Chapter 474 – World, Tremble Before Me!

My name is Menek.

A demon with goat head.

Though I look like a beastkin, I’m not one.

Beastkins are more inclined to humans.

They still have human heads with animal ears and a little fur.

My head is completely of a goat.

But I can speak.

I’m even talkative.

And my body is more inclined to a goat too.

Not entirely a goat.

Only inclined.

I can stand up and dress like a normal person.

If I go on all four, it is highly possible that I’d be mistaken for a goat so I never walk around naked.

I take pride in that.


Why do I have a goat head?

This is not a demon-only issue but if you can’t control your own magical power, it will change your body.

That’s the reason.

Demons have high magical power since birth so those who’s body changed is not a rare occurrence.

Well, someone whose whole body changed like me is rare though.

I was born with a lot of magical power and I’ve totally transformed a year after my birth.

However, I’m not pessimistic.

My present appearance can only be compared to an ancient demon.

Daseki the Baphomet.

He’s a king that made, not only demons, but also humans, tremble to the abyss of fear.

That legendary figure looks like me which I completely agree with.

But not only with looks.

I also have the power to overwhelm others and my brain and magical power made me able to cast even complicated magic.

I’m the new Daseki the Baphomet .

I can say that with confidence.


With my power and charm, I was able to form an army.

The anti-demon king army.

Total number, 100,000 strong.

Those hundred thousand army are not in one place but in various places of the demon king’s kingdom.

They will start moving once I give the signal.




Tremble before me!

I’ll start at the demon king’s kingdom!



I got caught.

While fighting against a super-powerful elf, I got surrounded.

It’s a pity since if it is the elf alone, I will be able to do something.

I’m sorry.

That’s a lie.

I can’t even hold a candle against that elf.

That’s sly.

A foul.

How can an elf be that strong?

She must be a famous elf.

Not an elf?

High elf?

High elf, a man-eater?


I’m sorry.



You’re not joking?


I was saved by the military people who surrounded us.


Thinking about it, I must be lucky to be escorted to a guard hut for interrogation.

「So, do you know why you were caught?」

A young guard asked me.

I’m offended since they only had a child speak with me.

Though it is difficult to know the real age of demons, I can see that this person is younger than me in every aspect.

I’ve been living for 40 years.

Although age is not so important in the demon king’s kingdom, you should pay respect to your elders.

Don’t you know that?

「I will be 50 this year.」


I’m sorry.

You look young.

「I’m already used to that line. So, I’ll ask you again, do you know why you were caught?」

I broke into the school premises illegally and had a party.

「That’s right but that’s not the only reason, right?」

Because I lit a big bonfire.

「It’s not just that, right?」


「You can only think of those?」

No, that….could it be that they are inviting me? Have I been too rebellious….I should reflect on it.

「Yeah, it’s good that you can still reflect. After this, I will hand you over to the guards of the royal capital. Show them that you’re reflecting.」


I’ll be handed over?

「When you were shouting how you’d harm the demon king’s kingdom loudly, you should have expected that. Did you really think we will overlook it?」

That, I did not mean any harm!

Please help me!

「You did not mean any harm? Can you even say that after all the previous things you said?」

Those are empty words.

I’m sorry.

「How about your 100000 strong army?」


I’m only exaggerating it.

Even if I include my parents and siblings….

「How many underlings do you actually have?」


「Twelve. I supposed that already includes you. The number of people we caught here is also 12. Can you tell me how 12 became a hundred thousand? Even if you add your family to that number, it won’t be that many.」

Including relatives…

「How many do you have if you include your relatives?」

I-‘ve also included friends who I know by name.

「You mean you know 100000 people by name?」

…..among the friends of mine you caught is someone who’s serving a baron family.

The number of people of the barons territory….

「A baron, is it. The parents have picked him up….don’t they have only a thousand people in their territory?」

If you include the parents, brothers, sisters, and friends of those thousand people, it will reach a hundred thousand, probably….

「Ah, I see. Certainly. That calculation is kind of impressive.」

Yeah, I think so too.

So, handing me over to the guards….

「Even if you say that. Ehto….was it Menek-kun? What do you do for a living?」

Freedom fighter.

「No, tell me the truth.」


「Unemployed huh. My cousin has been struggling since he got unemployed… Menek-kun doing something to get a job?」

I’m building connections with friends for employment….

「So that’s why you had that party. Yeah, I forgot to ask but, this is your first time, isn’t it?」

We had small parties several times at a friend’s house but this is the first time we did it outdoor.

「Why did you do it outdoor this time?」

Someone said that he wants a big bonfire….

「Someone? Aren’t you the leader?」

I’m certainly the leader but I’m not the one who suggested the bonfire.

「Really? Okay….」

I-is there something wrong?

「No, so this is what’s going to happen. My boss….will talk to the higher-ups of the guards but if that person says no, we can’t do anything about it.」


What should I do if I were to be handed over to the guards?

「Don’t be afraid of the guards. Anyway, tell them you are properly looking for a job and talk to them about it. After that, show them that you’re repentant. Don’t forget that.」

I understand.

Thank you very much.

After he left, I waited while praying.


Help me.


How long did I wait?

The young guard came back.

But he’s now with a veteran guard.

Maybe this veteran-looking guard was his boss.

The veteran guard laughed while looking at me.


I was stunned because I didn’t know why he was laughing but I got angry when his laughter didn’t stop.

Is this a test for patience?

This might be a plan to make me angry.

I worked hard until he’s done laughing.

「Ah, I laughed too much. Sorry sorry.」

I don’t think he’s sorry.

The guard who first interrogated me is looking at the veteran-looking guard with cold eyes.

「No, sorry. There’s a reason why I laughed. Do you want to hear?」

I don’t want to hear it but I want to know why.

「A demon with a goat head like you is no one but Daseki the Baphomet .」


「I’m only joking about the part that I’m the reincarnation of the batter.」


「Having a party around a big bonfire outdoor, when I heard about it earlier, I thought “No way” but seeing you here, you look more of the batter than I thought. I can’t help but laugh.」

E-etho…..are we really similar?

「Complete look alike. Do you know “Hans Arms Store” in the royal capital? They have a portrait of the batter there and it looks like your painting.」

I see.

「You said that you were the reincarnation of the batter and you are having a party about it?」

I’m not a reincarnation. I am me.

「I see. True. Hahaha. Now then, you shouted something rebellious when you outdoor and even using the batter’s name.」


「Great. Say those lines again and I’ll forgive you.」


「Also, make sure to pose please.」


I couldn’t refuse.

I did it with my every effort.




Tremble before me!

I’ll start at the demon king’s kingdom!


Currently, I’m working at the Gullgald Noble Academy in the royal capital of the demon king’s kingdom.

For some reason, school teachers have a ranch and I’m the manager there.

The guards who interrogated me helped me land this job.

Thank you.

Though the job is hard, I will do my best.

The food served not only tastes good but the serving is also big.

However, there are two problems that have been bothering me.


Whenever the fenced goats see me, they’ll charge at me.

I want to think that it’s their way of playing but I can clearly feel hostility.

Perhaps they are thinking that I’m a goat that went out without permission.

This is humiliating.


The high elf who fought with me.

She seems to be called Rigune. I don’t know why but she loves to call me for training.

「You’ve got good qualities. After I trained you, you can probably get stronger.」

I’m happy that she appreciates me but you know that I have a job at the ranch, right?

Don’t say something unreasonable like reducing my sleep time.


My name is Menek.

A demon with goat head.

I have a fulfilling daily life.

「Menek-san! The goats have escaped!」


I’m spending my fulfilling day like this.

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