Chapter 478 – Cleaning Up after the Parade and Flower Viewing

Since the parade is over, it’s time to clean up.

The stages were dismantled and stored in a warehouse.

I was a little worried about what to do with the stairs installed in front of my mansion so I just crushed it and turned it into firewood.

If it is needed, I’ll just make one again.

The chair above the stairs is removed for everyday use.

After that, I left the rest to the civil servant girls and mountain elves to deal with and leave. I still have to plow the parts of the field that I have yet to plow after all.

It’s not so wide so it ended in a day.


Finally done.

That’s what I thought. When I got back to my mansion, I saw the fighting Malbit and Ruincia.

Ah….no explanation is required.

She said she’ll come back home after the parade but Malbit resisted.

Yeah, I know.

Malbit, you have to keep your promise….


Rigune embraced Malbit from behind and bent her body.

In other words, a suplex.

However, Malbit guards her head using both of her hands before she hits the floor.


Also, although Malbit is wearing a skirt, she’s wearing pants underneath.

Most angels are like that.

Malbit rotates backward.

I thought she would run away but she drop kicked the still bent Rigune.

She also utilizes the flying ability of angels.

She’s twice as fast.


However, before her drop-kick hits her, Ruincia held Malbit and slammed her on the floor.

This seems to be one of those of one versus two matches.

Impatience can be seen in Malbit’s face as soon as she stood up.

However, there appeared a savior.

Next to Malbit is the proud brain of the kuros, Kuroyon.

Seeing him, impatience disappeared from Malbit’s expression.

It is as if she’s saying that she’ll never lose if it’s two on two.

Now, it is Ruincia and Rigune who became impatient.

Malbit jumped at the chance.

Kuroyon joined her.


However, Kuroyon failed to do so.

As for the reason, his tail was being chewed by his partner, Eris.

It’s not like she’s eating it.

She only bits him.

And so, Eris dragged Kuroyon away.

Kuroyon panicked but he couldn’t resist.

I don’t think I can help you even if you ask for my help.

You should talk properly.

And Malbit, Kuroyon is now gone….maa, you should talk properly too.


After the match, Malbit is now preparing to go home obediently.

「You understand that it would be bad if you don’t return soon.」

Ruincia says so as she brings the souvenirs together.

Since she can only be guarded by at least two, Kierbit and Gran Maria will go back with her.

Kierbit was nominated by her mother Malbit herself.

As for Gran Maria, she wants to personally tell her mother that she had given birth to a daughter.

Although Roze Maria has grown a little, she thought that it would only bring disappointment if the news of her giving birth would be reported by either Malbit or Ruincia.

She wants to be the first one to tell her huh.

Or rather, will her mother trouble you?

Your mother will be sulky….okay.

In Gran Maria’s absence, Roze Maria will mainly be taken care of by Tier, Kuudel, and Corone.

Of course, I’m included.


Rigune will stay in the village for a while and train the high elves.

How about school?

It seems like there’s no problem.

Spring is a period of accepting new students and waiting for old students to return from winter vacation so there are almost no classes.

In addition, Rigune has already taken her graduation qualification so she can do what she wants as a carefree student.

「It’s easy but solicitation from factions was so intense to the point it’s annoying.」

Even if you say the names of those nobles, I don’t know a single one of them.

I heard about that Marquis Gilridge though.

And that Count Pugyaru too.

「In order to refuse the solicitation, I can only go to the Britoa faction. You don’t have any problem with that, do you?」

There’s no problem and you really don’t need my permission, right?

「No no, I’ll be troubled if I get into a faction that is hostile against you. The other party even desperately appealed to be friendly with you.」


Is that Marquis Britoa someone I knew?

…..come to think of it, I think I heard of it somewhere….but where?

「It’s Glatts-sama desu yo」

It was one of the civil servant girls who happened to pass by.

Right right. I forgot.


Glatts is a great man.

He’s currently apologizing to Ronana in the corner of the guest receiving room.

Apparently, Glatts had a gaffe upon tasting Ronana’s cooking.

What a careless guy.

Well, a couple who can quarrel is better than a couple who can’t quarrel.

Do your best.

And, Rigune.

Don’t forget to leave some leeway in your training.


It’s getting pretty warm.

What a cheerful weather.

The dwarves are drinking beside the world tree.

Are they doing a flower viewing?

By the way, the world tree had lush blue leaves during winter.

When I saw it, I thought it’s not really an evergreen tree but….a unique tree.

A leaf never falls from it too.

….withered leaves will return to the world tree without falling.

It’s a strange tree.

I was invited by the dwarves to participate in their world tree viewing.

I’ll participate but let me return to my mansion first.

I not only want alcohol but food too.

It’s easy to make so let’s make some sandwiches.

Egg sandwich, ham sandwich.

It is troublesome if I fry some pork to make some sandwiches so I’ll pass.

After that, there’s also cheese, salty biscuits, ham, weiner, and peanuts.

We have a smoking box so let’s make smoked cheese here.

Smoked salmon is good too.

Salmon….there should still be salmons in the warehouse.

It’s frozen so I have to ask an oni maid to defrost it.

The oni maid….will prepare them so I can participate now in world tree viewing.


When I went to the world tree, the number of people has increased.

Aside from the dwarves, high elves, mountain elves, lizardmen, and beastkins have joined.

It looks like this is not the banquet where they only wait for food because they are cooking food themselves.

 Since the world tree is in the residential area, I heard that they are preparing on their own.

A little far away from there, the high elves are roasting fanged rabbits.

Gutt is also preparing fire for yakiniku….no, barbeque.

There are a lot of participants.

The sandwiches I made would not suffice.

The oni maid has brought a stall.

Okay, I’ll help.

Ah, the children will come so please make a space for the children.

Alcohol will be prohibited there.

The world tree viewing continued until midnight.

The world tree illuminated by light magic was pretty beautiful.


The next day.

I was alone under the cherry blossoms.

World tree viewing is not bad but for me, when you say flower viewing, it can only be cherry blossoms.

I never thought that I would flower view in two consecutive days as I enjoy the cherry blossoms alone.

At my hand is a bottle of alcohol and a cup.

I also got some smoked salmon that I made yesterday.

I came a bit late.

The cherries are already sprouting leaves.

Well, it can’t be helped.

When the cherry blossoms are the most beautiful, it is time for the parade to take place.

I’ve seen the beautiful cherry blossoms from the top of my stage during the parade.

However, if we go straight to flower viewing right after the parade, a lot of people won’t be able to go home.


Kuro and his pups came.


Want to go cherry blossom viewing with me?

Look up?

The spiderlings are waving their legs from the cherry trees.

You guys too?


Wine slime.

You’ve been targeting my alcohol bottle since a while ago.

You were already drinking with all you have yesterday and you still want to drink today?

I don’t mind but leave me some….ah!

It drank everything!


Don’t panic?

I look at the direction the wine slime is pointing….

It was the dwarves who were carrying barrels of alcohol on their way here.


It became the second day of the flower viewing banquet.

Reflect, me.

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