Chapter 469 – Alfred’s Departure and Rozé Maria

Gran Maria gave birth to a girl.

Both mother and daughter are healthy.


Her name is Rozé Maria.

The one who named her is Gran Maria, not me.

It looks like she consulted Tier, Malbit, and Ruincia about her name.

I have no complaints.

By the way, Kuudel and Corone.

I know Rozé Maria is cute but I think it’s time for me to hold her.

When Gran Maria began to get the gist of parenting, the Gulf’s group, who brought the grappler bear to Shashaato City, came back.

They were later than expected. Did something happen?

I asked Gulf.

「I’m sorry. Actually, an event was held in Shashaato City so we had to stay there.」


「First is the dungeon porcini tasting banquet.」

That sounds fun however, didn’t I give only one basket?

It should be a small-scale banquet, right?

「It’s a city-wide banquet. There were even a lot of injured people.」


It seems like an information that the Goroun Company obtained dungeon porcini was leaked.

As for the reason, Gulf casually handed the basket full of dungeon porcini to Michael-san without caring about the people around.

No one pressured the Goroun Company but it seems like Michael-san decided to have a tasting banquet because monopoly is not good.

They cut the dungeon porcini into small pieces and boiled it in a large pot to make soup.

When they were handing it out for free, a scramble occurred.


Boiling dungeon porcini in a large pot.

Will that make it delicious?

「I’m sorry. We can eat it in the village so we refrained from tasting it so we don’t know how it tastes…」

Is that so?

Maa, let’s apologize to Michael-san later and ask him how it tastes.

「After the tasting banquet, there was a grappler bear fair and auction.」

Fair and auction?

I know what an auction is but what’s with the fair?

No, I also know what a fair is.

Goods and products of similar categories and being showcased, right?

There are different kinds of fairs like carving, ironware, and even arms.

Since it is a grappler bear fair, is there anyone else besides us that gave Michael-san a grappler bear?

「No, not at all. It is a grappler bear fair with only one grappler bear and it is the one you hunted, village chief.」


That’s not a fair, right?

「I agree. However, the great scholars and the teachers of Shashaato City met and examined if it was a genuine grappler bear. Given its size, it is impossible to steal it but we guarded it since they might be people who are only interested in certain parts. Also, spectators surged so we had no choice but to have them form a line.」

That’s rough.

「Yeah but it became rougher when the grappler bear was certified as real…」

What happened?

「I did my best to say the truth….I’m sorry. I’ve said many times that it was village chief who defeated it but no one believed me.」


Don’t mind it.

I’m sure Gulf can beat a grappler bear.

「To have that much expectations on me…. Thank you very much! I’ll definitely beat one someday!」

N-no, you’re already reliable and that’s not what I mean.

Don’t overdo it.

So, how’s Michael-san’s reaction.

「Ah, right. Before that, I want to confirm something first. Are you selling the grappler bear and dungeon porcini to Michael-dono? Or are they gifts? I never heard about the price.」

Basically, I intend to give it to him as gifts.

「As expected. Michael-dono was delighted. Therefore, he said that he’ll send one large sail ship owned by the Goroun Company to village chief as a gift.」



「Is it too expensive for a gift? I was shown with a large sail ship and it’s even the latest model. If necessary, they’ll also send the captain and sailors.」



Maa, let’s just take it.

「Those are all of Michael-dono’s words.」

By the way, with regard to your question earlier, what will happen if they are for sale?

「Please take the sail ship as the payment.」


I troubled Michael-san.

Together with the dungeon porcini incident, let’s apologize.

When that time comes, let’s give him a bloody viper’s egg.

For now, let’s have a banquet for those who delivered it.

Don’t worry.

This is for me too.

Everyone should participate in order to reduce the burden on my heart.

Yeah, please.

A few days after Gulf’s group returned.

In order for Alfred and Tiselle to obtain reward medals, I asked them to help with the delivery of goods to Howling Village.

Even if I say help, they only need to greet the village mayor of Howling Village in my name.

The itinerary is four days and three nights.

Can they do it?

Loo says it’s okay but I’m a little anxious.

They’ll be traveling to Howling Village using the universal ship.

Hakuren or Rasuti are faster but this is to make up for transporting the grappler bear.

In addition to the devils and dream demon crew, there are lizardmen, who are the luggage carriers, two oni maids, who’ll take care of Alfred and Tiselle, Gutt, Gutt’s two disciples, and Gulf’s son.

Gutt is the son of the village mayor of Howling Village so I asked him to join.

He’ll follow up in case Alfred and Tiselle fail.

No, it’s not that I don’t trust Alfred and Tiselle.

I just don’t want to trouble the village mayor of Howling Village.

Gutt’s disciples volunteered to join because this is their rare chance to go to Howling Village.

It seems like they’ll get something from Howling Village.

Gulf’s son joined in order to deliver a letter from Gulf’s son’s wife to Gulf’s son’s wife’s parents.

I know the content of the letter.

Gulf son’s wife is pregnant.


Gulf’s son doesn’t want to go but he promised the parents of his wife to inform them when she gets pregnant.

Good luck.

By the way, one of the mercuries is scheduled to be appointed as the captain of the universal ship but he has not been appointed yet.

This time, Alfred is the captain.

The vice-captain is Tiselle.

Do your best.


Ah, wait a minute, don’t go yet.

Check the cabin and the hold!

Yeah, Ursa was found.

Nutt was found.

Malbit was found.

Get the three of them and take them to the mansion.

Alfred and Tiselle are not going there to play.

Believe in them and wait.

Malbit just wants to try riding the universal ship.

Don’t disturb Alfred and the others.

When they come back, ride it as much as you want.

If you resist more than this, I’ll call Ruincia.

I hope you understand.

Then, depart.

Do your best.


Loo and Tier were hiding in the hold and I did not see them.

I understand how you feel.

After all, I’m worried too.


When you come back, tell us how majestic Alfred and Tiselle are.

The reason why Ruincia did not hide in the ship was probably because Tier asked her to take care of Aurora.

Lupumirina is with Ann.

Now, how do I deceive the children with Loo and Tier’s absence?

If the children here found out that Loo and Tier are not here, Alfred and Tiselle will find out too.

That’s not good.

I have to do something to avoid that from happening.

I’ll do my best to deceive them.

Loo and Tier talked about it a little.

I learned that Hakuren, the fairy queen, Youko, Gran Maria, and Kierbit are popular.

Maybe because Alfred and Tiselle are not here that I want to get in touch with the children more.

I’ll increase the opportunity of getting in touch with the children.

That’s what I thought.

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