Chapter 475 – Spring of the 16th Year


Malbit did not return.

She resisted.

She resisted hard.

She won’t separate from the kotatsu. She resisted like a mother protecting her child.

I think it was terrible that to convince her, Ruincia is even willing to break it.

In the end, Malbit and Ruincia will stay until the end of the spring parade.

Kuroyon was most pleased about that decision.

It seems like he’s lonely that his rival in chess will leave.

He went to play chess with Malbit immediately.

Enjoy playing chess with Malbit until she leaves.

However, do it in moderation.

Kuroyon’s partner, Eris, already complained to me.

Don’t be too absorbed in playing chess and neglect your family.


What about me?

I never intended to neglect my family but sometimes, I might be doing so.

I have to be careful.


Zabuton woke up and greeted me.

For some reason, Zabuton knows that I went to Village Five and she was sorry that she couldn’t make me clothes to wear during that time.

No, no, I went to Village Five wearing the clothes you made for me.

I should dress up appropriately according to the situation….

That may be true but I think the clothes I’m wearing back then were not bad either…

That’s it.

I’ll just leave my clothes to you.

If Zabuton says I shouldn’t, I wouldn’t.

Perhaps there might be ethics and messages related to clothes that I don’t know.

Let’s be careful hereafter.

Also, you should prepare things in case of emergency….oh, you’ve already prepared them for me.

It’s because you thought that I hated them that you didn’t bring them out. That’s kind of frustrating.

I’m sorry.

Since Zabuton had woken up, I thought it was about time to look at the reservoir. However, the center of the reservoir is still frozen.


It’s certainly still chilly but it is not cold enough to freeze the pond.

Also, when a reservoir like this freezes, it should start up on the outer part.

It’s too unnatural for only the center of the pond to be frozen.

When I was thinking of that, a loud cracking sound was heard and the ice in the center cracked. The shell of the pond turtle can be seen there.


The ice is crushed and scattered in the reservoir.

So that ice was made by the pond turtle’s magic.

It probably does that when it’s time to hibernate.


However, didn’t you hibernate because it’s cold? Why do you have to ice up yourself?

Maa, whatever.

For the time being, greetings.

Is the other pond turtle still hibernating?

The moment I said that, I found a new ice at the center of the pond.

It seems to be waking up top.


Since it is already spring, it means that it is Ursa and Nutt’s turn to go to the school of the demon king’s kingdom but it was postponed.

Aside from what they did in the dispute in Village Five, what they can learn in the school of the demon king’s kingdom has become a question.

As for why, it’s because of Gol’s certain report.

According to him, they’ve already learned everything the school could teach with Hakuren’s teaching whether it was academics, magic, or martial arts.

The only thing you can learn in the demon king’s kingdom’s school is how to become a proper noble. Because of that, he doesn’t recommend them to enter the Gullgald Noble Academy.

「Gullgald Noble Academy’s goal is basically for the future nobles of the demon king’s kingdom’s to interact…. It is the best place to make factions but those are unnecessary for both Ursa-sama and Nutt-sama. 」

That’s the advice of the civil servant girls.

Gol’s group went to Gullgald Noble Academy to look for wives aside from experiencing the outside world so there’s no problem.

However, Ursa and Nutt are not looking for grooms so there’s no point in enrolling at Gullgald Noble Academy.


It seems like the school of the demon king’s kingdom is different from the school I know.

I was even surprised when I heard that there’s no event like cultural festival or sports festival.

That’s not only in Gullgald Noble Academy but from all other schools too.

That’s natural because they are not enrolling in school to play.

Is that really the case?

For example, let’s use the Gullgald Noble Academy, if an event that’s convenient for factions happens….will it fuel the faction’s confrontation?

Well, instead of school events, students hold hunting meets or tea ceremonies or things that can nurture their autonomy.


For now, I can’t help but worry about it alone. I tried talking to the mothers, Hakuren and Nashii, and the people in question themselves, and Ursa and Nutt clearly said they won’t go to the school yet.

Hakuren and Nashii agreed with them so it was decided that they won’t enroll in the school in the demon king’s kingdom this year yet.

I said yet because there’s a possibility that they’ll change their mind.

I only postponed it.

However, if they are in the village, they will reach the age of having to work soon.

I don’t think I can tell young children like them to work….what do you mean?

They already asked it themselves?

Ursa said that she’ll be accompanying the high elves on their hunt.

She asked the high elf Ria before spring and now they are already practicing hunting.

Nutt is also already working with the beastgirls.

It seems like she asked the beastkin Senna about it before spring.


It seems like their resolve is firmer than mine.

No, maybe I’m overthinking things?

Reflect, me.

Let’s think more about the children.

Taking care of them is not only playing with them.


After the Spring Racial Meeting, I handed over reward medals and started plowing the field.

I’m planting like the usual aside from making two new fields.

One is on the east side of the village, near the medicinal herb field.

I tried raising new crops that are likely to be used as curry spice.

It was a request from Village One residents.

It seems like they want to pursue the path of flavor.

However, I’ve already planted crops that are likely to be used as curry spice.

Because of that, I can only rely on the AFT.

While apologizing to it, I plowed with the hope that new kinds of spices will grow.

What will grow on it? Let’s just enjoy it when it grows up.


The other one is on the north side of the village.

It is further north of the fruit area and is near the flower field.

I’m trying to plant another world tree.

I don’t even know if it will grow up since there’s only one sibling and it is already rooted in Big Tree Village.

Both Malbit and Ruincia are saying that I shouldn’t worry about it but I worry.

Because of that, I decided to grow one and give it to the angels that complained to them.

I hope it will grow.


Once the fieldwork is over, it is time for the parade.

Support flows from other villages.

And mobile stages were assembled by the mountain elves.

There are many war flags this year.

Not only war flags, there are also poles….they are bamboos.

What are Kierbit and the others collecting flowers for?

In the middle of the parade, you’ll make them fall down.

I see.

The flower field is for the bees and fairies so don’t take too much.

Tier calls golems….marching practice?

The uniform movement of the golems is beautiful.



How many golems are there?

When she helped with making the waterway before, she said her limit is 30 but there are more than 30 golems marching now.

「I’m also growing desu. 」

Tier sticks out her chest.

「Even if you say that, you are only making them move uniformly using a magic stone and you can’t make them do something complicated. 」

Walk, stop, rampage.

It seems like those golems can only obey those orders.

By the way, if you order them to rampage, they will immediately attack anyone nearby. They don’t know how to identify enemies.

It’s not practical but Tier is proud since they can be used in marches like this.

You don’t have to be so proud, you know.

I praised her by patting her head as she requested.

The soldier bees are watching.

And they suddenly performed an impressive group flight before me.


Do you want me to pat your heads too?


You don’t want me to praise you but you want me to lend you one of the spiderlings?

What are you trying to achieve?

Are you going to threaten the fat queen bee to make her thinner?

Well, it is indeed a problem if she can’t even fly.

I see, got it.

However, only after the parade is over.

The spiderlings are also looking forward to the parade.


The parade is tomorrow.

Let’s do our best.

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