Chapter 476 – God’s Intercession

Light sound of drums echoes in the village.

The sound of the drums was unique as if there were sands on it.

There are 20 lizardmen with drums like that.

They are at the frontline of the parade.


The lizardmen drummers start from the west side of the village.

They cross the residential area and head towards the place before my mansion.

Behind the lizardmen drummers are the golem squad created by Tier.

A golem is similar to a 2-meter human.

Their bodies are ragged rocks but since they have white clothes made by Zabuton and the others wrapped around their waists, they look very human-like.

In addition, the golems are equipped with armor made by Gutt.

They look strong.

And there are around 200 of them.


Tier, you increased them more than you practiced.

Their uniform march is indeed beautiful but they look like they’re going to invade somewhere which is scary.

Behind the golems are the three ghost knights.

They are following them while doing their sword and shield choreography.

However, the dance-like thing they are doing doesn’t give any cheerful atmosphere.

They give off more of a bloodthirsty atmosphere. It feels like they are doing a pre-battle ritual.

There are 20 minotaurs behind the ghost knights and behind them are 20 centaurs.

The minotaurs and centaurs are all wearing masks that hide their faces.

On top of that, all of them are equipped with swords on both hands.

They look strong.

No one’s following after that.

It was not a mistake but as planned.


The lizardmen drummers, Tier’s golems, the three ghost knights, the twenty minotaurs, and the twenty centaurs arrived in a place before my mansion.

What awaits there is a group of beastkins, high elves, and mountain elves.

Everyone’s equipment is different so there’s no sense of unity.

Nutt is the one leading the group.

When Nutt waves the flag, the beastkins, high elves, and mountain elves raise a war cry and start charging.

The lizardmen drummers and the golem squad made by Tier divided to the left and right and let the group of beastkins, high elves, and mountain elves to pass through.

It was the three ghost knights that faced them.

Of course, it is not a serious battle.

With the wave of the ghost knights’ swords, the group was defeated.


The high elves and the mountain elves’ acting is not good.

No, it’s not that they are bad at acting but it’s because their acting is too realistic.

Why do you even have to say my arms or my internal organs have fallen.

There are children around.

The beastkins’ acting is safe though.



Because of what the three ghost knights have done, the group led by Nutt was scattered.

The sword of the ghost knights was pointed at Nutt and the heavy sound of a large drum was played when Nutt was about to be killed.

The demon king appears along with the sound of the large drum that made everyone stop moving.

Behind the demon king are the four heavenly kings, Randan, Glatts, Hou, and Beezel.

Each of the four heavenly kings is holding a small barrel in accordance with their body sizes.

There’s water inside the barrels.

Under the command of the demon king, the four heavenly kings scooped water from the small barrels and sprinkled it on the ghost knights.

The ghost knights retreated in a hurry.

The minotaurs and centaurs follow them

The lizardmen drummer and the golem squad made by Tier stayed. They moved behind the demon king.

The demon king starts marching with Nutt.

After passing through the path towards my mansion, a little far from the residential area….a new group blocks their path.

Malbit, Ruincia, Tier, Gran Maria, and Kierbit.

Behind them are the three ghost knights, the centaurs, and the minotaurs, who had just retreated.

Malbit’s group slowly moved forward and provoked the demon king’s group.

Then, the lizardmen drummers and the golem squad created by Tier, who are behind the demon king’s group, moved in an unusual way.

It seems like a betrayal.

In other words, the demon king and the four heavenly kings are almost surrounded.

The demon king’s group is in a great pinch.

The demon king, Nutt, and the four heavenly kings withdrew to the east side of the village which is in the direction of my mansion.

During that time, the four heavenly kings sacrificed themselves one by one.

Their acting, it’s realistic.

When they arrived in front of my mansion, the only ones left were the demon king and Nutt.

A big bell rang when the two were already dying.

Everyone stopped moving and looked at my mansion.


I was on the third floor of my mansion.

And for this parade, they made stairs outside the mansion from the ground to the third floor.

Everyone stopped moving and no one dared to make a sound so I’m standing out too much.

I’m nervous.

In addition, they instructed me to not look down as much as possible when going down the stairs.

I went down to the stairs until I could no longer go down.

When I was going down, the only thing on my mind was to not misstep.


When I felt the ground, a big bell rang.

It was Zabuton who’s ringing the bell.

Alfred and Tiselle, who were hiding under the stairs, show up. Alfred gives me a wooden board.

I received a wooden board with letters written on it and handed it to the demon king.

The demon king raises the wooden board with letters written on it with both of his hands.

Then, the scattered group of beastkins, high elves, and mountain elves came back behind the demon king.

The traitor lizardmen drummers returned to the demon king’s group while the golem squad created by Tier stopped moving.

After that, Tiselle gives me a sapling.

I take the sapling and give it to Malbit.

Malbit raised the seedling to the sky as the angels moved behind me.

What remains are the three ghost knights, the minotaurs, and the centaurs.

When I stood between the demon king’s group and the ghost knight’s group, both took 10 steps backward.

Thus, the dispute was settled.

The big bell rang.

This is the end of the story of this show.


When I raised one of my hands, the crowd cheered.

The story started on the west side of the village and it has always been accompanied by a lot of spectators.

Because of that, many people witnessed the story.

The fields near the path were not plowed in the anticipation of being trampled.

I plan to plow them as soon as the parade is over.


Well, the story is over but the parade is not.

Rather than that, it is time for the parade.

The two camps gathered and marched together.

A wheeled stage moves from the residential area.

The kuros, who did not appear in the story, have also gathered and waited for the signal to depart.

I’m sorry.

I have to take a break and change clothes.

I’m currently wearing a one-piece cloth with a waist strap.

When I was going down the stairs, I thought that if the wind blows, my underwear will be seen in public.

It’s a dangerous outfit.

And also cold.

So I want to change clothes.

I’m not being selfish but it is already planned that I’ll change clothes.

Zabuton has already prepared my next costume.

I know.

In this parade, I’m scheduled to change my clothes 11 times.

I’ll do my best.


Civil servant girls who are waiting a little away.

「This is the first part of the evil god’s myth, right? Why didn’t you continue to the 2nd part? 」

「The second part is not suitable for the festival because it’s about the disappearance of the evil god. After the evil god disappears, war will resume. 」

「Indeed. But the second part is more popular. 」

「That’s because it’s full of fighting scenes. It’s flashy but if we do it in Big Tree Village….we’ll struggle with casting. 」

「Ah….certainly. I think you’re right about ending it there. 」

「No, if I only have enough time, I would love to do it. I also want you to play the role of the Brave Queen Ursa-sama. 」

「Ahaha. However, if we do it….demon king-sama will be defeated many times. 」

「Are you saying that we’ll leave the role of demon king to demon king-sama? 」

「He is the demon king so it will be disrespectful if we give his role to others. 」

「Right. Demon king-sama joining the scene just to be defeated….there’s not a thing more disrespectful than that.」

「Can you still say that after asking the four heavenly kings to play the roles of the four heavenly kings?」

「Ahahaha. Maa, it’s only acting.」

「Right right, acting acting」

「By the way, the throne of the evil god up the stairs, cat is sitting on it all these time….」

「And it’s still sitting there.」

「Maybe it was intrigued with the new throne there. However, it looks more dignified than usual.」

「I can see that too.」

「What do we do?」

「Let’s let it be. Look, the stage we’ll be riding on is here.」

「Oh, we have to hurry.」

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