Chapter 467 – Back to Everyday Life

The day after I returned to Big Tree Village.

The children are running around the mansion since they were relieved of being grounded.

It’s cold outside so don’t get out of the mansion.

It’s not as cold as when the blizzard strikes but it’s still very cold outside.

It is great that my mansion is big.

I decided to reward the children as suggested by Ruincia with reward medals.

I’ve thought about it a lot and concluded that this is the best reward I could give the children while not treating them as children.

I decided to give three medals to each of those who participated in the battle.

I did not give Alfred and Tiselle because they did not participate.

I thought they would get angry but it looks like they understood.


I told them that I would create an opportunity for them to earn reward medals somewhere.

Though they were not in Village Five, I gave Hiichirou and Guararu two medals each because they helped Doraim defend his nest.

I’m not just being sweet since I even got a big bear from Hiichirou.

Doraim and Hakuren also encouraged me to praise them for a job well done.

I don’t really mind but I thought they should only be watching?

Why did you let them join the battle?

Maa, Doraim and Hakuren are there so they are definitely safe.

By the way, that big bear seems to be a ferocious bear that rampages during winter called king bear.

When I decorated the entrance of my mansion with it, Ursa got jealous.

Don’t go into the forest without permission.

The reward medal conferment to the children ended last night.

Please think carefully about how you are going to use the reward medal during winter.

Think about it yourself.

Got it?

I’ll say it clearly now.

Everything is available for exchange aside from arms and alcohol.

There’s a loud booing.

I know you want your own weapons and armors but you are still growing.

If one was to be made for you now, it will no longer fit your body in no time.

Use the arms I made for the time being.

It doesn’t cost reward medal so you can still think about what you’re going to use your reward medals for.

Remembering what happened yesterday, I head to the kitchen.

I’m thinking of a dish that used the seafood that Michael-san brought to Village Five.

Maa, even if I don’t think about it, I can just turn them to sashimi, roast, fry, or just throw them in a pot.

To be honest, there are some fish that I’ve never seen before so I’ll decide what I’ll do with them by consulting the oni maids.

This looks like a cod.

Put it in a pot.

This is….no matter how I look at it, it’s a flounder.

It’s about two-meter big and looks like a stingray.

Let’s make this sashimi.

Or meuniere….it would be better if I add flour and cook it with butter.


The eel will be kabayaki.

There’s also this angler fish like fish.

What kind of taste should I expect this to taste?

How should we cook this?

Put it in a pot then.

Let’s make the small one’s dried fish.

Should I ask Loo to make a dryer magic tool?

Ah, Loo is currently banned from researching.

It’s not good to temp her even though I’m the one who banned her from doing so.

I can only ask her once her ban period is over.

Until then….sun-dried.

Let’s try sun-drying.

I prepared a board.

I arrange the fishes I want to dry on the board.

I adjusted the board so that it will be directly hit by sunlight.

That’s all.


Aegis, this is not your feeding board.

My apologies.

If only there are plenty of spiderlings around, I could ask them to make a net.

It’s currently winter so I shouldn’t ask them something difficult.

The anenekos Miel and Uel are looking at me from the mansion. What is it?

It’s cold outside so you don’t want to come out of the mansion.

I hope you’re not planning on anything while you are watching the dried fishes like that.

I’ve already secured fish for you.

Eating it while no one can see you is not different from stealing.

I know how you feel but if you steal it, I’ll tell you to Jewel.


Then, watch over it.

After dealing with the fish, let’s check the bean sprouts and asparagus.

I head to the asparagus and beansprouts field which are located in Big Tree Dungeon.

It all started when I planted them using the AFT but now the arachne Arako, who lives in Big Tree Dungeon, is the one raising them.

It’s a little strange to call it a field but I already called it that before so it can’t be helped.

I took some bean sprout from the bean sprout field.

It looks like it is not time yet for the asparagus.

As for those mushrooms, I’m not familiar with what’s growing so I’ll refrain from taking any.

Looking at its color, it looks poisonous.

Arako can eat it with no problem?

They are delicious and stings a little?

I’m scared of that stings a little part.

I’ll ask Loo to check it out so I took one as a sample.

I didn’t even need Loo to look at it.

An oni maid made an exaggerated expression.

「That’s a dungeon porcini desu. It is also known as “Demon King Slayer”.」

What a terrible name.

This can even kill the demon king?

「It’s delicious and it seems and it was given with that alias because a lot has fallen due to overeating it.」


This is not a poisonous mushroom?

「It’s not poisonous but it’s very valuable…do you only have that one?」

There’s a dense field of it in the dungeon.

Several oni maids dashed out with their baskets.

Please leave some for Arako’s group.

The stir-fry dungeon porcini served for dinner was exquisite.

I now understand how it can slay the demon king by overeating.

The only problem is its poisonous-looking color.

Red, blue, and black marble-patterned mushrooms….

I don’t see me falling for overeating it.

I prefer eating it with beansprouts.


I went to bed alone.

Since Loo’s group was banned from snusnu, the others refrained from doing so too.

I don’t think my decision to do this is careless.

I’m honest with my punishment.

After a while, the aneneko Rael came.

Why are you here?

This is unusual.

Want to sleep together?


Are you here to call me?


I suddenly got up.

I forgot about the fish that I sun-dried earlier.

I have to get them.

It’s cold but it can’t be helped.

I got help from a still awake oni maid and got the fish I had sun-dried.


The number of dried fishes decreased.

I looked at the anenekos but they gestured that it was not them.

Then, who?

After following the anenekos, I found Malbit, who’s currently roasting my dried fishes on a griller, in the guest receiving room.

There’s also alcohol on the nearby kotatsu.


I approached Malbit and gave her the taste of my fist.

I’ll forgive her with that.

I intended to go to sleep but I’m currently fully awake.

Let’s just drink with Malbit.

However, it would be awkward to drink alone with Malbit especially it’s late at night.

Who’s still awake….Flora and Youko.

Invite them.

When the four of us were drinking, Loo, Tier, Hakuren, Raimeiren, and Ruincia came over. It became a small-scale banquet.

Maa, let’s just have fun.

I went to bed and slept after that and was woken up by the children the next morning.


I didn’t just have fun with adults.

No, we certainly played darts, mini bowling, mahjong, etc.


I’ll party with only you, children, tonight so forgive me.


It’s okay to stay up late for a bit.

But you can’t play all night.

And Donovan.

Don’t look at me with sad eyes.

No, I didn’t invite you last night because it’s already late…



A party for Donovan and the others….no, let’s have a banquet.

Tonight is the night of the children.

Let’s set tomorrow night as the night of the adults.

And that’s exactly what happened.

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