Chapter 46 – The Back of the Cave…A Beautiful Lake

I’m strolling through the cave with the giant ant.

Unlike my initial impression, the giant ant is gentle.

It catches me when I tripped upon a stone in the cave.

Ever since I came here, my athletic ability rose but I still tripped.

Maa, this is not Japan where I came from.

The path here is not smooth.

I trip from time to time and it hurts.

Maa, I’ve been hurt a number of times so I got used to it…hahaha.


My guide on this cave is the giant ant. It looks like there’s something in the innermost part.

The children of the giant ants are following us through the ceiling and walls.

What an interesting bunch.

This time, I’m sure that the small ants are really children of the bigger one….not really.

The place where I was taken was the deepest part of the cave.

It was dark and I can’t see anything but I know that there’s a lake.

I feel like it is also influenced by the curse.

I point my hand at the lake and cast “Purification”.

I tried doubling my imagination compared to when I cast purification to the ants.

I don’t know if it will be useful but I’m glad that the curse seems to weaken and the shadow disappears.

I also tried to spread “Binding Curse Cancellation” to the whole forest.

I’m not sure if I can really cover the whole forest but I’m already satisfied as long as there’s an effect.

In this forest, there may be monsters and animals that are bound with curse.

Well, let’s take our time exploring the forest.

I’ll do what I can do.

After purifying the lake, the cave became blue that looks similar to what I’ve seen on TV.

However, there’s no light in this cave.

Perhaps the lake itself was shining blue.

Add the atmosphere the cave gives, this became somewhat a mysterious place.

I want to check the lake out but I still have to explore the forest.

Also, I made up my mind that I’ll leave once my cave exploration ends.

Are the giant ants going to follow us….eh?

I was lost for a moment on what to do since there’s no trouble that needs my attention.

When we all left the cave, boss-san appeared.

Did you wait for us?


The giant ant and boss-san.

Both of them release blood lust in an instant.

「Don’t do that.」

2 of the four eyes, no, boss-san has eight eyes, six of them are staring straight.

No fighting!

You have to get along with each other.

For some reason, the giant ant and boss-san went somewhere, just the two of them.

Is it going to be alright?

I feel uneasy but let’s believe in them.

A little away from the cave, we found a fist size black fruit.

I feel like the color is amazing.

After coming to this world, this is the first time I harvest something with my own two hands.

There are too many things in this world that I can’t reach!

Hio gestures me to eat it.

I peeled the skin and took a bite.


I was surprised since I expected this fruit to be sweet.

However, I felt like my tongue wanted saltiness.

Speaking of which, I’m in a different world so it is wrong for me to look at everything using a Japanese’s perspective like looking for salt.

I harvest the black fruits.

I harvest these…. salt fruits.

Boss-san came back and helped me harvest.


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