Chapter 465 – Third Day in Village Five

Village Five’s garrison is a big organization.

With Pirika as the top girl, it is composed of about 1400 members.

The guards are divided into 17 squads and they are stationed in barracks built in various parts of Village Five.

Along with the 1st squad headed by Pirika, it was the 16th squad that fought against the children since they were the children’s target.

The first squad consists of mostly Pirika’s fellow disciples and they are also the leaders of other squads.

It is said that the 16th squad was being taught by the 1st squad and was about to go to the forest when they were cornered by the children.

The members of each squad are fixed. The 1st squad has 100 members and the 16th squad has 50. That said, they are not always acting together. They have three shifts, morning, noon, and night.

When they fought against the children, there were only a total of 40 of them.

On the other hand, the children are twice as many as them, 80.

I think they were defeated because they don’t want to hit the children but it is not good for the security force of the village to be defeated.

Gulf has been scolding them all this time.

「I’m glad that their purpose was a confession, but what if they want to assassinate that member! Whether the enemy is a child or not, you should mercilessly crackdown anyone who interferes with your duty as guards! Don’t forget that!」

The guards have that much authority but they also have that much responsibility.

Hang in there.

We are currently in the forest near Village Five.

This is the place where the guard’s training is being conducted.

I had to refrain from taking Hitoe into the forest so I left her to Youko.

My companions are Ruincia and Pirika along with the elves tree king and bow king.

By the way, before coming here, Pirika was thoroughly treated by Gulf.

She was defeated by Ursa in swordsmanship but he told her that she was just caught off guard because her opponent is only a little girl.

Maa, I’m glad that they didn’t injure each other.

However, what about the fact that the guards lost to the children in terms of tactics?

They were caught by a feint and were crushed from the side….

Don’t you think they need to study more on that aspect?

No, the guards are like the police of the city.

It may not matter if they are good with group battles.


No, if they want to suppress a mob, learning group battle is essential.

Just do your best in the future.

While Gulf is scolding the guards, I wander through the forest.

Unlike the forest around Big Tree Village, this place is bright.

It seems like this place had many monsters and demon beasts before. Their numbers have dwindled considerably because the adventurers and guards are taking care of them.

However, carefulness is still needed in this place because they only dwindled and were not completely exterminated.


A strange monster came out of the ground so I took it out using the AFT in hoe form.

I’m only curious that’s why I’m wandering around the forest and I’m not here to play around.

I had the tree king and bow king teach me about the plants that can only be gathered in this place.

Well, since it’s winter, there are only trees.

What made me interested was a good-smelling tree called fragrant tree.

I tried to smell it on the spot but it seems like it won’t smell good unless put on fire.


And a monster again.

So I took care of it.

The monsters I’ve defeated are not suitable for eating but they can be used as materials so I brought them back.

Well, the ones who carried them are the tree king and bow king.

Before sunset, I went back to Village Five.

Village Five is in the south but the winter wind is still cold.

But comparing it to Big Tree Village, it is warm.

I’ve already done my itinerary in Village Five.

All I have to do next is to go home but there seems to be a necessary ceremony first before going home.

I just told them not to exaggerate and left it to Ruincia. As for the details, I have no idea.

When I thought of inspecting Village Five until sunset, the surroundings became noisy.

I’m thinking why and I saw everyone looking up at the sky.



Ah, it’s Hiichirou.

Guraru’s a little behind him and there’s also Hakuren and Doraim.

The monsters and demon beasts that came to Doraim’s nest have been repelled.

Hiichirou is flying while holding a big bear.

And he finally noticed me.

He dived down and landed in front of me.

That’s a beautiful landing but, don’t throw that big bear before landing.

After him, Guraru, Hakuren, and Doraim land successively.

Everyone of them is in their dragon forms so they release powerful aura. However, can you transform to your human form? This place is too narrow.

Hiichirou returns to his little boy form and comes to me.

Good good.

I hold him up

You’ve grown up.

Guraru comes to me too.


I can hold the two of you.

Don’t hold back.

I also held Guraru too.

It looks like she’s not happy because I hugged her but because she’s doing the same thing as Hiichirou.



Though I already said impossible, she forcefully rode on my back.

She’s too spoiled.

It hasn’t even been too long since we got separated.


Should I hold you too? Don’t ask that with a serious face.

The big bear that Hiichirou was carrying seems to have been killed by Hiichirou alone.

He carried it here to show it off to me.

I thought that he should have brought it to Big Tree Village instead of Village Five but they were not informed about the evacuation cancellation.

Well, that can be carried to the teleportation gate so there’s no problem.

Michael-san wants the big bear but I have to say no.

Hiichirou brought it here for me.

I’ll display it in Big Tree Village in three days and then carefully cook it.

Let’s just sell another big bear to Michael-san.


The ceremony was a simple stand-up party at the village hall.

I expected that a lot of people would greet me but only Michael-san came to me.

There are a lot of people in the venue but is this ceremony really like this?

And why do I feel like they are looking at me with fearful eyes from a distance?

When I look at someone, that someone will turn his head in another direction.

Do they all have stiff necks?

Or do they hate me?

When I asked Ruincia if everything’s okay, she said everything’s okay.

Not just okay but we even got the best result.

What do you mean?

Anyway, I’m glad that I can take it easy.

Let’s go back to Big Tree Village.

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  1. Elite4Harmon

    Seems there was a young soldier, who, just before battle, told his sergeant that he didn’t have a rifle.
    “That’s no problem, son,” said the sergeant.
    “Here, take this broom. Just point it at the Germans, and go ‘Bangety Bang Bang’.”
    “But what about a bayonet, Sarge?” asked the young (and gullible) recruit.
    The sergeant pulls a piece of straw from the end of the broom, and attaches it to the handle end.
    “Here, use this… just go, ‘Stabity Stab Stab’.”
    The recruit ends up alone on the battlefield, holding just his broom. Suddenly, a German soldier charges at him.
    The recruit points the broom, “Bangety Bang Bang!”
    The German falls dead. More Germans appear.
    The recruit, amazed at his good luck, goes “Bangety Bang Bang! Stabity Stab Stab!”
    He mows down the enemy by the dozens.
    Finally, the battlefield is clear, except for one German soldier walking slowly toward him.
    “Bangety Bang Bang! shouts the recruit. The German keeps coming. “Bangety Bang Bang!” repeats the recruit, to no avail. He gets desperate.
    “Bangety Bang Bang! Stabity Stab Stab!”
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    He stomps the recruit into the ground, and says, “Tankety Tank Tank.”

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    > Meanwhile, since my heart was captivated by Ruincia and Malbit, i really do hope one of these days the both of them will be inside my dreams, wherein we are doing the love battle wherein the loser will do anything to others.
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