Chapter 4.11 – Temple

When Kousuke saw the three temples before him, he couldn’t help but be overwhelmed.

The size of each temple is also gigantic compared to the surrounding buildings.

Of all the buildings that Kousuke has seen ever since he came to this world, only this gives off an overwhelmingly majestic and magnificent atmosphere.

And there are three of them.

Of course, those are the three temples of the three major goddesses Erisamir, Jamir, and Spika.

However, given the religious view of this world, it is almost impossible for one temple to house only one god’s belief.

The three great goddesses aside, there are also other gods enshrined in each temple.

In the first place, it is rare for a city to house three temples.

Most cities only have one temple. And in those temples, several gods are enshrined.

There are gods with many believers and there are also gods with little believers but each of them has either a priest or a shrine maiden aside from the temple head.

Gods who don’t have temples of their own are not uncommon so if you believe in a god like that, you will have to pray for other gods in the temple too. Of course, the way to pray differs greatly depending on the gods you worship.

Kousuke’s party is now in the City of Mixen.

It is located in the southeast part of the continent and this city is famous as the holy land of the Central Continent.

This is the only city in the Central Continent where all temples of the three great gods are in one place.

Without regard to the danger of being attacked by monsters, many devout believers go there from all over the continent as an act of pilgrimage.

Of course, it is impossible to go on a pilgrimage alone since you’ll only become monster food so it is usually a pilgrimage tour with guards.

In order to respond to those believers, many clergies also live in this city.

The reason why Kousuke’s party is here is because of something they heard from Sylvia though this is also their preliminary inspection for the installation of the teleportation gate.

—Scene Change—

「…. Mixen?」

「Yeah. That is the holy ground where the three great gods are enshrined. In this city, you might be able to feel the presence and perform divine descend better.」

「….I see. Well, either way, I’ll try it once so would Sylvia accompany me?」

「By all means.」

「Okay….as for the other members?」

「I’ll join you this time.」

The one who said that immediately as she raises her hand is Kouhi.

「Then, I’ll pass this time.」

If Kousuke will go out of the tower, Kousuke wants either Kouhi or Mitsuki to remain in the tower.

「….can I go with you?」

It was unusual but Shrine raised her hand and volunteered to go with them.

「What happened? That’s unusual.」

「What? I only wanted to try travel with Kousuke-dono.」

「I see….maa, there’s no reason for me to say no.」


Shrine’s happy expression surprised Kousuke.

Thinking about it, Shrine hardly ever went out of the tower.

It’s not because Shrine is a vampire.

In this world, vampire is not a major existence and they are not objects of subjugation.

They are treated like any other demi-human. However, it is not like there’s no country that expels demi-humans.

As for why they did not do it from the start, it’s because the timing is not right.

「Yeah. If there’s no problem with the 76th floor, you’re good to go.」

「There’s no problem there.」

「Since there’s no problem….Collete, there’s no point in looking at me reproachfully like that.」


Collete can only shrug her shoulder in disappointment.

Collete is currently undergoing training from Sherryl, the shrine maiden of the elf village, as the shrine maiden of Esena(world tree).

「I heard from Kouhi that Sherryl has been harsh to you.」


Collete is forbidden from leaving the world tree on the 73rd floor.

The only exception is when she has to come to the management floor when Kousuke’s there.

If she’s with Kousuke, Esena can easily tell them what’s happening.

Still, even if Kousuke’s with her, that won’t be enough as an excuse.

That was decided by both Esena and Sherryl so Kousuke can only agree.

「Do your best until Sherryl allows you to go out.」

「…….haaa. I understand.」

Collete shrugged her shoulders and sighed again. Kousuke can only reply with a wry smile.

—Scene Change—

For that reason, a party of four, Kousuke, Kouhi, Shrine, and Sylvia went to Mixen.

「Sylvia, do you know which one is Goddess Erisamir’s temple?」

「The one in the middle.」

「I see. Then, let’s go…wait, a normal person may enter, right?」

「Of course.」

It was already decided that they’ll enter the center but he still can’t help but be overwhelmed.

Kousuke still feels like that even though he came to the temple of Goddess Erisamir for a purpose.



At the entrance of Goddess Erisamir’s Temple, Shrine suddenly let out a strange voice.

「Shri, is something wrong?」

「No, it’s just that for a moment….fumu….it turns out that I’ll have to take care of something. I will return to the inn at night so I’ll take my leave.」

「Ah, wait, Shri……okay….」

Shrine begins to walk away even before Kousuke can stop her.

「It can’t be helped. Let’s go to the temple.」

「…..are you sure?」

「We’ve already decided on an inn so it’s okay. If we stay here any longer, we’ll get in other’s way.」



The three gave up on chasing Shrine and entered the temple of Erisamir as planned.

As soon as they entered Erisamir’s temple, Kousuke got surprised again.

It is not because of the splendor of the interior.

No, of course, the interior won’t lose to the magnificence of the outside.

But other than that, there was something that Kousuke unexpectedly felt.

Upon entering the temple, there is a great hall that ordinary people can go to and the statue of the goddess Erisamir is enshrined there.

Benches are also provided so worshippers can offer prayers to the statue as they wish.

What surprised Kousuke was not the statue but something that’s drifting around the statue.

「…..that is….」

Kousuke approached the statue and lowered his waist to the floor.

When Kouhi saw that, she took out a piece of cloth from her item box.

「My lord. Here.」

「…ah, thank you.」

The stunned Kousuke sat down on it and sat cross-legged.

He closed his eyes and started to search for a presence.

He can easily feel divine power however, other than that, the presence that Kousuke felt was something he’s nostalgic about.

The presence is something that Kousuke’s familiar with. And that presence is what’s drifting there.

It’s obviously much weaker compared to that place.

However, the presence that’s drifting around the statue of the goddess is definitely the presence of the “Garden of Eternal Spring”.

Kousuke closed his eyes while sitting cross-legged to feel the presence.

Kousuke did it unconsciously but it was clearly one of the things that clergies do as part of their training.

However, he had done it more naturally than anyone Sylvia knows.

As he tries to feel the presence of gods deeper and deeper, he’s getting more and more powerful in Sylvia’s eyes. Sylvia can’t help but be stunned.

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