Chapter 462 – The Behavior of the Strong

After it was decided that I’ll go to Village Five, the content of my activities were examined by the civil servant girls.

I’m just going to Village Five. I’m not being punished or anything.

I also participated in the examination to convey what I want.

This time, I want to apologize to the parents of the children of Village Five who initiated the incident.

All the civil servant girls made a terrible face.

Is that a bad idea?

The civil servant girls consulted each other and started a puppet show for me.

「Once upon a time, there was a kind-hearted demon king in a certain place.」

Was that doll made by Zabuton when she was still awake?

Can you please not use a doll that exactly looks like me as the demon king?

「….and they lived happily ever after.」


That was quite interesting.

The kind-hearted demon king, who was portrayed by a doll that looks like me, got lost on the street.

I’m taking the most out of the message the civil servant girls are trying to convey….

After a quarrel between the president’s child and a regular employee’s child, the president uses its rank to pressure the regular employee to apologize.

Is that correct?

I don’t think there’s a problem if the president apologizes to the regular employee.

On the contrary, it’s praiseworthy.

No, if you use the common sense of this world where there are kings….

If it were the vassals’ children and the prince who have quarreled, the king doesn’t even have to pressure the vassals to apologize.

So that’s how it is.

I feel like I understand it a little.


「It means that I shouldn’t apologize.」

Given their expressions, the civil servant girls are happy with what I said.

It looks like that’s the correct answer.

They are so happy that they’re even high-fiving each other.

It’s good that you’re happy but, do you really need to perform that puppet show? Isn’t saying it directly enough?

Or do they think that they won’t be able to convince me with mere words?

My common sense from my previous world, I don’t think it is a good idea to continuously push it in this world.

I came to another world but I feel like I came to a foreign country.

I don’t want to go to a foreign country and make a fuss because the culture is different from japan or I don’t agree with how the country works.

I’m not that arrogant.

Foreign countries have their own circumstances and history and common sense and culture were formed thereby.

It should be respected.

And I’ve been in this world for more than a decade.

I got married and had children.

I have long been prepared to bury my bones in this world.

I think I should learn a little more about the common sense of this world.

Big Tree Village aside, there are various types of people in Village Five.

I leave my itinerary to the civil servant girls. While they are doing that, I thought of someone who can teach me common sense.


I’ve been trying to learn common sense for a long time.

However, it made me realize that the common sense of the villagers of this village is unique.

For example, Loo.

Long-lived, strong, rich.

She doesn’t like being entangled with kings or nobles and even blows them up and escapes after that.

Her way of thinking, there’s no way that’s common sense.

Even I understand that much.

Tier, Ann, and Daga are the same.

For example, Ria.

She has been in a nomadic way of living for a long time in the forest so that’s where she took her common sense or rather, her culture.

However, her ability to adapt to her surroundings is off the roof so she has fewer failures compared to me.

Donovan feels the same.

For example, Frau.

Daughter of Beezel, one of the four heavenly kings of the demon king’s kingdom, and an honor student who excels in both literary and military arts.

I thought she’d be a good teacher but her common sense is the common sense of high nobles.

That makes her make incredible mistakes in her everyday life from time to time.

The same is true for the civil servant girls.

For example, Hakuren.


Just don’t.

That’s what I feel.

The common sense I seek can be found on the beastkins Gulf and Gutt.

However, even them are problematic. They are from a remote village called Howling Village and their cultural sense is strong.

That’s what I learned after being in touch with them.


Is there anyone who can teach me the common sense of a village chief and the common sense of normal people?

For the time being, I tried to call out to people nearby.

「Can you tell me the common sense of the world?」

The person I spoke to was the vice chief of the angels, Ruincia.

Tier’s mother.

「…..I see. I understand that you want to learn common sense but that’s not necessary.」


「Village chief can act as he wishes. Common sense of the world and common sense of a village chief? You don’t need them.」


「Do the strong study to behave like a strong? No. The strong behave as they are. 」

Even if you tell me that….

「In your case, it is the people around you who should learn.」

Ruincia gathered the civil servant girls and began preaching them.

「The awareness of the hierarchical relationship has been neglected.」

Ah, no, that’s because I said I don’t want to go out too much….

「Even so, what kind of hindrance does it have to teach them who’s the real master of Village Five? Youko-dono has been an excellent lord so there’s no problem so far. However, why didn’t they know the names and looks of the village chief’s children? It is their sin and not the sin of those who didn’t teach. It is a crime to not know the son of the village chief. Didn’t the people of Village Five know the existence of Youko-dono’s daughter? In other words, the people of Village Five stopped their interest at Youko-dono desu. As long as they don’t anger Youko-dono, they can do whatever they want! Were the wives wrong to take their eyes off the children? No. They let their children roam in their own territory. Originally, it is the people of the territory who should keep an eye on them and it is their responsibility to protect them in that place. Since that is the case, why did they get into trouble? Why should they be scolded for playing in an empty plot of land! It’s because they didn’t fulfill their obligation as people of that territory! I heard that you are related to the nobles of the demon king’s kingdom, you should know what kind of obligation I’m saying, right? If you say something like paying taxes I’ll pull your tongue out.  Yes, the lady on the far right, what is the duty of the citizens of the territory?」

「To allow the lord to act selfishly」

「Correct. Therefore, the lord has an obligation to protect the territory, to protect the vassals, and to protect the lives of the people of the territory. If you understand that much, how can you be so stupid to force the burden on to village chief!」

The preaching continued until Youko and the others returned from Village Five.

And Youko asked me something.

「Village chief, why are you being scolded together with them?」

No, I think I need to hear some…..

If you think about it, was it wrong for Loo and the others to let the children do what they want in their own village?

「No, village chief’s wives can do what they want to.」

Ruincia said so as she drove away Loo and the others who were expecting me to withdraw their punishment.

Ah, it’s about time for dinner so don’t drive them away.

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