Chapter 468 – Udon and Wagon

In Big Tree Village, udon is popular.

As for why, Loo’s group started making udon noodles.

It is probably the effect of the ban on sweets.

The chewy udon became a hit.

And it was the appearance of fried tofu that triggered its popularity.

The oni maid made them by cutting the hard tofu into thin slices and frying it twice.

When that fried tofu was boiled first in sweet bean curd before frying it again, it can make kitsune udon which the children like a lot.

It also has a good reputation among adults.

Youko in particular loves it.

「For my kitsune udon, please add three deep-fried tofu.」

I don’t mind but please eat the udon too.

There were other effects of the ban on sweets.

The focus on the development of sweets was turned to sweets that are not sweet.

Senbei was developed along with okaki.

Cakes made with alcohol were also studied but were saddened with the result. For them, cakes should be sweet and delicious.

That’s okay but can you not lick it when tasting it….

First of all, I banned sweets but only for snacks.

Senbeis and okakis are prohibited too.

Actually, I intended to ban all kinds of sweets including desserts but that would be hard for the children.


They seriously cried so I allowed them to senbei and okaki.

If you are looking for sweets, I’m here.

On sunny days, the high elves go into the forest to look for prey.

Their purpose is to find Michael-san’s gift, a big bear.

He wanted the king bear that Hiichirou hunted but I refused.

I had them look for a grappler bear as an alternative. It’s also a big bear so it should be fine.

I hunted some grappler bears before winter so I thought I could just get one in the warehouse but they have already been peeled off and chopped into pieces.

Michael-san won’t be pleased with that kind of grappler bears.

Grappler bear meat isn’t that delicious.

However, we still can’t find grappler bears this winter.

They are probably hibernating.

It looks like we have no choice but to let Michael-san wait until spring.

When I was thinking that, Kierbit came to call me saying that she had found a grappler bear.

That saved me.

Since it is my gift to Michael-san, I cut its neck with a sickle rather than the usual hoe form of the AFT.

While dragging the grappler bear with the AFT, I return to Big Tree Village.

Alfred, Tiselle, and Ursa are looking at me with respect.


Grappler bears are big after all.

When I arrived at Big Tree Village, I put it on a wagon to bring it to Village Five.

One wagon is not enough to carry it so it was carried by two side-by-side wagons.



The wagons are about to break.

I can always carry it to Village Five but my arrival would trouble them.

Because of that, I made a special wagon with the mountain elves.

The main point of it is size.

At the same time, weight reduction is also considered.

Let’s remove the unnecessary parts.

The walls of the wagon were removed.

Let’s just tie it with a rope.

Let’s make a number of small wheels.


If we put a lot of wheels, turning would be difficult.


Then, let’s make the wheels independent from one another.

Let’s make something like the office chairs have, caster wheels.

So far, we’ve built different kinds of wagons so….it looks like they understood.

Since we’re going to make a number of them, let’s make them all wood.

I don’t really care about durability that much.

This thing just needs to don’t break until it transported the bear from here, to Village Five, up to Shashaato City.

Since we’re going to make caster wheels, it doesn’t need a steering wheel.

Now it looks like a platform with wheels.

There are 16 wheels in total.


Mobility experiment first.

We put light baggage and move it.

It’s hard to say if it is moving smoothly.

The soil is soft so the casters sometimes get stuck.

When we tried forcing it out of the place where it was stuck, I thought one or two of the sixteen wheels would break.


This is a failure.

This can only be used on paved roads….no, for indoor use.

Let’s put it in the hall of the mansion.

Maybe the oni maids can use it.

We’ll make a wagon, again.

Caster type wheel got stuck on soil because the wheels are too small.

On rough roads, the bigger the wheels, the better.

That’s what I learned.

And so, we made a platform supported by four big wheels.


A normal wagon in short.

I see, I was thinking too hard.

If we can’t carry it using two wagons, use three.

If three can’t, use four.

Let’s mass produce wall-less wagons.

The main idea is to make them easier to be interconnected.

Yeah, I got a good feeling about this.

Mobility experiment also shows no problem.

We did it.

I dragged the grappler bear using the AFT and put it on the wagons. Transporting begins.

The wagon is being pulled by twelve centaurs while titans and minotaurs are pushing it from the sides and from behind.

「Let’s get it on!」

One of the centaurs signaled.


The other centaurs answered.

「Ei pull!」

「Oi push!」

It doesn’t move like an ordinary wagon.

It moves slowly, little by little, according to their shouts.

My apologies but hang in there.

I moved behind the wagon in order to not get in the way.

I have a basket of dungeon porcini in my hand.

I’ll bring this to Michael-san so he can have a taste of it.

A little more and it will be the dungeon.


That is….the universal ship.

Looking at the dock, it appears that it is waving at me saying it exists.


It will be easier to carry it using the universal ship.

I was caught in the thought that I had to carry it to Village Five using the teleportation gate.

Reflect, me.

I only thought of it now but when I look at how hard the centaurs are working….I don’t think I can say it.

I’m sorry, universal ship.

I’ll just use you when there’s another opportunity.

I’m really sorry.

The mountain elves, the centaurs, the minotaurs, and the titans all gave their best.

When transporting this is over, let’s have a grand banquet.

So please, forgive me.

Michael-san had already returned to Shashaato City so the centaurs and the others decided to transport it to Shashaato City.

We can leave it to the Goroun Company of Village Five but considering the mode of transportation, it will be kind of us to carry it there.

There’s no problem since that’s the original plan.

That’s what I thought but a problem soon occurred.

I was informed that Gran Maria had labored.

I’m sorry for leaving.

I immediately returned to Big Tree Village.

Gulf replaced me.

If it is Gulf, I’m sure he would be able to meet Michael-san in Shashaato City without any problem.


Tell Michael-san and the others I said hello.

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