Chapter 483 – White Silver Knight

My name is Raitas, Raitas Orue.

At the age of ten, I was recognized for my talent and continued my training until I became an official knight of the Korin Religion at the age of 20.

I did my best as I served as a knight and when I was 30, I received the title of white silver knight.

There’s also good luck but my tireless effort is what really brought that result.

Now, I’m 43 years old.

I’m also finally used to the weight of my title white silver knight.

One day, I was informed of the whereabouts of the sword saint.


The sword saint is a unique title given to the strongest swordsman and there can only be one.

I heard that a sword saint can only inherit the title after enduring the harshest training and proving topnotch ability.

Twenty years ago, the former sword saint came to Raywhite Kingdom for a greeting.

His purpose is to greet the royal family of the Raywhite Kingdom as well as the Korin Religion.

The Raywhite Kingdom is home to the headquarters of the Korin Religion.

At that time. I was lucky enough to see the sword skill of the previous sword saint.

It was overwhelming.

I don’t feel like I will be able to win against him even if there are a hundred of me.

However, I was not discouraged.

On the contrary, I felt that I finally was able to find my goal.

I think that I was able to receive the title of white silver knight because I managed to see the sword technique of the previous sword saint.

Unfortunately, the previous sword saint died ten years ago. No one held that title after ten years but I heard that a person named Pirika finally inherited the title of sword saint.

However, for some reason, Pirika-dono disappeared.

The dojo of the former sword saint is located in Fullheart Kingdom but no matter how much I contact them, there’s no reply.

Even if I ask the Fullheart Kingdom, they’ll only give vague answers.

When I was indignant as to what was going on, I was informed about the whereabouts of the sword saint…Pirika-dono’s whereabouts.

I was a little troubled at first but I finally decided to go and meet Pirika-dono, the present generation sword saint.

It was a long, six months journey.


Pirika-dono is at a place called Village Five in the demon king’s kingdom.

The Fullheart Kingdom is at war with the demon king’s kingdom.

I finally understood why the Fullheart Kingdom’s reply about the sword saint’s whereabouts is vague. The sword saint is at the country they are at war with after all.

Moreover, the fellow dojo disciples of the former sword saint are also with her.

Was the sword saint now affiliated with the demon king’s kingdom?

I heard rumors that they had a dispute with the Fullheart Kingdom but it shouldn’t be that bad, isn’t it?


Is it alright to leave the situation as it is?

The sword technique of the sword saint is said to have originated from the Brave Queen Urbraza.

There’s no way that the sword technique that has been passed down for generations will be transferred to the demon king’s kingdom, right?

I’m not saying that they should go back to the Fullheart Kingdom.

I won’t even suggest them to come with me to the Raywhite Kingdom.

What I’m saying is, how about moving out of the demon king’s kingdom?


They are already working here and they rejected my proposal to move without hesitation.


What should I do?

When I was troubled, bronze knight and red iron knight began stirring up Pirika-dono.

The bronze knight and the red iron knight are also titleholders like me, the white silver knight.

I met these two here in the demon king’s kingdom.

The purpose of these two is the same as mine, to meet Pirika-dono, the present generation sword saint.

However, the Pirika-dono we met is a woman in her late twenties.

She doesn’t look suitable for the title sword saint.

In addition, she might not have what it takes and she might not even be aware of the weight of the title sword saint.

You may want to see Pirika-dono’s ability but you can’t say that the other party is a greenhorn, stupid and everything.

Oi, stop it already.

Even I got angry when they started saying bad things about the previous sword saint.

They said that he’s a fool for not even being able to raise a successor….

Are you even sure that Pirika-dono indeed doesn’t have what it takes to be the sword saint?

If you are correct by chance, it was indeed nothing but the fault of the previous sword saint.

Then, I heard a loud noise.

I didn’t know what had happened.

When I look around to see what happened, the bronze knight’s body already pierced a wall of a private house nearby.


I’m sure he did not do that himself.

In other words, Pirika-dono made her move.

I took out my sword.

I still feel that I stand no chance against the former sword saint.

However, if it is the present generation sword saint, can I do something against Pirika-dono?

I don’t know how good she is.

I would like to try it first hand.

Red iron knight, I’ll take care of it!

I stabbed Pirika-dono.

Pirka-dono countered with a punch on my face.


My nose broke.

And my consciousness almost flew.

Eh, ah, no, wait.

Pirika-dono, draw your sword.

You’re the sword saint.

Are you saying that you don’t even need to draw your sword to deal with me?

Ah, she pulled out her sword.


Then, let’s….she threw her sword to me.

I was surprised.

Very surprised.

I managed to avoid it with great effort but Pirika-dono cut me with her second sword.

Wai, oi oi.

I roll to evade.

My white silver armor got dirty.

Yeah, let’s not care about that.

Is Pirika-dono going to fight me seriously?

Or is she already serious?

If so, I’m disappointed.

Don’t make a fool out of me!

I regained my spirit and raised my sword.

I don’t have an ounce of carelessness anymore.

I’ll cut all your attacks!

I won’t kill you but I’ll make sure you’ll get hurt!

When I was already determined to do that, Pirika-dono made a low kick.

I’m bad against foot techniques!

She wasn’t able to hurt me but she broke my posture.


My opponent won’t just attack with a sword.

But fear not, I already learned.

No, I must prevent her from taking the momentum.

As expected, I have to initiate the offense.

I look at Pirika-dono’s sword.

She doesn’t have one.

Ah, she has one behind her.

She’s using her body to hide her sword.

Moreover, her hands are behind her so I don’t even know which hand is holding the sword.

But it’s okay.

Whether she’s holding it with her left or right hand, I can deal with it.

I decided to prepare for it.

She’s going to do it.

Pirika-dono is using her right hand to hold the sword and her attack will be coming from above.

She’s fast but I can parry it.

Here you go!

Pirika-dono is also holding a sword on her left hand and she used it to attack me from below.


Ah, no, Pirika-dono has another sword.

Who would have thought she has a third one?

Not me.

I’m dead.

That’s what I thought but I was not slashed by Pirika-dono’s sword.

The swords she was holding have become wooden swords before I knew it.


I did not die but I was crushed.

However, my battle is not in vain.

The red iron knight should have seen Pirika-dono’s sword technique so he will be able to avenge me.

The red iron knight is a powerful man who’s at the same level as I.

Now that he has studied the other party’s technique, everything should be easy.

Red iron knight, please.


The red iron knight already escaped before I knew it.


I won’t forgive you.


At a later date.

I was allowed to participate in the training of Village Five guards for some reason.

It was hard.

And painful.

The gentle eyes of the surrounding elves are irritating.

The only source of my sanity is that the bronze knight and the red iron knight are participating in it with me.

Especially the red iron knight.

He was more worn out than me probably because he’s much older.

However, as expected of the red iron knight.

His heart is not broken.

His heart is strong.

I want to give him my respect in that aspect.

However, I will never forget that he escaped.


In between training, I watched the battle of Pirika-dono against the beastkin Gulf-dono.

Pirika-dono fought him seriously.

Her sword technique is as expected of a sword saint.

With just sword technique alone, she’s not inferior to the former sword saint.

Beautiful sword technique.

That is….Pirika-dono’s bunshin?

Or is she too fast that it looks like there are two of her?

Gulf-dono somehow avoids the attack of two Pirika-dono.

Pirika-dono not only uses sword but also bare hand and foot techniques but none of her attacks connects.


Gulf-dono lightly shook his wooden sword and he managed to stop Pirika-dono’s all-out attack.

Gulf-dono can overwhelm Pirika-dono even without using hand or foot techniques.


Ah, I see.

So, there are opponents here that even Pirika-dono can’t beat.

So that’s why she’s reluctant to call herself the sword saint.

I realized once again that there is indeed a sky above us.

Being at the top is still far away.

Will I even get there?

Even if reaching the top is impossible, I want to at least reach the foot of the mountain.

In order to do so, I dedicated my heart to Village Five Guard’s training.


Let’s do it.

Bronze knight, red iron knight, the break is over!

Let’s go!

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