Chapter 484 – Sweets and Tea Store

A trouble occurred with Village Two’s sericulture.

The silkworms did not eat the leaves that silkworms are supposed to eat.

The only thing they eat is the leaves from the trees I raised as silkworm food.

However, they are but young trees so they will be weakened if too many leaves are taken.

When we received the silkworms, we also received some leaves from the Goroun Company to feed them which means they won’t starve to death in a short time but we still have to prepare leaves for them fast.

I hurriedly went to Village Five and ordered tree leaves that can be fed to silkworms at the branch of Goroun Company in Village Five.

I don’t have to go there myself but it’s on the way with my scheduled store check in Village Five.

No, the food of the silkworms should be my priority, and checking out the story in Village Five is secondary.


Ordering leaves to feed the silkworms has been successfully completed.

It looks like it will take them two days to get it but it can’t be helped since it’s not like they have them always available at their store.

On the contrary, I was surprised that they could get it in two days.

Hearing the details, it seems like the trees that can be fed to silkworms are growing in the wild around Village Five.

Is that so?

Then, why did I even order them to get them for me and not take them myself?

No, thinking about the future, it is better for me to ask them to supply us.

Until the trees I planted grew up a little more, we need a stable food supply.

However, why are they not eating the tree leaves around the village?

Is it because they are not mulberry trees?

No, there were several kinds of leaves that the Goroun Company had prepared and I’m sure mulberry leaves are not one of them.

The representative of Village Two, Gordon, said that they had given a variety of leaves to the silkworms in their previous village.

If one or two don’t eat, it might be individual preference….

The leaves around Village Two are not poisoned, are they?

Is it a problem with the type of tree?


I also searched the village for the leaves that silkworms can eat but they don’t like cherry leaves, plum leaves, or any of the fruit tree leaves.

The silkworms seemed to be quite a foodie.

Well, I actually found one but I was stopped by Loo and Tier while looking at me menacingly.

My beloved wives, calm down.


Yeah, it’s the leaves of the world tree.

It’s a pity since the silkworms seem to like it.


I left the silkworm food issue to the Goroun Company. I head to the planned store in Village Five.

The store is almost complete.

It looks like it can open for business anytime.

However, opening it is still a little further away.

We have to educate our staff first.

The person who’ll be in charge of the store in Village Five is the shrine maiden Niz.

The reason why she went to the spring parade is that she’s having trouble finding a job.

When she was speaking with me, Youko butted in and said we can just have her manage the store.

She complained to Youko but opening a store in Village Five is something that Youko initiated and I don’t even know what kind of store it will be.

Aside from Niz, there are 15 others.

Five of them were employees of Marla who came from Shashaato City.

They are excellent employees who can do anything from cooking, serving customers, and even accounting.

The store will be run mainly by the five of them.

The remaining ten were hired in Village Five.

「We hired them as per manager’s instruction but, is this really okay?」

One of the employees of Marla asked that.

Like Marla, I’m the official manager of this store.

Because of that, Niz’s title will be acting manager.

Well, my main profession is being a village chief so I don’t need to be a store manager.


A little behind the person who asked the question are the ten hired people.

All are female.


Externally, their age ranges from 40 to 60s.

As for the dwarf housewife, I don’t know.

I instructed them to hire housewives who live nearby.

「We hired them because it was store manager’s instruction but, wouldn’t customer prefer young women?」


I know how you feel but if we do that, the store will only have young male customers.

「Is that so?」

It is so.

Besides, I would like to make this store take root in this community.

The first step in doing that is to hire housewives who live near the store.

It’s a new store so it’s important to have the neighborhood housewives on your side.

「To think there’s an approach like that…」

Of course.

Well, I’m not against hiring young ladies.

You can hire them next time.

However, at that time, don’t forget to listen to the opinion of other staff.

Of course, your opinion is also important.

I’m counting on you.


By the way, this is off topic but….we’re talking about employment, shouldn’t Niz be here?

Where is she?

「Acting store manager has gone to the west store.」

West store.

It is our second store in Village Five.

I only intended to build one store but when it was leaked that I’m looking around to build a store, I was demanded to build a second store, an alcohol store.

The dwarves of Village Five begged me for that.

Since Niz said she’ll take care of that store, we decided to open another one.

However, since there’s a lack of manpower, it is still unknown when it will be opened.

But why would Niz go there? Did something happen?

Should I go and see what’s going on?

No, let’s take care of this store first.

Though Niz is not here, we can do what we have with the current staff.

Half of the staff is practicing serving customers while others are practicing cooking.

I want the staff to know the taste of the dishes that will be served in this store.

Ah, their salary for today will be paid.

That’s natural.


The pre-opening will be ten days later.

It will be open for five consecutive days and will close after that.

Once it’s closed, we’ll reopen after careful business planning and fixing all the problems that will be encountered.

During Marla’s time, I was not involved since it was far. Now, we’ll open a store in Village Five, a place where I can go from Big Tree Village without difficulty.

I want to try my hardest.

「Manager, excuse me but I forgot to confirm. Can you please check?」

Forgot to confirm?

「I mean the store tent desu.」

Yeah, I’ve already seen it, and when I entered, I found no problem.

However, let me check it again.

We put a tent at the entrance of the store and there’s a large sign saying “Sweets and Tea Store”.

Yeah, a store sign.

If the customers don’t know what kind of place this is, they won’t go in.

Under the characters of sweets and tea store is the name of the store, “Kuro and Yuki”.

This store is named after Kuro and Yuki.

It was a sweets store so it should have been “Café Fairy Queen” or “Sugar” but I can’t help but use it.

“Kuro and Yuki”

Because of its name, I want this business to be successful.

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