Chapter 485 – Red Iron Knight’s Lackey, Village Five Report I

My name is Kisun, Kisun Horizu.

I’m a man that will turn 30 this year and I’m single.

I’m a lackey to the red iron knight.

A lackey generally refers to a person who fights with his lord.

Have you ever seen an infantry standing around a knight on a battlefield?

If the knight is the lord, the infantry around him is his lackeys.

Yeah, I’m one of the many.

A lackey will be a lackey if he gained it by birth. If his family has been a vassal of a said knight, you’ll be a lackey by birth. There are also lackeys who were drafted in the territory and of course, there are lackeys who were hired with money.

As for me, I’m conscripted in a territory.

I’m a commoner.

However, I was raised to be a lackey from the time I was born.

For commoners, serving a house means being wealthy.

Fortunately, the master I served was someone with ability and even gained the title red iron knight.

Yeah, very lucky.

One day, a young boy yearning to be someone like the red iron knight asked me a question.

「What kind of work do you usually do as a squire?」

This is my answer.

「Listening and dealing with complaints.」

It’s not a joke.

Recently, the king of Kaizan Kingdom even recognized me as a person in charge of complaints.



I’m living in a village called Village Five.

It has been two months already.

My job as a lackey has been off for a while.

Because of that, I feel refreshed every time I wake up in the morning.

The black under my eyes that I can’t remove has also disappeared.

My daily routine of beating up the pillow before going to bed has stopped.

Of course, it will.


I eat breakfast at the inn.

The foods prepared at the inn are all delicious including breakfast.

I also find it amazing that they serve different kinds of dishes every meal.

This is the inn where I, a representative from Kaizan Kingdom, am staying so it might not be surprising.

This inn might be a special one.

Or could it be that all the inns in the demon king’s kingdom are like this?

I stayed in Shashaato City before coming to Village Five but I never eat at the inn there. I only eat at a huge facility called Big Roof Shashaato.

When we go back to Kaizan Kingdom, I’ll check.

The diversity of food is a proof of wealth.

I heard that the demon king’s kingdom is rich but I want to experience how rich it is.


After breakfast, I always take a walk in the village.

My current role is not a lackey of the red iron knight but as an envoy of Kaizan Kingdom.

Though my role was over the moment I handed over the letter of the king of Kaizan Kingdom to Youko-sama, the acting village chief of Village Five.

After that, I have nothing else to do but wait until red iron knight-sama returns.

Originally, I intended to wait quietly but this is the demon king’s kingdom.

I want to see the things I’ve heard about it.

I’m taking a stroll because of that.

As for today….where should I go?

I’ve been staying here for two months so I have already seen a lot of things.

This is troublesome.


There’s no other way.

Let’s go to the store as usual to think about what I want to check out next.


Two months ago, Kuro and Yuki opened on the south side of Village Five. That time, we just arrived at this place.

It is a sweets and tea store.

At a first glance, it looks like a narrow store but it is fairly wide inside.

The customers are also sparse when it opens but as time goes by, the number of customers increases.

Around noon, there will already be a line outside.

I’ve never been there in the afternoon so I don’t know.

If you want to try it out, I suggest you to go there before noon.

There is no way of reserving a seat there but my heart can’t calm down unless I’m sitting on my favourite seat.

I’ve never talked but because there are a lot of regular customers like me so you can say that I’m acquainted with them.

What’s the name of that old demon again?

I already heard his name once but it was so long that I wasn’t able to remember it.

Ah, snooping is a violation of manners.

I call the employee and make my usual order.


In this store, the employees are wearing a matching uniform.

Matching uniform is good to look at.

You’ll also immediately know who’s the employee.

However, this store….

The age of their employees is at a higher numerical value.

Personally, I would like to expect younger female employees….but that might break the calm atmosphere of this place so I have a mixed feeling.

Soon, my tea and mini pancakes arrived.

I already tried a lot but I think this is the best set.

Especially these mini pancakes.

I was disappointed at how small it was when I ordered it the first time but now, I think the size is perfect.

A sip of tea.

A mouthful of mini pancake.


This is such a blissful time.



I have completely forgotten to look around.

I only notice after leaving the store.

While in the store, my head was dominated by tea and sweets.

Careless desu.

Maa, it’s okay since it’s delicious.

So, what should I do now….

Let’s go around the stores that are related to Kuro and Yuki.

A month after the opening of Kuro and Yuki, four other stores have opened.

As if trying to compete with Kuro and Yuki, they opened at the west, east, north, and at the foot of the small mountain.

I would like to say that Kuro and Yuki is the best but they are different types of stores.


The name of the store that opened on the east is Bronze Cafe(Café Blue).

It is a sweet and tea store like Kuro and Yuki.

The size of the store is also the same as Kuro and Yuki.

However, there is something in it that’s completely different from Kuro and Yuki.

Like the name of the store, the bronze knight is working there.

Is that okay?


The bronze knight is a mustached knight in his forties.

As a man, I can say that he’s handsome desu.

He’s serving customers with tight-fitting clothes.

Moreover, if a customer is a woman, he will go down on one knee.

He doesn’t care about the other party’s identity.

He also doesn’t care about age.

He calls customers “ojousama”.

I never thought that the bronze knight can do this but he’s doing it like it’s nothing.

It’s annoying but he looks good while doing it.

Of course, it is impossible for him to serve all customers alone even if he is the bronze knight.

There are other employees but they are all equally handsome men.

Their age varies too.

Because of that, it has become very popular for women.

It’s amazingly hot desu.

Although male customers are not prohibited, I can only look at it at a distance. It is a place I can’t enter alone.

Bronze knight, you’re the man.


This bronze café.

Their products are the same as Kuro and Yuki but their price is one level higher compared to Kuro and Yuki.

They’ve added the smiles of the bronze knight and other handsome employees after all.

I passed by in front of the Bronze Café and headed to the store opened on the north of Village Five.


The name of the store opened on the north is Korin’s Sweet Temple.

Obviously, it is related to Korin Religion.

The employees of this store are members of Korin Religion.

You can even see the employees here at the church of Village Five.

There’s also a rumor that Evil Fushu comes here from time to time but I know that’s nothing but a rumor.

There’s no way she’ll leave Raywhite Kingdom.

She also has no reason to go to Village Five.

She’ll probably only come here if it is related to the white silver knight.

However, the white silver knight is participating in the training of the Village Five’s guards.

In other words, Evil Fushu showing up here is a complete hoax.

It is only a rumor.

In short, that woman arranging the queue in front of the store is only Evil Fushu’s look alike.

Ah, she might be a relative of Evil Fushu.


They called her Fushu but I did not hear that.


By the way, you can’t eat or drink in Korin’s Sweet Temple. It is a take-out-only store.

It also only sells two things, senbei and dango.

These two are very popular.

The amount sold is already determined beforehand and it is difficult to get one because it will be sold out soon enough.

If you really want to buy, you should line up before sunrise.

I lined up once.

Both senbei and dango are delicious.

It’s a pity that I can’t buy a lot.

On the other hand, that’s a necessary measure in order for more customers to enjoy them or else, the first customer might buy them all.

Young people working for merchants lining up there before sunrise has been a usual scene.

By the way, you can buy dango at Kuro and Yuki’s hidden menu.

They only serve them if there are few customers but I was really happy when I learned that.


For now, I checked if I could still buy senbei if I queue up….I gave up because I’m already too late.

I went back to the south side of Village Five and headed to the foot of the mountain.

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