Chapter 466 – Fear

My name is Golland.

I’m one of the merchants who’s doing well in Village Five.

However, I’m not satisfied with just being “one of the merchants”.

My goal is to be number one.

I intend to push my way up.

One winter day, I heard that the village chief’s child had a dispute with the children of Village Five.

For a moment, I was surprised because how could they fight with Youko-sama’s daughter, Hitoe. However, it seems like my speculation is wrong.

Youko-sama is the acting village chief.

It was the children of the true village chief of Village Five that were involved.

They are the children of Youko-sama’s superior but no one has ever seen their faces so no one could have recognized them.

I don’t even know what the village chief looks like.

The village chief has come to Village Five a number of times but unfortunately, I never met him.

Maa, even though I call him village chief, I didn’t really attach any importance to him.

The children’s dispute was dealt with without making things bigger.

It was probably an ordinary children’s quarrel.

It’s a pity since I expected that my business rivals might decrease.

There’s also a story of getting into trouble with the guards but I think that’s nothing but a hoax.

A terrible hoax even.

Can’t they make up things more believable?

The village chief’s children have already left Village Five so my interest has already faded.

However, I might have been too impatient because I heard that the village chief will be coming to Village Five.

Is it about the children’s matter?

I’m not involved with the children’s matter but I might get caught up in the crossfire.

In that unlikely event, I must ask Youko-sama to intercede for me.

I thought so while I prepare.

The village chief of Village Five is a laid-back man.

I think he’s in his mid-twenties.

He’s still a youngster.

The clothes he wears are gorgeous and his gestures are generous.

I can see that he learned how to act like that in a hurry.

However, I won’t point that out.

It seems like the village chief only came here to show his face and to tell that he’s not blaming anyone for the children’s incident.

The blue complexion of those who were involved has returned to normal.

My business rivals are completely revived.


Village chief, can’t you be a little stricter?

Maa, I should be glad I didn’t get involved.

The village chief seems to be in a good relationship with Youko-sama and her daughter, Hitoe.

No, their relationship is too good.

I see.

A relationship between a man and a woman.

Comparing village chief and Youko-sama, it is clear to everyone that Youko-sama is superior.

After all, Youko-sama is a nine-tailed fox.

She’s a legendary existence.

However, Youko-sama has been strongly appealing that she’s under him. Is it because she wants the village chief to gain prestige?

It doesn’t suit her at all but if they have a relationship between a man and a woman, that can be easily understood.

The village chief has done well.

He’s enviable.

Maa, I have a wife so I don’t think I can be with Youko-sama.

However, this made me ascertain the village chief.

I can’t wait to meet you.

I think I can take advantage of him.

The next day, a place was set up to greet the village chief so I participated.

I’ll be gifting him 2000 silver coins.

I did my best.

I did my best but the village chief’s reaction was not so great.

There’s no way he doesn’t understand its value, right?

Maa, even if the village chief doesn’t, the people around know.

The other merchants gifted him with weapons, pieces of jewelry, fabrics, and so on.

Even with those, 2000 silver coins still have more value….

The Goroun Company has given out 200 gold coins and 20000 silver coins.

I was surprised.

I was very surprised.

I almost stumbled and fell.

And frustrated.

Maa, they even managed to make the village chief talk himself but it can’t be helped.

What made me feel a little better is when I saw the village chief not very happy with that amount.

It looks like he doesn’t really understand the value of money after all.

The next day, the village chief went to the forest.

He’s too whimsical.

That’s a dangerous place.

However, Pirika-sama, the head of the security force of Village Five is accompanying him.

He’ll be safe.

Pirika-sama is a great swordsmaster who’s even directly taught by the sword god, Gulf-sama.

No matter what kind of monsters or demon beasts they encounter, they will not be her opponent.

Yeah, he’s safe as expected.

The tree king and the bow king were carrying monster corpses.

Those are ferocious monsters that rampage in the forest.

Perhaps the village chief wants to see Pirika-sama in action.

Pirika-sama has worked hard.

A little while ago, there’s a disgraceful hoax saying that she lost to a little girl.

I can understand how she feels.

What I don’t understand are them.


Four dragons are flying over Village Five.

In the vicinity of Village Five, we often see dragons.

This is because after the iron forest in the north lies the gatekeeper dragon’s nest.

They are not an unusual sight.

But that doesn’t mean that they are not scary.

Dragons are some sort of natural disaster.

I don’t even want to try understanding them.

They are existence that I shouldn’t get involved with.

If they burn this village to the ground on a whim, it will not be surprising.

Not long ago, there was a rumor about the elf empire being destroyed by dragons.

Maa, it seems to be an invasion of the demon king’s kingdom and the thing about the empire being destroyed by a dragon is just a hoax….

Well, just seeing them flying is already scary.

One of them is holding something.


War bear?

No, it’s not.

King bear.

Uuuooooohhhhh, high-class material!

It is a demon beast that can make you more than a hundred gold coins if you managed to get one.

Why is a dragon holding a king bear?

Is it going to take it to their nest and eat it?



The dragon has dived.

At the summit of Village Five.

I think I’m amazing because I did not faint.

Four dragons land at the summit of Village Five one after another.

In front of those four dragons, someone is standing.

Who that hell is that!


No, an idiot!

If you gain the dragons’ displeasure, Village Five will be burned!


If you can’t, prostrate!

Do it now!

….village chief?

The one standing before the four dragons is the village chief.

And he’s looking directly at the dragons.


I can’t believe what I saw after that.

The four dragons transformed into humans and approached the village chief.

Two of them were held by the village chief while another one tried to ride his back.

What is….that?

What am I looking at?

No way, is the village chief someone equal to the dragons?

Is the king bear a gift to the village chief?

The last human-formed dragon carried the king bear.

To be honest, I despise the village chief.

I’m reflecting now.

I was a fool.

Do I even have a chance against the village chief?

Look at what happened.

It is pure stupidity to think that I’m thinking of using him.

I shouldn’t have thought of getting involved with the village chief that easily.

Getting involved with him has a risk of death.

A terrible death.

If you think about it, this village is strange.

How come someone like Youko-sama is the acting village chief?

Why is a great swordmaster like Pirika-sama working here as a guard?

Why are two former four heavenly kings of the demon king’s kingdom here?

The elves tree king and bow king…

There is only one reason that could explain those.

The village chief is extraordinarily powerful.

Because of that, Youko-sama became the acting village chief, Pirika-sama became a guard, and the two former four heavenly kings, the tree king, and the bow king are here in Village Five.

Who the hell is the village chief?

No, I shouldn’t ask.

There’s no point in thinking who the village chief is.

What is important is our future relationship.

The village chief spending his time in peace while we are worshipping him.

That’s the ideal relationship.

Once again, I never thought how dangerous it is that the children of Village Five quarreled with the village chief’s children.

That’s an event that could lead to Village Five’s complete destruction.

My back gets cold.

I must collect information about the village chief.

My purpose was not to use it on him but to make sure I won’t get involved.

A few days after the village chief left Village Five.

I had the opportunity to meet Youko-sama so I asked her a question.

This is just for confirmation purposes.

「Can Youko-sama win if you fight against the village chief?」

「Don’t ask something impossible. I’m here because I lost to the village chief.」


Youko-sama is not lying.

After all, the village chief is terrible.

I must not forget this.

Let’s moderately grow in Village Five.

Let’s leave the number one spot to the Goroun Company.

Do I want to leave Village Five?


I introduced myself in front of the village chief.

Do you think I can still leave?

I can only devote myself to Village Five.

Fortunately, there are many merchants who have the same fate as me and Village Five is not a bad village.

Alright, let’s do our best today as well.

For the time being, let’s crush the faction that’s trying to carry up Youko-sama.

Yea, I belonged to that faction until a few days ago.

But that doesn’t matter.

I’ve changed and I now belong to the village chief’s faction.

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