Chapter 471 – Guard Guide by Village Five’s Guard Ox

My name is Ox.

I’m a demon that migrated to Village Five.

Contrary to its name, Village Five’s development is comparable to a city.

I was very surprised because when I decided to go to Village Five, I thought it was a village.

Honestly speaking, I want them to change its name.

I want to tell everyone that the place where I live is a splendid city.

There are many people who think the same as me.

That rumor probably reached Youko-sama, the acting village chief of Village Five.

Rumors of a change of name have gone around.

However, Youko-sama announced that the name will not change.


However, there was a follow-up story.

Village Five is a place that spreads out over the small mountain.

It is said that the summit of the small mountain will be Village five while the side and the foot of the mountain will be called City Five.

Because of that, we can finally call this place City Five.

Also, we can finally tell outsiders that this is City Five.


We did it.

However, in official documents, it will still be referred to as Village Five.

And the top of Village Five is the village chief.

That is absolute.

Yeah, I know.

I received an explanation when I migrated.

However, he rarely shows up.

No no, the village chief is the top.

Better be safe.

I was fortunate enough to be able to join the Village Five Guards.

The Village Five’s Guards is an organization represented by Pirika-sama and is mainly responsible for the security of Village Five.

To put it simply, it is their job to take care of anyone who’ll rampage, evildoers, and suspicious individuals.

It’s a dangerous job but the pay is good.

Young ones living in Village Five dream of joining the guards at least once in their lifetime.

It is quite difficult to join the guards because it is necessary to pass an exam.

When I was able to pass the exam, I was so happy that I accidentally used my savings to drink.

The next day.

I’m already imagining myself doing my job as a guard.

However, reality is different. Every day is a day of training, training, and more training. It is focused on physical fitness.

Also, while on duty, you are not permitted to leave the perimeter of the barracks.

The only salvation is the food provided while working as a guard.

The quantity of food is large and it is really delicious.

However, since we train as much as we eat, no one’s getting fat.

In just a month of training, you’ll find that your body is noticeably fitter.

Around that time, I was finally able to get out of the barracks.

However, I’ve yet to do my duty as a guard in Village Five.

Our destination is the foot of Village Five.

The area where the adventurers train.

We’ll conduct battle training there.

Newcomers will receive training from a weapon that suits them.

I wanted a sword but I thought that a spear would suit me better so I chose a spear.

Armor will be provided to each member.

I was a little surprised when I received a shiny spear.

I thought that I would be provided with a used spear during our training.

The characters for Village Five are engraved on the spear.

I shouldn’t lose this….areh?

Why is my name on it?


Ah, in case of something happening, it will be used to identify my corpse.


I hope that the day where it will be used for that will never come.

Six months after continuous training.

I was assigned to the 16th squad.

We have a fixed number of 50.

Our main task is to divide into five groups and patrol the middle part of the mountainside of Village Five.

To be honest, there aren’t many people to monitor on the mountainside so we can be said to be a free squad.

Because of that, it seems like newcomers will be assigned to this squad first.

The same applies to the 14th, 15th, and 17th squads.

The busiest squads are the 1st squad which is directly under Pirika-sama, the 2nd squad that’s guarding the gate of Village Five, and the 3rd squad that exterminates the monsters and demon beasts around Village Five.

By the way, the 2nd squad boasts the largest number and has a fixed number of 500 members.

However, even if there are already 500 of them, it seems like they are still facing shortage of manpower. If you seriously work hard, you’ll be able to transfer squad.

The 16th squad is divided into five groups which are shifting morning noon, night, day off, and stand by.

The morning shift starts at sunrise when the morning bell rings and ends at noontime bell.

The noontime shift starts when the noontime bell rings and ends when the nighttime bell rings.

The night shift starts at night when the night bell rings and ends when the morning bell rings.

Day off is day off.

Standby is a kind of day off that you have to spend in the barracks.

The working hours for morning, noon, and night shifts are short but the work is hard.

Working hours aside, most people use their time for training because they know what our job means.

Well, there are jealousy-inducing people that spend their time with their lover…..

I train my muscles.


It is something that will be useful to me in the end.

Those who are only playing with their lovers will probably cry later.

No, they’ll cry!

They must cry!

An opportunity has come immediately.

Special training.

Ten people from the 16th squad are selected to train with the 1st squad.

The content of the training is monsters and demon beasts extermination in the forest.


It’s a dangerous kind of training that carelessness will lead to death.

However, this is also the time where my muscle will shine.

During our everyday duty, I only greet the villagers or guide travelers.

I’ll do my best!

We first gathered in the building of the 1st squad.

After joining with 30 members of the 1st squad, the 40 of us started moving.

After a short walk out of the barracks, a certain group appeared and blocked our path.

They are boys and girls, children who are around 10 to 15 years old.

「We are the Village Five Boys! We request for a duel with the guards!」

TN: Same with backstreet boys. There are also girl members. Don’t ask me why.

That said, around 40 children charged at us.

W-what’s this?

No, don’t panic.

We have the same number.

The other party’s weapons are…wooden sticks, right?

No problem.

However, as they approach us, I found that these children look familiar.

「No matter who our opponents are, no one can challenge the guards! All units, control them with everything you have!」


I look to the left and right as we form a platoon.

And hold my weapon….areh?

No weapon?


When I was looking for my weapon, I found that the other party had it.

And not just my weapon.

The other units’ weapons are taken too.

Well, not everyone.

About half of those who are standing in the front line were robbed of their weapons.


No, rather than that, I lost my weapon.

What should I do?

Don’t panic!

I’ve been training my unarmed combat prowess.

This is one of the times where I should use my muscles.

I took a stance.

However, the children suddenly stopped right in front of us, threw our weapons, and ran away.


Ah, no, I should chase them.

I moved forward.

I thought that the others would do the same.

But I’m wrong.

Only a few came forward.

Those who didn’t immediately move are picking up the weapons that the children threw while the others ran to the barracks to get their weapons. We are all scattered.

I thought it was bad.

The moment I thought of that, another group of children attacked our left and right.

Our formation collapsed.

It turned to a scuffle.

The other party are children.

Moreover, children of influential people are among them.

It’s impossible to beat them hard.

As the other party said before anything started, this is a duel.

They mean no harm.

That means it’s okay for them to get hurt but if we hit them hard, they might die.

What is the best course of action?

Catch a child and carry it back.

That’s it.

But it’s hard to catch children.

Even if I manage to catch one, the others will surely come to help.

And from time to time, impressive arrows fly by.

There’s no arrowhead but their aim can accurately hit limbs.

Are they really children?


Long ears.


They might not even be children after all.

No, the growth rate of elves in their childhood is the same as us, right?


An arrow hit my shoulder.

I missed the child that I almost caught.


What should I do?

Immediately after, I heard an instruction.

「Guards! I’m Nana, Youko-sama’s secretary! This is an emergency so I will take command on Pirika-sama’s stead! Please follow…no, obey me!」

I don’t know who she is.

However, she said she’s Youko-sama’s secretary.

If that’s a lie, she’ll be charged with treason.

That means we can trust her.

We have no choice but to trust her.

「Everyone, stop fighting back and step five steps back! The children will not go after you. Don’t worry, step back!」

I took five steps back.

The children indeed did not chase after us.

「Alright, regroup! Not yet! Don’t move on your own! Leave the timing to me….」

I look left and right and form a formation with the others.

It’s good to have familiar faces around.

Yeah, we were indeed impatient.

Calm down.

If we can calm down, we can win.

Now, let’s wait for the assault command.



No assault command?

When I was thinking about what’s going on, arrows have been flying towards the secretary.

And a smoking tube was also thrown toward us.


These children are merciless!

In the smokescreen, we were forced to fight alone again.

The situation is worse than before.

I’m in a really bad position too.

I intended to follow the voices of my teammates but before I knew it, the voices that I followed were the children’s.

I’ve only noticed that I’m isolated when the smokescreen cleared up.

I’m the only one in front.

I was horrified.

The children threw ropes.

Do they want to catch me?

Why, just why?

The ropes thrown by the children weren’t for me…but for my teammate who came to help me.

My teammate from the 16th squad.

In no time, my teammate was dragged by the children.

G-give him back!

Give my teammate back!

The next scene I saw was a little girl confessing to my teammate who was entangled with ropes.


And so, the duel challenge of Village Five Boys ends there.

The guards were defeated.

We have to train more.

The children gave our weapons back.

Ah, sempai.

We lost today.

It’s frustrating.

After this, there will be preaching and training.

I know.


Who am I talking with?

He’s not a friend.

My only friend is this muscle of mine.

I’m not crying.

Yeah, I’m not crying.

Only those who play with their lovers cry.

My name is Ox.

My hobby is training.

Looking for a lover.

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