Chapter 472 – Beastboy’s School Life, Second Year Summary

My name is Gol.

I’m a teacher at Gullgald Noble Academy.



Although I’m officially a teacher, I only remember getting rid of monsters and playing baseball in Shashaato City.

No, no, recall everything.

I went back to Big Tree Village to join the martial arts tournament, didn’t I?



Not that kind of memory.

I’m talking about my memory as a teacher.


What did I do last spring?

We welcomed students who had returned to their houses during winter. We also welcomed newly enrolled students.

We rarely held classes because various things happened in school.

That made the students study and research on their own.

….that’s it.

Like kidnapping.

There was an incident where a freshman of the school, a noble’s child, was kidnapped.

That was resolved by Sil.

It is natural for teachers to help students.

As a reward for the rescue, he was awarded with chickens.

Live chickens.

About a hundred of them.

I heard that it’s the specially of that noble’s territory.

We built a chicken coop and started raising them.

I even saw the principal holding her head.

We also got permission to sell eggs and chickens to the school cafeteria.

The breeding of those chickens is being carried out by the son of the noble who was kidnapped in that kidnapping case.

It seems like there are even chickens living in their own house and he’s more knowledgeable than us.

He knows a lot about chicken health management and disease control. We learned a lot from him.



Why do I sound like a student?

Well, whatever.

Summer is…..yeah yeah, the Kingdom’s Foundation Festival.

Why did I forget about it?

We even participated in the festival of the royal capital.

It’s a three-day festival.

Originally, the school is not involved in the kingdom’s festival but we were requested to participate by the adventurers guild of the kingdom.

To put it simply, it is for the school’s food…to be exact, they want us to set up food stalls and sell the food we make.

However, we refused. But that didn’t stop them and change their targets to the students of our school.

They want our students to participate as a form of cultural exchange between the students and the royal capital as the reason.

If you really want to, ask the principal.

As for the result of asking the principal, it was decided that we’ll participate.

I became the person in charge.

Maa, it can’t be helped.

Not all students of the school will participate in the festival, only those who want to so there shouldn’t be any problem.

That’s about a little over a hundred participants.

121 to be exact.

That already includes the teachers and the cafeteria workers.


There are a lot of them who are older than us so I don’t understand why I have to be in charge.

First, we made a stage with the students.

Since this is an official event of the school, I want our school to stand out.

The stage we made has wheels below it.

When village chief was making it, I remember how they were made and assembled because I closely watched him.

However, since it was difficult to build a tall stage, we only made one with 2 meters height.

It looks like a weird carriage or a carriage with a high place to ride.

It should be fine because it can move properly.

The problem now is who’ll ride and who’ll pull.

They are all nobles so there might be some who’ll use their social positions.

Because of that, I asked the student to be fair.

And the one who rode it was the principal.

She looked embarrassed.

However, it was well received by the city.

At the end of the day, the citizens of the royal capital joined us asking to pull the stage with us.

The exchange between the royal capital’s residents and the school students is a success.

After the stage, we made a food stall.

I think we have to meet everyone’s expectations.

However, I asked the school cafeteria workers that they’ll be the ones who’ll cook while we’ll act behind the scenes.

As for the students, they’ll be working as waiters and waitresses.

However, there are some students who wanted to cook too so in the end, we made five stalls.

Three stalls will be run by the cafeteria workers while two will be run by the students.

The big problem is….all the food stalls have already run out of food on the first day of the festival.

The forecast was too optimistic.

To be honest, we didn’t even advertise so I thought that there would even be leftovers. However, even before the start of the festival, there are already long lines on each stall.

When I investigated why we were so popular, it seems like the adventurers guild advertised us.

They were the one who asked us to participate so they are probably worried and want our store to flourish.

Or maybe, it’s their way of thanking us when we served them the experimental dish the day before.

The students in charge of the food stalls were determined to prepare more ingredients next year.

I was not hoping for that to happen but the school principal told me that there’s already a plan to participate again next year.

It seems like the students who participated with us gained good reputation in the royal capital.

Starting next year, it seems like it will be incorporated properly as a school event.

It was the students who requested it.

I hope next year, I’m no longer in charge.

The money earned by the food stalls was donated to the school.

By the way, the main event of the festival is transporting large barrels.

Large barrels full of something that even adults can’t hold are prepared in the north, south, east, and west of the royal capital.

This is held on the evening of the last day of the festival since there are risks of buildings and stalls being destroyed.

The division of each team is decided by the place you live however, the school is judged to be on the northeast.

It developed into a competition between the north team and east team.

And for some reason, it was decided that we’ll join the west team.

I remember Uncle Glatts, the representative of the west team, having a really terrible expression back then.

Our role was distributed by race and it was very fun transporting barrels.

I think we should try this in Big Tree Village.


During fall….what happened?

I went to scout a dungeon that was found in the southwest….this is not a teacher’s job.

That’s it.

There’s also the successor problem in Count Kiciu’s family.

The two sons of Count Kiciu are students of the school.

The two were close to each other for years and there’s no direct conflict over succession.

However, when they received information that the count had fallen, the underlings of the two sons began to fight.

I don’t mind if they compete in their study results but I won’t tolerate direct violence.

I have beaten up both groups until everyone’s knocked down.

The two then came to me asking for a peaceful ruling.

No no, who am I to adjudicate?

Go check Count Kiciu’s condition first.

No matter how ill he is, I’m sure he’ll make his last will.

It was troublesome since these two are older than me but they are students of the school.

And I’m a teacher of the school.

Even if they are not students of my class, it will be heartbreaking if I just chase them away.

And so, the two of them took me to their territory.

On our way, saboteurs came out.

It seems like they have siblings that don’t attend the school.

When we arrived at the count’s mansion, the count refused our visit since he’s said to be suffering from an infectious disease.

For some reason, I found myself searching for a famous pharmacist and was forced to collect the required materials.

Ah, I also wasn’t able to leave the territory after since there were signs of an epidemic.

The infectious disease finally ended when the pharmacist made the medicine.

When Count Kiciu recovered, the issue of the successor was put out.

But can you not include me in your family discussion?

Also, it seems like several sons of his can’t accept that he’s cured and I think that issue should be settled too.

I’m being presumptuous now.

After returning.

The school should never be involved in issues such as succession of nobles.

The principal was really angry at me that time. I’ll make sure to be neutral from now on.

I’m sorry.

On the official report, I was dispatched there to end the epidemic.

After that, we returned to Big Tree Village when it was autumn and joined the martial arts tournament.

As expected, I’m still weak.

By the way, the three impure dragon elder sisters that we got acquainted with during the martial arts tournament returned with us to the royal capital when the martial arts tournament ended.

They seem to work for Uncle Demon King.

However, for some reason, they decided to build their house next to our house at the school.

Well, I have no complaint since it was Uncle Demon King who worked hard to get the principal’s permission. He also handled the construction cost and their living expenses.


This winter was cold.

That might be the reason why monsters and demon beasts from the north began moving south.

A veteran adventurer said that food is insufficient when it’s too cold so they’ll go south to find food.

The royal capital is guarded by the north forest but adventurers are still dispatched since the highways have become dangerous.

I, Sil, and Bron were also dispatched too.

The monsters and demon beasts weren’t a big deal but moving around is hard.

When we asked the three dragon sisters to help us move around to get rid of monsters and demon beasts faster, some people started calling us dragon knights which I found a bit troublesome.

We are not knights. We have the same rank as a baron’s family head.

It may be a tiny detail but it is a delicate topic.

Ah, a knight is a rider.

I see.

However, if that’s the case, won’t the three dragon sisters get mad…they’re not?

On the contrary, aren’t they a little proud?


During winter, most students return to their families so there are not many teacher-like memories.

On the contrary, we were fighting monsters all the time so that’s the only thing I can remember.

I can also remember baseball….for some reason, Uncle Demon King exactly knows when we are free and invites us to play.

At first, the three dragon sisters were puzzled by baseball but now, they are even practicing independently on the school campus.

It was probably because of the excitement brought by the three consecutive home runs of the three dragon sisters.

When I told them that they shouldn’t just practice batting but also defending, they asked me to teach them.

There are also some students who became interested in baseball at the school.

Sometimes, I teach baseball to those students but….this is not a teacher’s job.

I wonder if I’m overthinking.

It might be better if I relax.

There are also some students who come to consult us about their worries and that’s very teacher-like.

The content of their consultations are only questions about carpentry, cooking, or battle.

「Gol-sensei, does this look good for a goat barn?」

「Yeah….however, that kind of lock is useless. Maybe you should replace it with something more complex.」

「Is it for livestock thief measure? But we’re inside the school, right?」

「No, it’s because the goats can open it themselves.」

「Eh? The goats can?」

「That’s because they are goats. They are intelligent enough to not only close the door after picking the lock but they can also lock the door again after going out.」

「I think you’re referring to another creature that looks like a goat.」

This is not a consultation but just checking their works.

When spring comes, Count Kiciu will send me a goat as thanks to my effort to combat the epidemic.

I had a hard time getting the principal’s permission.

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