Chapter 477 – Spring Parade

The parade line advances.

The leaders of this parade are the kuros.

Kuro is at the lead while Yuki is immediately behind him.

Behind her are Kuroichi, Kuroni, Kurosan, and Kuroyon in a beautiful line.

They are perfectly aligned to the tail.

I guess they practiced a lot.


The second group are the spiderlings.

The one leading them is the arachne Arako.

She’s marching while holding a big flag.

Makura-size spiderlings are lined up behind her.

Makura-size spiderlings are acting as the movable stage while fist size spiderlings are riding them.

Hahaha, you don’t have to raise your legs….or raise your hands to wave on me.

It’s dangerous if you fall.


The third is ancestor-san’s group.

Behind him are Flora, Fushu, and the holy maiden Celes.

It will be awkward if there’s only four of them so ancestor-san summoned shadow soldiers to accompany them.

There are 40 of them.

Ancestor-san said that he can summon 400 if I want but I declined.

I don’t even mind even if there’s only the four of them.

Their flag bearer is Fushu.

Sometimes, she waves the flag to cheer the audience up.

The flag even dances beautifully.

Does Korin Religion teach flag-waving?


The fourth are the angels.

Malbit, Ruincia, Kuudel, Corone, Kierbit, Suaruriu, and Suarukou.

They are marching by flying low in the sky.

As if trying to rival ancestor-san’s group who’s on their immediate front, Tier’s 42 golems accompany them.

You don’t have to compete in number.

The flag bearer is Kuudel.


The fifth group are the high elves.

The one leading is Rigune.

According to their initial plan, the one who’s supposed to lead was Ria’s little sister, Riri. However, they wanted to counter ancestor-san and Malbit so they had Rigune take the lead.

Do you really want to compete that much that you sacrificed what you’ve prepared?

「We’re only balancing things….For example, a king, another king, and a great man were marching and they were immediately followed by a little girl, wouldn’t the little girl feel intimidated?」

Since Ria said that, it must be a big thing?

I think this parade is a festival so you don’t have to think about those kinds of things.


The sixth are the oni maids.

The leader was the only maid Ramurias.

I thought they would march seriously but they are marching full of smiles.

Is it because Ann is not the one leading?

「Even if I’m the one leading, it will still be like that.」

Ah, that was Ann.


The seventh are the lizardmen.

The one leading is Daga.

Their number has increased.

Even though there are some of them who are watching in the audience, there are still around fifty who are participating in the march.

In the past, I could not distinguish their faces, but now I can distinguish them.

I can even judge whether that lizardman was born in the village.

The young ones have scales of different thickness and color.

I can judge the lizardmen who first came to the village to some extent.

The only thing I can proudly say is that I can distinguish who Daga is.


The eighth are the beastkins.

The leader is Gulf.

Well, the beastgirls who first came to the village have become fine women.

I feel the flow of time.


The ninth were the dwarves.

Donovan led the march while holding a barrel.

It is obvious that inside that barrel is alcohol but what’s with drinking and marching?

Could it be you want to be part of the spectators?


The tenth are the dragons.

Starting from there, the ones pulling the stage are the minotaurs, centaurs, devils, dream demons, titans, and lamias.

Dors, Raimeiren, Doraim, and Girar are the one’s riding.

They look happy.


The eleventh are the civil servant girls.

They are always working behind the scenes so I decided to have them ride a stage this time.

I intended to have the demon king’s group join them but Frau said that the girls won’t be able to enjoy it.

As a result with the consultation with the demon king’s group, it was decided that they’ll be riding on another stage.

I’m sorry.

Since the civil servant girls need to have their own stage, the mountain elves became the propsmen.

I have to think of a way to make up for them.


The twelfth are the stage I, Loo, Tier, Ria, and Ann and the other mothers are riding.

The mothers have increased.

Also, Zabuton and a few oni maids are on board to help me change clothes.

The phoenix chick Aegis and the eagle are flying above the stage we’re riding on.

As for their speed, the eagle won by a landslide.

It’s not like they are competing in the first place.


The thirteenth are the children.

Alfred, Tiselle, and Ursa are standing at the top of the stage while waving at the audience.

The children have also increased.

As the supervisor of the children, Hakuren’s accompanying them.

If Hakuren’s there, there won’t be any problem.

Though I’m a little worried because the fairy queen is also riding with them….


The fourteenth are the demon king and his four heavenly kings.

Compared to the stage of the civil servant girls, it’s clearly bigger and luxurious.

This is the alternative plan proposed by Frau.

As for the demon king, he didn’t mind giving the civil servant girls the chance of being at a stage before them.

The four heavenly kings….areh?

Glatts is not there.

He’s a minotaur so he refrained from riding the stage.

Michael-san is riding the stage on his stead.

Michael-san was planning to ride on a mobile stage alone but it was politely rejected.

Given the history of the village, Michael-san can’t join the civil servant girls so he has to choose another one.

As the result, Michael-san was given the choice of either riding my stage or the demon king’s. He chose the demon king.

I don’t really mind if you ride with me though.

Michael-san is waving lightly at the back of the demon king’s stage.


Behind the demon king’s stage is not another stage but the residents of Village Two, Village Three, Village One, Village Four, and Village Five.

It’s because there’s not enough stage puller.

The leader of Village Two is Gordon.

Behind him, you can see Glatts.

As for why, it’s because he’s next to Ronana who he’ll marry soon.

She has spoken to me about marriage since a while ago, no, since a long time ago, but she’s considering a lot of things about her life after marriage.

Ronana says that she still wants to live in Village Two and Glatts said that he’ll live there with her so there shouldn’t be any problem. However, there are forces that stop them from doing that. More specifically, it’s the demon king, Beezel, and Randan. They are stopping him with their every effort.

Glatts seems to be in an important position in the army.

Unexpectedly, Hou is fully supporting Glatts.

She’s a woman so she might have a strong desire to support marriage.

In the end, Glatts will live in Village Two.

He will be sent there by Beezel’s teleportation magic.

It’s not much different from getting married.

This might be too early to say but congratulations on getting married.


The leader of Village Three is Glueworld.

Fuka is slightly behind her.

Next to Fuka is Fuka’s husband.

It seems like it’s one of the reasons why she wants to return her baroness title.

Their relationship seems to be good.

From what I heard from Rashaashi, after Fuka got married, Glueworld seems to have gone a little impatient about hers….


Right, she’s still not married yet….

If Glueworld immediately gets married after returning her title of viscount, it seems like her man’s reputation would take a hit.

I see.

Good luck.


The leader of Village One is Igu.

She’s marching on her human form.

I think it’s been a long time since I’ve seen her and the other nyunyu-daphnes on their human forms.

Jack and the others are among the audience because they have to take care of their children.

Taking care of your children should be prioritized.

It looks like no one’s suffering postpartum depression which is great.

It’s thanks to the guidance of the devil midwives and oni maids.

Thank you very much.


The leader of Village Four is Kuzuden.

Every mercury is also there.

When Miyo came back to the village, she was very angry.

Once the parade is over, Miyo will immediately return to Shashaato City.

She doesn’t even have time to enjoy festivals.

I’m sorry.

Because of that, I will formally put Miyo in charge of Shashaato City.

「I’m going to be in charge of all our businesses in Shashaato City? Isn’t the scope too wide? Or is it just my imagination?」

It’s just your imagination.

The ghost knights and the lions are participating too.

The ghost knights are marching with choreography but there’s no bloodthirsty atmosphere like earlier. They even give off a cheerful atmosphere.

The lion family seems to be doing well.

The tail of the parade is Village Five’s group. However, Yuri is already riding the stage of the demon king and the holy maiden Celes has accompanied ancestor-san’s group. Only Youko and the two former four heavenly kings are left.

That would be bad so I tried thinking on what to do but Youko made a group by getting the spectators involved.

There’s no problem about that since they are the tail of the parade.

They even prepared a portable shrine and put cat and wine slime there.

Ah, the messenger of god Niz is also here.

Was she invited by Youko?

Her dance on the portable shrine is as beautiful as ever even if I’m looking from a far away place.

Thought it’s beautiful….why do I feel that she looks desperate?

Please be careful not to fall from the portable shrine if you get too absorbed in your dance.


The parade followed the planned course around the village and eventually reached the coliseum, the martial arts tournament venue.

I’ve changed clothes three times during the parade.

When we arrived, I changed clothes again. I point to the sky while being looked at by everyone.

There, the harpies in a formation are waiting.

The harpies spread a black cloth that has a big wyvern drawn on it.

I threw my spear towards it.

In response to that, the harpies flew in all directions.

This is the reenactment of the time I defeated the wyvern.

Great cheer and applause started.

A moment after that, the angels flew up and sprinkled petals all over.

Yeah, it’s beautiful.


After this, the parade turned into a banquet….it’s the usual banquet though.

My seat is fixed and I change my clothes regularly.

Ah, the goats, horses, and cows break in.

Is it because they were not able to participate in the parade?

The horse even sulked in front of me.

He had his turn last year but not this year.



And thus, this year’s parade was over.

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