Chapter 470 – Loo and Tier’s Report

Alfred and Tiselle are back.

Loo and Tier are together with them so they are probably found out.

Alfred, are you angry?

You’re fine with it?


Tiselle is….angry.

I’m sorry.

Why am I apologizing?

It’s because I knew that Loo and Tier had accompanied you?


The angry Tiselle is cute.

Do not be angry.

My bad.

By the way, you may be tired but I still need to hear your report.

I heard from Alfred and Tiselle that they had successfully completed the shipment.

There seemed to be no particular problem.


「Well done. I’ll give you your reward medal later.」

There’s this rule that I decided myself, reward medal will only be awarded when there are people around.

Otherwise, I’ll be able to give anyone no matter much I want to give.

Because of that, I’ll give it to them after dinner.

Ursa and the others are waiting for Alfred and Tiselle to be released so I patted their heads in the end and dismissed them.

Alfred and Tiselle’s reports are great but Loo, Tier, and Gutt’s are not.

First, Gutt’s report.

In Howling Village, Alfred and Tiselle were treated as if they are village chiefs too so everyone’s respectful of them.

The reception for Alfred and Tiselle was fine and the banquet went smoothly.

However, the problem occurred at night.

A group of young women tried to sneak into Alfred’s bedroom.

Gutt spent the night eliminating the young women while making sure Alfred won’t notice.

Well done.

Wonderful work.

Thank you.


By the way, what about Tiselle?

The oni maid watched over her and no one dared to approach because they were afraid to incur village chief’s anger.

I see.

However, they should have thought the same to Alfred.

It’s still too early for my son to become a man.


Those young women are only thinking of literally sleeping together in the same bed.

I’m sorry.

I thought too much.

Loo and Tier report the hard work of Alfred and Tiselle.

Maybe there are some parts that they exaggerate but it’s mostly no problem.

That’s what I thought.

In addition to Loo and Tier, there was actually someone else on the universal ship…another stowaway.

A kuro.

Yeah, I know you are worried about Alfred and Tiselle but sneaking is not good.

Also, you even managed to hide from me when I searched the ship.


However, it was so obsessed with making sure that Alfred and Tiselle are safe and was found out by the villagers of Howling Village. There was a huge commotion.

They don’t have to be scared.


It was Alfred and Tiselle that calmed down everyone?

That’s amazing.

I’ll praise them later.

But why didn’t Alfred and Tiselle report it?

It was Gutt who answered that question.

The village mayor of Howling Village, he asked everyone making a fuss to lie down when he saw Alfred and Tiselle with the kuro.

They thought I’d get angry.

I see.


Aren’t they more scared than I imagined?

Or is it just my imagination.

Gutt’s disciples successfully completed their order and Gulf’s son was welcomed by his wife’s parents.

Ah, right, they went there too.


It’s good that there’s no problem.

Now that Alfred and Tiselle are back, I consulted Loo and Tier to figure out a plan to increase communication with the children.

I’m worried that me, Loo and Tier are speaking too little about the children.

And the conclusion.

It would be best if we play together.

The popular Hakuren, fairy queen, Youko, Gran Maria, and Kierbit seem to have a lot of opportunities to play with children.

I know that Hakuren and the fairy queen have good relationships with the children and Gran Maria too when she got pregnant.

However, I’ve never seen Youko and Kierbit playing with the children.

It looks like Youko is playing with the children at night after coming home from Village Five.

It seems like Kierbit has been taking good care of them.

On the contrary, Loo and Tier never played with the children.

They are either working or studying in a room so they can only get in contact with the children other than their own children at dinner.

Well, it’s something that can’t be helped since they have to take care of Lupumirina and Aurora.

Anyway, the let’s play with the children to be popular strategy begins!

Then, Loo and Tier tried.


They couldn’t win against the popular Hakuren.

That’s true.

They don’t need a lot of adults to play with.

It was a mistake to go to them when Hakuren’s there.

However, I have a secret plan.

「Let’s cook together.」

Yeah, it was an amazing bite.

Loo, Tier, and Hakuren, help me.

Since the mother’s sweets ban was over, I thought of making sweets but the children wanted a normal dish.

Maybe because it is almost time for dinner.

The children still don’t know how to cook.

As an introduction to cooking, let’s start making a simple hot pot dish.

All you have to do is to prepare the dashi, cut the ingredients, and throw them in.

All right, let’s divide you into Loo and Tier’s group.

Hakuren oversees the whole activity with me.

Also, I shouldn’t forget to tell Ann about today’s dinner changes.

Today’s hot pot was made by the children.

The taste?

It was delicious.

A miso soup pot with a large amount of grated radish.

Perfect for winter.

Yea, well, it’s great even though the ingredients are a little too big.

It’s okay since they didn’t put sugar for salt.

However, thinking about it, neither Loo nor Tier cook that much.

I should have taken that into consideration.

Nutt played the most active role.

It seems like she was taught by her mother, Nashii, at home.

The way she handles the kitchen knife is superb.


Let’s increase the chances of cooking with the children.

They’re fine with being unable to cook since Ann and the others are here but we’ll never know what the future brings.

It is better to be able to do it than not being able to do it.

I thought so while eating an ice cream for dessert.

It’s almost spring.

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