko-sama and Hitoe-sama.

Village chief was only in Village Five for three days but his existence stood out before he returned.

I’m glad that I was able to serve him.

After that, a difficult time has come.

A large number of wedding gifts were delivered to Youko-sama’s residence.

Enough to fill a big room.

Not only that we have to receive those items, we also have to record who and what we got from them.

It is troublesome work.

I know.

I’ll help you.

I’ll help Youko-sama.

「You’re not married to village chief, right? Can you really receive these wedding gifts?」

Youko-sama replied saying there’s no problem.


No way?

「Hahahahaha. I only have one husband, Hitoe’s father. These are their wedding gifts for us.」

I see.

「Maa, the vice chief of the angels recommended me to receive them in form.」


Areh, Youko-sama?

What did you say after?

What is your response to her recommendation?

Don’t answer with a laugh.

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